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A tennis ball machine is always ready when you are! Unlike playing with a human partner, the tennis ball machine offers a consistent, ready-to-play partnership to help you get in your training hours whenever works for you.

The difference between the top tennis player and the average tennis player is very often consistency.

A tennis ball machine can help any player take their game to the next level. In a normal match you could never hit 120 shots in 10 minutes. But you can with a tennis ball machine!

But which tennis ball machine is the right choice for you?

If you’re considering a Spinshot as an option, then it’s important to weigh several Spinshot tennis ball machine reviews to help you determine whether or not this product could work well for your training needs.

Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine reviews: A closer look

Spinshot portable tennis ball machines combine state-of-the-art technology with performance.

The tennis community recognizes Spinshot ball machines for their high quality and programmability. 

They are also known for their portability due to the towing wheels and special handle. 

In this article, we will take a look at the various Spinshot machine models, including:

  • Spinshot Lite
  • Spinshot Pro
  • Spinshot Plus
  • Spinshot Player
  • Spinshot Plus-2

We will also take a quick look at comparisons of these different models.

The features and comparisons include:

  • Dimensions (inches): 21-20-14 with the exception of the Lite whose dimensions are 20-13-11
  • Weight: 17kg (Lite weighs 10 kg)
  • Battery time: 2-3 hours 
  • AC main Power: optional 
  • Ball Capacity: 50 for the Spinshot Lite, 120 for the others 

Optional features for Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine include:

  • One Button Watch Remote: The One Button Watch Remote makes it easy to control the machine. A short click on the button selects the drill number equivalent to the number of clicks. A long press stops or starts the machine.
  • Flexible power connection options: Default ‘A’ battery sits inside the ‘power cage’ at all times and can be recharged with the provided charger plugged into the front panel. 
  • External Battery Connection: This allows batteries to be swapped without opening the ‘power cage’. You can use multiple batteries for more hours of uninterrupted training. 
  • AC mains Power Module: This allows you to draw power directly from a standard mains AC socket. 
  • Hybrid AC module: Allowing you to draw power from a main AC socket when available but switch instantly to a battery kit if you need to. 

Spinshot ‘Player’ Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Player tennis ball machine is a good representation of the Spinshot brand. Below we will explore the Spinshot Player model in greater detail.

You can also view the Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for your training needs.

According to the product’s manufacturer:

Spinshot is the first tennis ball machine with fully programmable drills. The revolutionary design means you can customize your drills to program height, direction, speed, for each of six sequential shots and then save these into your personalized drills. 

The machine comes with 12 pre-programmed drills which give you a full variety of shots. You can adjust each of these drills to suit your own playing level or create your own drills.

A free phone remote App is provided for easy programming and control. An optional remote watch can also be used to control the machine.

This product is designed for easy transfer and storage.

The square shape and extended hopper make the machine easy to transfer and store. The Spinshot Player machine weighs only 17kg.

It can easily be stored in the trunk of a car. 

There are also multiple ways to control the machine.

Controlled via the front panel, just press the D button to trigger the favorite drills. An ‘A’ battery sits inside the ‘power cage’ at all times and can be recharged with the provided charger plugged into the front panel.

Batteries can be swapped out without opening the ‘power cage’. This way you can use multiple batteries for more hours of uninterrupted training. 

The Spinshot is the first ball machine to provide a free phone remote App supported by an android or IPhone. 

With the free App you can control ball speed, spin, feed rate, and oscillation from the other end of the court. 

The phone remote feature is an added-on expense on most tennis ball machines. This is why the feature is such a valuable option on the Spinshot Player model. 

Take a quick look at this video on programming Spinshot drills on your smart-phone: 

The optional remote watch is a fun feature. The remote watch feature is not available on the Spinshot Lite.

 Instead, on the Spinshot Lite you get a 10 second delay between the moment you set the power button to the ON position and an actual start of the ball shooting process. 

Problems you may encounter with Spinshot Tennis Ball Machines and how to fix them:

Some reported potential problems (and solutions!) with this machine include:

  • The machine is not throwing the balls consistently after many hours of use: You must clean the ball throwing wheels every year or after 150 hours of use. Clean the ball throwing wheels only when the machine is off. Firmly rub coarse sandpaper across the throwing wheels through the ball ejection opening to remove the ink and dirt build-up. Sand the entire circumference of each wheel and use enough pressure to rough-up the rubber surface of the wheels. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean dirt from the inside of the machine. 
  • The balls are going slow. The high top spin setting will slow down the balls. Therefore, when the machine works with the high speed setting, you must set the machine to a high speed level over 17.
  • Inconsistent ball throws when the ball machine is new. Brand new tennis balls are not recommended to be used especially during the first ten hours of the break-in period. The ink and waxy coating on brand new balls can leave a slick coating on the new ball throwing wheels, resulting in inconsistent ball throws.

Spinshot Service Stand

Spinshot has a service stand that allows the player to boost the ball machine to replicate a serve. Simply place the machine on top on the platform and wind it up to your preferred height. 

It folds down for easy carting to and from the court. The easy carry handle and weighs only 10kg. 

The legs fold out and secure in place (with wheel and leg locks) to create a sturdy base. 

This service platform is brand new to the market and the first of its kind. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality tennis ball machine, any of the Spinshot models can offer you a good option, depending on your skill level and training goals.

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com