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This Victor Thruster K 5000 review is a great way to look at the features offered by Victor’s durable and lightweight badminton racket which comes as a multi colored racket with additions of blue, white, and black.

The Thruster 5000 racket has an isometric head shape for its frame which features lightweight materials for an even balance of flexibility and stiffness that supports a powerful stroke without corrupting the shape of the frame.

There is also the use of Victor’s racket technologies like the power box shape and nano technology.

As an attack racket, the materials used within the composition allow for a smooth swing and a good amount of feel and playability.

This is beneficial to intermediate badminton players as the racket offers intense power and strong amounts of control.

The grip and string are both pre-added to this racket but can easily be replaced with players personal selections after purchase.

The grip used is a smaller, G6 sizing for less power but greater control. The string is VS 850 string colored white.

The string is made incredibly thin, making for a quick, elastic stroke for increased power but its multifilament construction works well to support control in a player’s shots.


The frame of the racket is made very light, even though the racket’s balance is head heavy which is discussed further down in the article.

A lighter frame makes for more manageable handling over the racket and a maximum amount of power.

The frame is designed in such a way that it’s isometric shape and the materials used in its composition store up power and allow it to be released during your strokes to increase their speed and power.

This is due to the added catapult structure design.

The materials used are that of a multi-layer graphene with a nano resin.

This is combined with carbon fibers to strengthen the frame without adding extra weight.

The use of graphene and carbon is known as MaganGraphen and is found in other Victor rackets.

The material allows the carbon fibers to be densely arranged, in a honeycomb pattern, to strengthen the durability and stiffness of a racket equaling greater power.

Nano technology is also used in the frame in the empty spaces found between the carbon fibers to increase stiffness and lower distortion from occurring in the frame.

The stiffness of the racket is ranked at medium, allowing a balance between flexible and stiff.

The shape of the frame is known as Victor’s power box shape, which adds extra stability and permits higher tensions to be reached by the racket due to its anti-torque ability of the shape.


The shaft is made with an ultra high modulus graphite material throughout its 7 diameters.

The graphite used increases resilience of the shaft and makes it incredibly durable.

The material can also increase the shaft’s stiffness so it can bring greater power to a player’s swing.

Graphite’s other benefit is its ability to absorb shock, so it will prevent damage both to the racket and the feel of your grip after impact.

The shock absorption and its durability are great additions to the shaft as it will work to generate and control the power and energy being directed into your strokes.

This energy can be easily disrupted or misplaced leading to inaccurate shots or possible damage to your racket.

4U weight

The racket is extremely light weight, falling into the 4U weight class. This weight sizing ranges from 80 to 84 grams, one of the lightest options for players to use.

This means there will be less power generated by the racket, so the player must create their own through swift movements and their swing speed.

These are tasks easily completed by an intermediate player who has learned how to make their own power without losing control.

The benefits of a lightweight racket are its quick speed, control, and easy.

With a lighter weight you need to swing and move quickly to create power. Luckily lightweight rackets are easy to swing quickly since they have little weight.

This means quick strokes, serves, and the ability to switch between different stroke types during a match.

Lightweight rackets are also easier to control since they are incredibly maneuverable and can quickly be moved for better placement.

Finally, this weight type is easier on the player’s wrists and shoulders, working to lower the risk of strain and injuries.

Head heavy balance

As a head heavy balanced racket, more of the weight is featured in the frame of the racket rather than the shaft.

This will help boost the power offered by the racket, a great addition for a lighter racket like this one. It can also improve the momentum created with your strokes.

The increase in power is good for players who are often positioned in the back of the badminton court, such as those who play the back half during doubles.

The power will move the ball at a quick speed with high amounts of force without losing its momentum as it travels the far distance.

Since the racket is so light, there is only a slight shift in the weight differences between the head and the rest of the racket, so it will not greatly affect your hold on the racket or swing speed.

G6 grip size

The grip and string are already added to the racket so players do not need to purchase the pieces separately, though they are easy to remove if you would like to use a different string choice or need a better fitting grip size in order to improve your game.

The grip size is the smallest grip size option offered by Victor with a label of G6.

Unlike other brand’s grip sizes, the larger numbers of grip sizes, like G6, mean smaller measurements in grip size.

Victor’s G6 is the newer labeling for their original G1 grip size.

The Thruster K 5000 racket comes as a 7.9 centimeter, or 3.1 inches, for its grip.

While larger grips offer great power with less maneuverability, smaller grips offer the opposite.

Players can easily switch and more easily adjust their hold on the grip and switch between stroke types.

The maneuverability of the racket is also increased as a player can more easily move the grip with greater wrist movement.

All of these traits support high amounts of control to both the racket and the players.

For players with larger hand sizes who need a larger grip, adding an overgrip or wrap grip to the racket will increase the size of the grip without fully replacing the pre-added factory grip.

VS 850 string

The racket offers a string tension maximum of 29 pounds, a high tension good for beginners and intermediate players.

Needing a tension higher than 29 pounds can lead to strings breaking and can damage the racket as the construction of the racket is not intended for extremely high tensions.

As previously mentioned, the power box shape of the frame’s design is what allows for the high tension to be possible.

There is also the addition of single-pass holes in the frame for the string pattern which causes less friction from breaking the strings and lessen tension loss over time.

The string added to the racket is Victor’s VS 850 white string.

This string has a thin diameter of 0.68 millimeters which is a 22-gauge option.

The sizing makes for a powerful and highly elastic string that can reach high tensions but can suffer from tension loss and offers less durability than thicker strings.

The string includes nanotec within its materials to limit space between materials and increase the power and feel of the string.

Designed as a multifilament string, the nylon filament core is wrapped with high tenacity nylon fibers in a tight weave.

This supports greater durability in the string.

The construction is also supportive of good offensive playability and high amounts of control.

Victor Thruster K 5000 review: Right for you?

The Victor Thruster K 5000 badminton racket works well for players at the intermediate level who have mastered the basic skills of badminton and are advancing in their abilities. 

Since intermediate players are able to control their shots and generate their own power, the racket is able to provide both elements in order to partner well with the player’s strengths.

The use of various technologies with the construction of the racket’s frame and shaft make for a durable racket which offers medium stiffness to support power.

These technologies include nanotech which to lower the amount of distortion that can negatively affect rackets after improper impacts and the catapult structure to reserve power in the racket for a greater exert of force.

The lightweight nature of the racket will prevent any damage to your swing speed but will not offer as much power so players will need to manufacture their own power.

Instead, the weight works well with offering control and its head heavy design is able to work well with the power a player creates.

The string used in the racket, VS 850 string, offers high amounts of control to a player by letting the birdie rest on the string bed for a longer period of time in order to more accurately aim your shots.

Always consult an industry professional before using any new product for your game.

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