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Most sports complexes in the United States have a variety of racquet sports to play.

Among the most popular are tennis and racquetball, but there are other racquet sports that are quickly gaining popularity.

One of the top growing racquet sports that is getting a lot of press is Paddleball.

You might have heard about paddleball, but if you don’t know much about them this is the article for you!

In this article, you’ll learn about what makes paddleball different and fun to play.

What is Paddleball?

Paddleball is an officially recognized sports that has two games associated with the name.

The first kind of Paddleball is against a single wall where two or four players begin bouncing a wall off of the single wall.

Players use a rubber ball along with wooden paddles. Most paddles are graphite now.

There is also a four-wall Paddleball game that is played with both singles and doubles.

This uses the same rubber ball and paddles but instead encloses the court.

The court even has a ceiling.

The court has a number of different zones and is very similar to one-wall paddle ball.

There is also a popular version of the game played in Europe called Padel where the players play inside an enclosed court like the four-wall Paddleball court.

However, it is different because the court is split by a net similar to tennis.

Then the players face each other instead of the wall.

It is scored like a game of tennis and is played in sets, but the actual game plays more like squash.

The paddles tend to be a softer form.

They use very similar balls to tennis balls, but they are slightly different.

Padel is the most popular version of the sport internationally, but Americans prefer playing One-Wall Paddle Ball.

Paddle Tennis court dimensions

The paddle tennis court dimensions of One-Wall paddleball is 34’x20’ with a service line where the server will serve the ball.

This line is on the right side between the other lines of the court.

The long line is about 34’ from the wall while the short line is only 16’ from the wall.

Four-Wall Paddleball has court dimensions of 40’x20’ with a ceiling and side walls that are at least 20’ high and back walls that are at least 12’ in height.

The Four-Wall court is divided into different zones including service zones, service boxes, and other receiving zones.

The first service line is 15’ from the front wall.

The service zone, where the player can serve the paddleball is 5’ further from the service line.

The short line and receiving line are another 5’ and 15’ from the back wall, respectively.

The game of Padel has a court that is measured in meters instead of feet because it is popular among the Europeans.

It is 20 meters in length and is 10 meters wide.

The courts are similarly enclosed by walls that are completely solid and it is divided into two fields with a net separating them.

The service line is parallel to the net and placed nearly 7 meters away from the net on each side.

The net is slightly lower in the middle, like so many other racket sports and is often .88m high in the middle.

The sides are slightly raised at .92 meters. The back ends of the court are enclosed by solid walls that are often made of glass.

The end alls are at least 13 feet high.

How to get started playing One-Wall Paddleball

One wall paddleball is a game where the two players or teams create a volley.

Each volley starts by serving the ball against the wall and the other player returns the ball by hitting it against the wall.

This continues until one member is unable to return the ball.

How to get started playing Four-Wall Paddleball?

Four-wall paddleball is very similar to one-wall paddleball in the sense that the objective is to win a volley by returning the ball or serving it until the other player is unable to return it before the ball hits the ground twice.

The serving side is able to score if he or she serves an ace or wins a rally.

The first person to 21 points wins the game.

The game follows the same rules as racquetball except the racket is a wooden paddle.

It is important to note that the server can only serve the ball in the service zone.

Paddleball is a rapidly growing sport that is very fun to play with your friends or family.

It is a highly aerobic sport, but it also has a great social aspect that can enable you to meet new people.

The game can get a bit competitive, but it is worth it!

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