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Playing sports can have many benefits to your health and life. Sports extend your social circle as you meet new players, provide you with a hobby to relax and enjoy, and act as a regular work out to keep you in shape.

No matter what court sport you play whether it’s badminton, squash, racquetball, pickleball, or tennis, you will be burning calories and improving your health.

But not every sport burns the same number of calories when playing.

When looking at the difference between pickleball vs tennis calories burned, the numbers are not the same.

How calories are burned

Working out can be difficult to fit within your schedule, but for those you play sports, it can be easier to fit the exercise into their schedule, especially since people enjoy playing.

Daily exercise is important and playing a match of pickleball or tennis for an hour a couple times a week can help accomplish that.

There are many factors that play into how many calories are burned when playing a sport like pickleball or tennis.

A player’s weight and physical health, whether you are playing singles or doubles, the intensity of the game, and other factors will affect the number of calories burned within a specific time.

While simple tasks like walking and other everyday occurrences burn calories regularly, working out by playing sports can speed up the number of calories burned.

The more intense and aggressive your playing style, the larger number of calories burned.

Similarly, playing singles rather than doubles will also require more physical effort in order to win a match so this style of playing will work to burn more calories for either sport.

How long you play and how frequently will also have an impact on the calories burned during a round of tennis and pickleball.

Movements of the sports

The movements and strategy used for both of these sports is very similar.

This is the main aspect that connects the two sports. It also allows for a similar number of calories being burnt.

Both sports require fast paced movements, with quick changes in your steps. Players will need to move fast and readjust their movement quickly.

Both will also require the use of a paddle or racquet.

Though these two pieces of equipment are different in size they will need the same movements in order to properly complete shots in order for the player to beat their opponent.

These similar movements will work to balance out the calories burned during the match.

However, there are still enough differences between pickleball and tennis to allow for a slight difference between the calories used.

Playing pickleball

Pickleball is a shorter game than that of tennis, on multiple levels.

The pickleball court size used for both singles and doubles is shorter in size than that of a tennis court, so it will not require as many steps to move around.

This will result in fewer calories.

The pickleball court is sized at 20 feet by 44 feet.

This is broken down into different lined zones, such as the no volley zone. The size of the court will affect the speed and intensity of the game.

As this size of court is used for both singles and doubles, playing doubles will require less movement overall.

This will mean less calories burned over the course of a game as a player will not need to cover as much area and will not have to perform every shot.

Pickleball matches are also shorter in length than a tennis match, with players only needing the best of three sets that go up to 11 points.

The time needed to complete a game of pickleball is averaged around 50 minutes.

If a player must go all three sets in order to win, and the points extend past 11 as a player must be two points ahead of their opponent before being declared the winner, then it can last up to two hours.

Playing tennis

Tennis has a few perks when it comes to calorie burn when compared with pickleball.

This is due to several factors.

The court’s larger size requires more movement and allows players to cover a greater distance.

The time needed to complete a tennis game is also longer than that of a pickleball game.

The larger court size can have a huge impact on the number of calories being burnt when playing.

The court sizes for singles and doubles are different which will affect the overall movement and calories.

The full tennis court is 78 feet long with a width of 27 feet. This is the court sizing used for single player matches.

When playing doubles, the court’s width is extended to 36 feet in order to allow more space for players.

While doubles have a larger court size, they still must share the extended court with another person so they are not moving around or exerting as much energy.

The time needed to play a tennis match is often much longer as well.

The number of sets played can vary from professional to tournaments to recreational games which will change the time drastically.

The types of players participating in the game can also change the time needed.

The average time for a tennis match to be completed is around three hours. While games can take less than two or even go to nearly five hours, it all depends on who is playing.

This will greatly affect how many calories are burned for each individual game.

Calories burned

Due to the traits of the two sports listed above, it is clear to see that pickleball burns fewer calories than tennis.

Pickleball will burn on average 350 to 475 calories during the duration of a game. This means 8 to 11 calories are burned per minute when playing pickleball.

Tennis on the other hand burns an average of 410 to 525 calories whenever a player is competing in a singles match.

The calories decrease in half whenever a tennis match is played as doubles with only an average of 280 to 365 calories being worked off.

Other health benefits

While burning calories is an important part of exercising, there are also many other health benefits to playing both tennis and pickleball.

Calories work to control the weight loss of a player which can benefit their health by keeping them in shape, lowering their risk for dietary based diseases, and preventing obesity.

Playing these two court sports will also work to improve your shape. Both sports require the use of nearly all of your muscles. The sports work to define these muscles and build them up.

Whether you are training and practicing or playing a match, pickleball and tennis will require the movement of your whole body.

Playing these sports can also lower your risk of health diseases. Especially for pickleball, which is a great court sport to be played by the elderly people as it can lower risk of age-based diseases.

There are also mental health benefits provided by playing these sports on a regular basis.

The sports can also release stress from your body which can affect your concentration, mood, and even your weight and sleep.

Brain activity and memory can also be improved with regular activity of pickleball and tennis.

The two sports require an understanding of the sports and the strategy needed to win.

This strategy requires a player to constantly observe and analyze their opponents playing style in order to find the best way to win.

This concentration allows for a focus on a player’s reflexes, their ability to control their own movements, and to encourage quick thinking.

Pickleball vs tennis calories: Which burns more?

Playing sports like pickleball and tennis can greatly increase your mental and physical health whenever they are played regularly.

This is due to the sport’s ability to challenge your mind as you strategize and plot out your moves and the physical requirements needed to perform well.

Many factors affect how many calories are burned during either of these games.

Things like the player’s weight, their movements, the speed of the game, and the game’s time and court size can all change the quantity of calories burned.

Tennis courts are longer in size than that of pickleball. The tennis court for doubles is longer than the one for singles.

Both of these courts require players to cover more ground more quickly than that of pickleball.

Tennis also requires more time to play than pickleball which is another reason why tennis burns more calories.

The time needed to play pickleball averages around an hour or two, depending on the length of the three sets.

Tennis on the other hand can take much longer than this with an average of three hours for recreational to professional games.

The longer game will mean more calories are burned as the match takes longer to complete.

When looking at the average playing time with an average amount of excretion of strength from the players, the calories of pickleball just short of a tennis single’s match while a tennis double match requires around the same amount.

Playing pickleball will work off 350 to 475 calories during a game while tennis singles burn 410 to 525 calories and doubles 280 to 365 calories.

Doubles in tennis, though playing with a larger court, will burn less calories as players will not need to cover as much ground or perform shots in every volley over the net.

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