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Finding the best pickleball to fit your needs a beginner can be challenging.

A lot of terms and specifications are thrown around and it may be hard to understand just what they mean.

A popular beginners pickleball paddle is the Rally Tyro 2 Composite paddle.

But before you select this paddle you will need to make sure it will work for your skill level and playing style.

If you’re looking for a good Rally Tyro 2 review, this article will break down the paddles details and just what these features can do for you, and what they can’t, in order to help you decide if it’s the best paddle for you.

Rally Tyro 2 specifications

The Rally Tyro 2 pickleball paddle is designed as an optimal beginner’s paddle, with focus on control throughout its design and a core to help with your power.

The core of the paddle is made of half inch polymer, a thicker portioning than other paddles.

This thickness is added in order to promote more power to the paddle, as the majority of details will push for control instead.

The paddle has high durability with its polypropylene core that features a honeycomb pattern.

This acts as a vibration dampening core to lower the negative results of impact and to improve the feel of the paddle.

The paddle weighs 6.7 ounces, a very light weight option.

The head weight is distributed focusing a large portion of the weight into the paddle’s head in order to also promote power great for overhead shots.

The composite face of the paddle is made of polycarbonate to protect the paddle and allow an extension of the paddle’s sweet spot.

The construction makes this an extremely quiet sounding paddle.

The Rally Tyro 2 does feature an edge guard, with grip technology that prevents shots from being disrupted due to the protective guard.

The grip of the paddle is a small grip, with a circumference of 4 inches and a length of 5 inches. This grip is slip free and possesses a medium tack feel.

The grip style is flat and can fit the average player’s hand. An over grip or tape can be added if needed to increase the grips size.

An addition of perforated cushioning to the grip works as a moisture wicking feature to keep your hand dry and comfort while you play.

The handle is 5 inches long while the paddle’s overall length is 15 5/8 inches and 7 ¾ inches wide.

This allows for a larger head size that is well-balanced.

Beginner’s paddle

As a beginner’s paddle, the Rally Tyro 2 is not usable for tournament level pickleball games as it does not fit within the tournament paddle requirements and restrictions.

As a player advances, they will need to seek out a different paddle in order to play in tournaments.

But this paddle will provide a good start for beginners and will last for a long time with its strong durability.

Beginners of the sport will need to focus on control and power, the two key skills needed to win a game.

The amount of control offered by the paddle allows players to better adjust to the new sport and learn to better control and place their shots.

The downside of this is that the paddle will not be able to produce high amounts of power for longer, more quickly executed shots.

Instead, a player must create their own power to push the pickleball forward.

This can be an adjustment for those not yet used to the movements and physical requirements for the sport.

But control is important for beginners, as a powerful shot does not help unless the ball stays within the game’s boundary lines.

Paddle weight

This paddle weighs 6.7 ounces which is well below the maximum of the light weight marker for paddles.

The weight of any pickleball paddle is the determining factor of the feel offered by the paddle. Better feel allows better control and other beneficial features.

The lightweight nature of this paddle also increases your ability to maneuver and the speed of your wrist movements.

While heavier paddles can increase the power offered, lightweight paddles such as this one increase control.

With strong control and feel a player can more easily place their shots and control the accuracy of their shots.

This allows for more skillfully placed shots and helps beginning players understand the best ways to control the contact of their paddle and the ball.

The compromise of this is the loss of power. There will be less pop and force to the paddles shots and the player will need to compensate for the loss.

This will require good arm strength and the ability to create momentum and energy for each swing.

This can be a disadvantage to players suffering from injuries or arthritis.

Light weight and control designed paddles are encouraged for those who play the sport closer to the net, as they will not need to rely on harder shots he sport closer to the net, as they will not need to rely on harder shots that offer more head speed.

It is also a good choice for players who frequently play doubles, as one player will be closer to the net during a match.

The paddle’s weight, though light, is balanced with a heavier amount of weight at the head.

This helps balance the paddle with its thickly designed core.

There is more weight in the head in order to allow some access to power for overhead shots and driving shots.

Grip of paddle

Grips are important to notice when purchasing a paddle as an ill-fitting grip will have negative consequences to your game and your hands.

