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We use machines every day! We use cell phones, washing machines, hair dryers, televisions, microwaves, and so on! 

We use these machines because they make our life easier, more efficient, and more entertaining. Once you start using a tennis ball machine, it’s as addicting as any other machine in your life!

Ball Machines Satisfy Four Important Needs in our sport by offering:

  • Fun
  • Exercise
  • A tireless practice partner
  • A Coach’s Assistant 

To learn more about training with a tennis ball machine, take a quick look at this video!

Important Concepts in Tennis and How to use a Ball Machine to Practice Them:

  • Target Areas: Create realistic targets and make them large enough to succeed. This will build your confidence but also challenge you enough to push you to improve. Give yourself a 70% success rate to start. 
  • Timing: As you improve, ball recognition timing and racquet preparation needs to speed up. Practicing with a ball machine can greatly help in this area since the machine can feed faster balls at faster frequencies when you are ready. 
  • Shot Tolerance: Impatience is one of the biggest downfalls of otherwise very good tennis players. Having high shot tolerance means ‘tolerating’ hitting more balls in a row than your opponent. 
  • Shot Specificity: Focus on one shot until you are confident that you can hit it several times in a row. Improvement retention is highest when you focus on one shot at a time. Repetition is the key!

Tennis Tudor Tennis Ball Machine Review: Right for you?

The Tennis Tutor Tennis Ball Machine is powerful enough to challenge top-level players. The Tennis Tutor is used by teaching professionals at the Association of Tennis Professional’s training center in South Florida. 

Players looking for an above average tennis ball machine to help improve their game will find the Tennis Tutor to be the perfect choice!

In this article, let’s look at the popular Tennis Tutor Plus Player Tennis Ball Machine, which you can view at Amazon for additional information on this product.

Some helpful information on these products from the manufacturer include:

  • Tennis Tutor — The Tennis Tutor will sharpen your skills, build your confidence and raise the level of your game. With its small and lightweight construction the Tennis Tutor is portable enough to take anywhere you want.
  • Tennis Tutor Plus — The Tennis Tutor Plus features includes all the features of the Tennis Tutor, but with the addition of spin control capability.  A simple dial controls the amount of topspin or backspin.  The Tennis Tutor Plus is also the only portable ball machine that displays the elevation setting on the control panel. A 10 segment display shows the elevation setting so you can set it to your favorite setting before starting. The Tennis Tutor Plus comes with a rechargeable heavy duty battery that allows for 4-6 hours of court time play. The Machine is also available in an A/C model. 

AC/DC Capability in the Tennis Tutor

You can play at any court using AC power, then take the machine with you to a court without an electrical outlet and use it there too. 

There is no separate battery charger necessary as the machine charges the battery itself anytime it is plugged into a live AC outlet. 

The internal smart charger will always keep your machine ready to play without overcharging the battery. 

Specs and features include:

  • 150 ball capacity: more than two standard pick-up baskets
  • Electronic Elevation Control: Ball trajectory is electronically adjustable from groundstroke to lob.
  • Ball ejection speed: Up to 85 mph
  • Ball feed rate: 1 ½ to 12 seconds
  • Built-in Oscillator: Deliver shots randomly across the court for hitting on the run. 
  • Playing time: 4-6 hours with heavy duty battery
  • Rechargeable battery: Built-in battery provides up to 6 hours of playing time per charge. 12 hours is available with an external battery pack.
  • Weight: 46 pounds

Other descriptive features include:

  • Start-up time delay: Allows the player time to get of the other side of the net before the balls start shooting.
  • Fold out towing handle: Tows like luggage on built-in castor wheels.
  • Smart battery charger: Fully charges the battery overnight and shuts off automatically. 

The battery is included and also included is a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer. 

Options available with Tennis Tutor include:

  • 2-line oscillator option: Allows you to practice alternation forehand and backhand shots, or allows an instructor to automatically shoot to two lines of students. Spacing can be set to either narrow or wide.
  • 2-button remote: Starts and stops ball delivery, and controls side-to-side position of the ball throws.

Tennis Tutor Pro Lite and Tennis Tutor Pro Lite Plus

The tennis tutor Lite stands only 12 inches tall and weighs less than 30 pounds but is definitely a full-featured machine!

The only difference in the Tennis Tutor Pro Lite and the Pro Lite Plus is topspin.

If you would like a ball machine with topspin, you want the Pro Lite Plus.

Features and specs of Tennis Tutor Lite:

  • Ball Speed: Up to 60 mph
  • Manual Elevation Control: Ball trajectory is manually adjustable from groundstroke to lob.
  • 125 ball capacity
  • Rechargeable Battery: Built-in battery provides up to three hours of playing time per charge. 
  • Ball Ejection Speed: 10-60 mph
  • Weight: 29 pounds (battery model)  22 pounds(AC model)

Options available with Tennis Tutor Pro Lite include:

  • Available with Oscillator: Delivers shots randomly across the court 
  • Air Pedal Remote: A foot-operated remote control allows the player to start and stop ball delivery.

Some common feedback about the Tennis Tutor Lite includes:

  • The battery must stay charged when the machine is not in use. Especially if it is not in use during a period of time like winter. Failure to do so will result in a defunct battery.
  • Every adjustment is extremely sensitive. Therefore, it is difficult to get the ball at the particular speed and height you want. Adjusting the elevation at just the right height of the ball trajectory is difficult to control because it involves physically moving the ball tossing mechanism within the enclosure. This can be remedied by finding the perfect combination and leaving it there. 

It is interesting to note, buyers would buy the machine again despite these ‘quirks’. 

Let’s review a quick comparison of all the Tennis Tutor models.

  1. Remotes are cordless except for the Tennis Tutor Pro Lite.
  2. 2-line indicates both narrow and wide 2-line functions
  3. Tennis Tutor models do not include protective covers.
  4. All models come with a 3-year warranty. 
  5. All machines with 2-line oscillators also have random oscillators.
  6. All Tutor Plus Player models are designed for total simulation play.
  7. Tutor Plus models are available with AC/DC capability with an internal smart charger. 

This means the battery is charging any time the machine is plugged into a live AC outlet, allowing it to be moved from courts with electrical outlets to those without.

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com