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Tennis ball machines are the ideal, reliable partner for beginners and experts alike. They are available whenever you are! Beginners benefit from the repetition, consistency, and precision of ball machines. 

Repetition develops basic skills and muscle memory-essential building blocks for a developing game. 

More advanced players can benefit by taking advantage of controlling spin-style, positioning, high speeds, feed rate, random oscillation and many other attributes designed to challenge and improve tennis abilities. 

If you’re looking for a Spinshot Lite tennis ball machine review, this article seeks to provide you with the important research and analysis to aid you in your evaluation of this product to help you find the right option for your training needs.

Spinshot Tennis Ball Machines

Spinshot has a motto that states “revolution for tennis training”. 

The company believes there are seven factors that give them an edge over the competition.

In this article, we will attempt to explore this claim further and discuss the potential benefits of using this product for improving your game.

First, let’s take a look at the seven factors. 

  • Simple to use machines. Spinshot promotes ease of use by the ability of controlling the machine from the side panel, the remote control, or a Smartphone. This is sometimes a hard feature to achieve with a highly functional machine.
  • Competition Level Performance: A service stand replicates a real serve. Other options simulate real match play. 
  • Reliable Design: All the machines are constructed with high-quality materials. Operation quality controls are performed before the machine can leave the factory.  Spinshot tennis ball machines are enclosed with a powder coated steel shell. Most tennis ball machines are made of plastic. 
  • Portability: The dimensions of Spinshot machines provide for great accessibility and portability. Spinshot Lite is below 10kg and even the most powerful Spinshot ‘Player’ model is below 20kg. 
  • Battery or Mains: Spinshot Lite has rechargeable batteries lasting for up to 5 hours and 3 hours for the more powerful Spinshot models. An optional 240 volt AC power module can be easily substituted to allow on-court powered use. External battery packs and hybrid panels ensure your machine will not stop before you do.
  • Local Support: Spinshot machines are backed by a two warranty on materials and workmanship. 
  • Affordability: Spinshot machines boast a savings of 30% over similar functioning tennis ball machines. 

Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine Review: Right for you?

You can view the Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model at Amazon to learn more about this product and how it might work for your unique training needs.

Some key Spinshot Lite features and benefits include:

  • Max Speed: 60kph
  • Dimensions (inches): 20-13-11
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Battery Time: 2-3 hours
  • AC main power: optional 
  • Ball capacity: 50
  • Ball feed interval:2-10 seconds
  • Battery life: 5-7 hours
  • Battery Charging: 8-12 hours for a fully charged.
  • Case Construction: Powder coated metal

What people are saying about Spinshot Lite:

  • “Spinshot Lite is so portable”
  • “It fits easily in the truck of the car so I can take it to my local club”.
  • “Convenient to always have a tennis partner that is available and a little better than me”.

How does the Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine work?

Spinshot tennis ball machines use a pair of counter rotating wheels. They spin at high speed to propel the ball. 

A less effective method is pneumatic propulsion which uses a similar technology to a reverse vacuum cleaner. 

Pneumatic is noisy, can’t provide spin, and has low top speeds. Most are outdated.

  • Spin: How Spinshot tennis machines produce spin is a frequently asked question. The machine generates spin on the ball by revolving one counter rotating wheel faster than the other. If the top wheel spins at a higher speed than the bottom, the machine will impart topspin on the ball. If the bottom wheel spins faster, you will get a slice. 
  • Some machines cannot create spin. Some tennis ball machines use the counter rotating wheel system, but choose to place the wheels on horizontal sides of the ball, rather than the top and bottom. Therefore they are unable to get a slice or any top spin. 

Some of the more common complaints about the Spinshot Lite include:

  • Why does the machine move on the court when in use? If the courts are slippery and the external battery option is used, the machine could move on the court. When the machine shoots out the balls, the machine could move due to recoil. To keep it stable, it is suggested to put a weight in the battery cage or hang the battery or other handle to increase its weight. 
  • The ball machine shoots balls slower than when it was new. If the machine produces high speed deliverables but after a while they slow down the issue could be the battery. 

If the machine is delivering slow balls from the start, the possible reason could be too slippery service wheels. 

This can happen if you use new balls (too much wax) or always use the machine outdoors.

Sandpapering the wheels will fix this.

If you are using a new machine and you feel the speed has dropped, check if you have high spin on the shots. The high spin setting will slow down the balls. 

Tennis balls to use in the Spinshot Lite

Pressureless balls are recommended for use with the Spinshot Lite. To get the most out of the machine, use pressureless balls.

Most tennis balls are pressurized which makes them become considerably flatter after a couple of days of hitting. 

If you throw these old balls into the tennis ball machine, you will get varying results.

On the same machine settings, a flat ball may hit the net while a new ball would land on the baseline. 

Pressureless balls avoid this. They are designed to have the same bounce and shape for years. They only need to be replaced when they lose their felt. 

Depending on court surface and amount of use, the average person will get at least 1-2 years out of pressureless balls. 

Remote Watch for use with some Spinshot Models but not with Spinshot Lite:

Use of a remote watch is a great feature some of the Spinshot tennis ball machine models. However, this feature is not available in the spinshot Lite. 

Instead, you get a 10 second delay between the moment you set the power button to the ON position and an actual start of the ball shooting process. 

You should also take care to follow carefully the instructions for use before using this product.

Weighing your options

Some pros and cons of the Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine include:


  • Extraordinary long battery life: 5-7 hours
  • Small dimensions and low weight
  • Easy to move, east to store and easy to transport
  • Ideal for repetitive practice of your shots
  • Great for a beginner or intermediate player to practice basic shot techniques


  • No remote control possibility
  • No oscillation mode
  • Speed control and feed interval set up in steps and not in exact numbers
  • No programmable drills available

Final thoughts

Spinshot Lite is great for practicing one shot again and again. The balls are shot with slight topspin which increases the high ball speed.

Spinshot Lite doesn’t have any programmable drills or oscillation. As mentioned earlier, it is used for practicing repetitive shots placed in the same direction. 

Real match conditions are hard to simulate with the Lite, however, not all players are looking for this. As we also mentioned, beginner and intermediate players will gain the most from the Spinshot Lite.

Battery life is a big advantage for the Spinshot Lite. Since it focuses on one function, shooting balls at the same speed in the same direction, the battery dies very slowly. 

More expensive tennis ball machines usually offer such a long battery life. Your court time is at a maximum due to this feature. 

Spinshot is probably the smallest and lightest tennis ball machine on the market. Ease of transport is an important feature, as even kids can move the machine. 

Finally, any beginner or intermediate player looking for extensive practice of shot techniques will enjoy this machine. For a price less than its comparables, you will have a reliable machine that is able to provide extra long court times and that is easy to transport.

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com