Whatever grip size you choose for your paddle, you can always build up the grip with overgrip or tape.

The Rally Tyro 2 paddle’s grip is designed to allow the addition of overgrip for this very reason.

The standard size for grips is 4 to 4 ½ inches in circumference. This places the Rally Tyro 2 paddle at the smallest size for the average player.

This grip size is a good option for players under 5 foot 2 inches in height.

Much like a lighter weight option, smaller grips allow for greater wrist movement to allow the players to produce more power since the grip’s sizing increases control throughout the paddle.

With greater wrist action comes the ability to put spin on your shots more easily too.

The grip is 5 inches long as well, so it will work well for the average hand.

Those needing a thicker grip can easily add an overgrip to improve the circumference to best suit their hands.

The grip has a no slip feel with medium tack and a flat styling.

The addition of a perforated cushion to the grips design helps increase the contact with the paddle.

It also keeps your hand comfortable and dry through its moisture wicking abilities.

This allows the grip to remove sweat and prevent moisture build up that can lessen your hold on the grip.

It can also increase the comfort for your hand as it will stay dry and the cushioning will work to prevent strain.

Polymer Core

The core of the paddle is a half inch thick, making it a thicker more responsive core for increased feel and vibration dampening abilities.

The addition of vibration dampening technology works to ensure both power and control are accessible to the paddle.

There will be more power to your swings with a thicker core, though there is still a greater focus on supplying control.

This is a polymer core that uses blended plastic to create a softer, more quiet sounding shot without the lose of power or control.

The paddle’s ability to be quiet is a great asset to those playing in areas like gyms or homes to lessen the noise produced from disturbing others.

The use of polypropylene in the core in a honeycomb pattern ensures strength and performance.

This core is made durable and willing to withstand damage.

Polycarbonate surface

The surface of the paddle is made as a composite face, a powerful and textured surface that makes it easier to apply spin to your shots and increases the durability of the paddles face.

The use of composite for the face is in reference to the combination of materials to build up a surface and is often partnered with a honeycomb core.

This specific paddle sues polycarbonate for its face, which protects the paddle and allows for an enhanced sweet spot.

This is a great feature for a control-based paddle to have as the sweet spot is the best region to access the paddle’s control.

An enhanced sweet spot will allow for greater accuracy in placement of the paddle’s impact and shots. It will also make it easier for beginning players to use.

Head shape and handle

The head of the paddle is larger with a strong balance and greater weight distribution.

The head and the handle, which is 5 inches long, combine to make the paddle 15 and 5/8 inches long and 7 and 3/4 inches wide.

This is very close to the average size for a pickleball paddle and falls within the required measurements for the sport.

Edge guard

The paddle also includes an edge guard to further enforce its durability.

The edge guard acts as a protective wrapping around the edge of the paddle’s face, preventing damage from occurring due to the paddle being dropped or hit against the pickleball court.

The use of superior edge guard grip technology ensures that the ultra slim guard will not affect your shots.

The edge guard has a 1/8 inch overlap with the paddle face, making it very slim but incredibly durable.

Rally Tyro 2 review

The Rally Tyro Composite 2 pickleball paddle is a great option for beginning players looking for control for their game.

You can view the Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle (2 Paddles / 4 Ball Bundle – Ocean Blue) at Amazon to learn more about how this paddle could potentially work for your game.

The materials and construction of the paddle allow for easy access to control that will help encourage more accurately placed shots during a pickleball game.

The paddle is also a good option for players who play close to the net or who play as doubles.

The control is also encouraged with the enhancement of the paddle’s sweet spot, allowing easier access to the region, and ensuring beginning players will be able to have proper ball placement.

The paddle also supplies some power, through its heavier head weight and thicker core.

This will help lessen the momentum and strength required by the player to push the ball forward and apply force.

The paddle is also incredibly durable. Both its core and surface face materials encourage a strong bond and resist damage.

The addition of an edge guard will also help keep the paddle from being damaged over time.

The weight of the paddle is light, making movements and wrist actions easier.

The grip of the paddle is small, fitting the average player with the ability to be increased in size with the addition of an overgrip.

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