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There are several important offensive strategies that you will probably want to consider as you continue to learn more about the sport of Pickleball.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons that you might experience from utilizing these offensive strategies in competitive matches.

Every strategy has a collection of positive and negative effects that can significantly impact your match.

You need to balance the positive and negative effects of these offensive strategies and try to determine which one is best suited for beating your opponent.

Some strategies may not be ideal for certain types of opponents.

We will discuss these possibilities and try to inform experienced players on what they should look for before selecting an offensive strategy.

Offensive strategies in Pickleball

High-Paced Strategy (Agility, Footwork, and Speed)

This is one popular strategy that many experienced Pickleball players use during their competitive matches.

In many cases, you can expect to out perform your opponent in speed and agility.

Swift players are capable of forcing their opponents into mistakes and errors.

Increasing your overall agility and improving your footwork on the court can be a great way to earn some points and victories.

If you are not used to a high-pace of play, then you could risk creating errors for yourself.

This is an important factor to consider because otherwise this offensive strategy could backfire in a hurry.

Your footwork should function like clockwork in a lot of ways. Every move that you make should be calculated for a positive offensive outcome.

You should use other techniques from your experience to provide yourself with an advantage offensively.

For example, you could anticipate the shots of your opponents and use your swift footwork to return shots accurately and quickly.


  • High-Pace of Play with Increased Agility can Intimidate your Opponent
  • Improved Speed and Increased Agility could Force your Opponent to Make Errors and Mistakes


  • Preparation is Important for this Strategy, Otherwise you Might Force Errors Against Yourself and Cost Yourself Points

The Sideline Strategy

The Sideline Strategy is another risky offensive strategy that provides several benefits to Pickleball players that use it properly.

This strategy provides an opportunity for players to use the sideline to score points in easier ways than you might think.

This is a risky strategy that can backfire fairly easily.

You should be prepared for the enhanced level of risk that this sideline strategy poses to your match.

Your opponent’s position has a significant impact on how effective this strategy proves to be.

You might find more success when hitting down the sideline if your opponent is located a little bit closer to the net than usual.

This strategy could come down to your overall shot accuracy.

A few inches could make the difference between success and failure with this offensive strategy.

As with just about any playbook in Pickleball, this one poses significant risks.

A lot of players would argue that this is one of the riskiest plays in the entire sport of Pickleball.


  • This Offensive Strategy could catch your Opponent Off-Guard
  • Some Opponents are Unprepared for Shots Down the Sideline
  • One of the Most Popular Offensive Strategies in Pickleball


  • This Offensive Strategy could backfire if your Shot Accuracy is Poor
  • Opponents with Good Agility can Easily React to this Risky Strategy


A lot of players use anticipation towards their offensive strategy playbook because there are several advantages from doing so.

Pickleball is a mental game just as much as it is a physical game from an athletic perspective.

Some of the best players in the world anticipate their opponent’s decisions before they are made.

You can use this method to calculate shots and decisions before they even happen.

One great example for this anticipation strategy is for players to anticipate balls going out of bounds.

This can provide some much-needed energy conservation during intense matches and it can lead to some easy points during a competitive match.

The important thing about this is that you really need to be confident in your calculations of a ball’s trajectory or you could end up looking like a fool.

Some of the best aggressive Pickleball players find success by utilizing their instincts and experience to anticipate actions before they happen.

There are some risks that could impact your ability to find success though.

You really need to be sure that you are right with your anticipation before committing to a reaction.


  • This Strategy can Save Energy and Build your Confidence
  • You Can Intimidate Opponents with Quick Reactions to their Shots


  • You Could Pay the Price if you Anticipate Incorrectly

Low Return Shots

Low return shots towards your opponent can be an extremely effective way of scoring points during a Pickleball match.

There are a couple of different reasons as to why this play-style can be extremely effective on the court.

The first reason is that low return shots are typically harder to judge and they can force errors and mistakes.

Professional players will oftentimes use a low return shot to try and score points because it is quick and effective in many scenarios.

Opponents will have to react with enhanced accuracy to keep the match going when facing a well-placed low return shot.

This strategy doesn’t have a whole lot of risks to it but it can still come back to cause some problems if your catch yourself out of position after making the shot.

This might not be the best offensive strategy for inexperienced players because the accuracy of the shot can be challenging to execute.

This is a solid strategy for experienced players that have a solid competitive rating in the sport of Pickleball.


  • These Low Return Shots are Tough for Opponent Players to Respond To
  • These Types of Shots can Confuse Opponents and Frustrate Them


  • This is Not an Ideal Offensive Strategy for Inexperienced Pickleball Players

Aggressive Positioning on the Court

Some of the most successful players in the game of Pickleball also happen to be some of the most aggressive.

There are obviously several risks when playing aggressively during a competitive match.

A lot of experienced players believe the benefits outweigh the potential risks that come with an aggressive positioning strategy.

If you elect to position yourself in aggressive areas on the court, then it could open so opportunities for you to make shots that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

At the same time, you could find yourself in trouble if your opponent effectively counters your aggressive positioning with well-placed shots and smart decisions.

There is usually a balance that needs to be factored into the equation before you find a lot of success with an aggressive strategy like this.

The good news is that once you find that effective balance, you might feel unstoppable in many ways.

You should only use this aggressive strategy if you have the confidence and experience to execute it properly.


  • Aggression can Force Opponents into Unexpected Mistakes
  • Positioning and Accuracy is Important to Win Pickleball Matches


  • Aggressive Positioning can lead to Mistakes for Yourself and Cost Yourself Points on the Court