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Like any other sport, padel requires some level of skill to play. As a beginner, however, you may not have the required skillset to win in Padel.

You may have seen professionals ace the game, and that leaves you wondering, how do I get better at Padel?

Luckily, every day is a learning day, especially if you are enthusiastic about the sport.

As a beginner, there are some tips and tactics that you can bring in play to help you improve your game.

In this article, we will show you some of the most effective tricks to improve your Padel skills.

11 Padel tips for beginners

If you’re wondering how to get better at Padel, these quick tips will help you spring into action and propel your game to the next level.

Take Padel lessons

The first thing that you need to do to advance your Padel skills is to take some lessons.

You cannot get better at the game by just watching others play.

You have to get into the field regularly to understand what is required of you.

After all, practice makes perfect.

That said, you can dedicate a couple of hours throughout the week to practice everything you need to know about the game.

Look for better players to play with

If you wish to advance your skills in padel, then you have to find better players.

Frankly, playing with people who you always beat will not help you improve your game. You have to look for players who’ve got advanced skills.

By doing so, you can tune your game to match up to their superior level.

However, when you choose to play with better players, you have to come to terms with the fact that you’ll be beaten severally.

Fortunately, your skills will improve over time, and you can now challenge those on a superior level confidently.

Apart from looking for better players to engage with, you should also play with different people.

How can this make you better in Padel?

Well, different players have different tactics that help them win the game. You can pick up several moves from different players, which ultimately make you better.

Besides, when you know more players, you can take part in organized tournaments and leagues.

Compete in tournaments

After you have taken a couple of training sessions, it is time to test your skills. How do you do so?

You do that by finding tournaments that you can take part in.

The best thing about tournaments is that they’ll motivate you to do better each time, especially if you lose a game.

Additionally, the tournaments will give you better insights into your level of play.

They will also help you gain more confidence, especially when you win against teams that have beat you before severally.

Play on both sides

Now that you know what the game requires of you, you should make sure to play on both sides.

You can play on the right side and on the left side as well.

By doing so, you’ll understand what is required of you in every position.

Moreover, having different profiles makes you a better teammate.

And when other players know this of you, they can look up to you to play a certain position.

But you should take each opportunity as a lesson. Do not miss any mistakes – use them to better your skills.

Learn how to serve

To become a better player in padel, you have to know how to serve. After all, the serve is the easiest shot in padel.

First, you need to get the balls, and then practice your accuracy.

Do this frequently until you perfect it.

The trick here is to release the ball from the shoulder height and ensure that it is in front of your left foot.

Now, strike the ball in waist height.

When hitting your serve, you should make sure the ball is at the highest point possible.

This will make it harder for your opponents to make a shot.

Make sure that you hit the serve with a little slice so that it stays low.

After making the serve, run to the net to make sure you’re in a perfect offensive position.

Practice how to volley

Needless to say, you cannot perform better in Padel if you don’t know how to volley.

Expert players recommend that you hit the ball aggressively with a backspin.

Doing so will deliver a low bounce, making it harder for your opponents.

But first, you have to prepare yourself for the volley. Place your racket up straight to your opponents.

Next, take a step forward, making sure your body weight goes towards the ball and your forward leg.

And then hit the ball.

Make the hit with the ball in front of your front leg.

Additionally, you should make sure to look at your opponents to observe how much force they use to hit the ball.

Know how to lob

When referring to padel tips for beginners, knowing how to lob falls at the top of the list.

In fact, the lob is one of the vital shots in this game.

When you perfect your lob, you’ll manage to push your opponents back in the court, which lets you get a great position by the net.

After hitting a great lob, always make sure to move forward.

However, you should always start with your normal position.

After some time of practice, you’ll also perfect your footwork, which is critical when it comes to placing yourself in the perfect position.

To hit a lob, you’ll need to stand in a stable position and drag your Padel racket backwards.

You’ll also need to bend lower down so that you can hit the ball from the bottom. Doing so allows you to make a high lob with precision.

Work on your coordination

Like any other game, coordination is essential in Padel. To get better at the game, you have to make sure that you are in the right position, and that you can make the hits at the right time.

To accomplish both, you need to make sure to work on the movement of your legs.

You will need to make adjustments whenever necessary to ensure that you don’t miss the ball.

As if that’s not enough, you have to learn the ball’s trajectory and speed. All of which require coordination.

Usually, most beginners make the mistake of hitting the ball without optimizing strength and direction.

Know how to smash

The smash is one of the shots you need to improve to get better at the game.

You should only make this hit when you have enough balance, and you’re in a good position.

When you are standing close to the net, make sure your hit comes with full power.

The objective is to make the ball bounce off the back wall so that it can come back to your side of the court.

That said, you should never hit a smash if you know the ball won’t come back to your side.

To make a perfect smash, however, you will need significant practice. Why’s this the case?

Well, making such a hit requires the power to come from your torso, legs, elbow, shoulder, wrist, as well as the rotation of your hips.

The level of coordination required to do this is immense.

Keep your eyes on the handle

Any expert will tell you that keeping your eyes on the handle is one of the most crucial padel tips for beginners.

How so?

That’s because when you are playing Padel, you will need to change the grip position severally.

In fact, this is where beginners tend to make a lot of mistakes because they do not know how to act when trying to change their position.

As such, it is advisable for beginners to get training from experts on how to maintain the grip.

Overall, you should ensure that you have the correct grip from start to finish.

Learn how to make offensive and defensive shots

When playing with opponents, you have to learn how to make offensive and defensive shots perfectly.

In Padel, you need to make offensive shots that will put your opponents off their natural positions.

To accomplish that, you need to take a shot down the middle, which will get your opponent off the corner.

Once the opponent moves, prepare yourself to hit the ball into the corner.

Similarly, you have to work on your defensive game. Unlike the offensive play, this one requires you to play simple.

Your objective is to stay in your point so that you can defend your goal.

Observe your opponents so that when you get the chance, you take a position by the net.

Defensive play requires you to take low shots down the middle. Hitting a lob could also help.

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