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Lobster Sports is a very well respected name among tennis ball machine manufacturers. The company categorizes its machines as battery operated or electric. 

It is worth mentioning that some machines run on electric power and are also battery operated. The battery also charges while running on electricity with these machines.

In our Lobster tennis ball machine comparison, we will take a look at the similarities as well as the differences in several popular Lobster tennis ball machines.

Lobster tennis ball machine comparison: Options

Elite Model Comparison

In this section, we will examine the different Elite models available. All Elite models are battery powered.

Helpful information provided by the manufacturer highlights the following information about the Elite line products.

Elite Freedom

The Elite Freedom is equipped with features not found on any other machine in its price range.

The large ball capacity and battery size allows extended play on the court. 

The freedom’s oversized wheels and extended handle provide unequalled portability. There is no capacity for spin with this model.

The specific features are listed below and include:

  1. Random oscillation: horizontal
  2. Ball speed: 10-65 mph
  3. Ball capacity: 150
  4. Shot intervals: 2-10 seconds
  5. Elevation: manual, 0-50 degrees
  6. Weight: 35 pounds

Elite Liberty

The Elite Liberty challenges players of all skill levels offering up to 70 mph ball speed. From heavy topspin or extreme backspin, the spin control is unequaled.

 As with all Lobster Elite models, transport is easy due to the oversized wheels and a convenient folding handle.

The Elite Liberty also boasts full corner to corner random oscillation.

The specific features are listed below.

  1. Random oscillation: horizontal
  2. Ball speed: 10-70 mph
  3. Ball capacity: 150
  4. Shot intervals: 2-12 seconds
  5. Court time: 2-4 hours
  6. Elevation: manual,0-50 degrees
  7. Weight: 36 pounds
  8. Spin: top, back

Elite One

The Elite One is designed for maximum durability at an upgrade of 4-8 hours court time.

The Elite One also upgrades the ball speed at 80 mph ground strokes.

The Elite One has spin capabilities that are superior to the other Elite products as well as full corner-to-corner oscillation. 

Specific features that differ from the Elite Freedom and the Elite Liberty are listed below.

  1. Ball Speed: 10-80 mph
  2. Court Time: 4-8 hours
  3. Elevation: electronic, 0-60 degrees
  4. Weight: 42 pounds

Elite Two

The Elite Two gives you the power to combine both vertical and horizontal oscillation with its upgraded triple oscillation. This function has balls going all over the court to simulate match play, strengthening your footwork.

Specific features that differ from the above Elite models are as follows.

  1. Random Oscillation: horizontal and vertical
  2. Ball speed: 10-80 mph
  3. Court time: 4-8 hours
  4. Elevation: electronic. 0-50 degrees
  5. Weight: 44 pounds
  6. Spin: top, back

Elite Three

The Elite three offers two-line drills with adjustable depth. 


  1. Two-line oscillation: narrow, wide
  2. Ball speed: 10-80 mph
  3. Court Time: 4-8 hours
  4. Elevation: electronic, 0-50 degrees
  5. Weight: 44 pounds
  6. Spin: top, back

Which is right for you?

To summarize the comparison of the regular Elite Lobster models, we will look at the major differences and what they mean for a specific player. 

The Elite Freedom has features that are valuable for the price. The ball speed, court time, and random oscillation features are basic in comparison to the Elite Liberty, One, Two, and Three. 

All the Elite machines have the same ball capacity (150) as well as shot intervals (2-10 seconds). All are easy to transport.

The Elite Liberty has a ball speed maximum of 70 mph which is higher than the Elite Freedom, but not as fast as the Elite One, Two, and Three at 80 mph. 

The elevation remains manual on this model and is one pound heavier than the Freedom at 36 pounds. The heavy top and back spin is one of the most important upgrades from the Elite Freedom.

The Elite One differs in court time, taking it to 4-8 hours surpassing that of the Elite Freedom and Liberty. The elevation now becomes electronic and goes from 0-60 degrees rather than 0-50, helping with lob practice. 

The machine also weighs more at 42 pounds.

The Elite Two is in a class of its own due to its triple oscillation. This means the machine will challenge all of your strokes as well as your fitness level. This is the biggest differentiating factor between the Elite Two and the Freedom, Liberty, and Elite One models.

The Elite Three sets itself apart from the others by offering a dual, two-line drill with adjustable depth. 

Lobster’s Elite Grand Models

Lobster makes an Elite Grand model of machines that offer pre-loaded and customizable drills.

All Grand models offer two-line function fully-random oscillation with three settings-medium, narrow, and wide. 

The ball speed is now 35-80 mph on all Grand models.

The ball capacity is still 150 balls. The feed rate is 2-9 seconds, random.

The Elite Grand models include:

  • Elite Grand Four: Match-like play with fully random oscillation and variable speed, spin, and feed rate.
  • Elite Grand Five: Twelve pre-installed drills
  • Elite Grand Five Le: For a portable ball machine, the custom drills are that of superior technology. Check out more on the Lobster Elite Grand V LE.

All Lobster Grand Models have the following in common:

  • The Lobster Grand allows you to customize your court drills. In addition to customizing drills, you can program shot locations, speed, spin, and feed rate.
  • Other drills available include approach, attack/defend, forehands plus, grinder, power baseliner and all-courter.
  • The Grand’s technology allows shot variations with six pre-programmed, six shot drills. With the Lobster Grand you can simulate real match play which is the ultimate goal when using a tennis ball machine.

Lobster Elite AC

Lobster Elite One, Two and Three are available in AC only models. The power source is AC, AC/DC, internal battery and external battery. 

Lobster Elite Phenom

The Lobster Phenom is a machine with a huge ball capacity at 250 balls. The Phenom boasts six pre-loaded style drills. The Phenom Two has 12 custom programmable drills to 18 locations. 

Final thoughts

The Lobster brand tennis ball machines, no matter which model you choose, are packed with features more often found in more expensive tennis ball machines. 

As you move up from the basic model, you can play against advanced options such as random oscillation, 2-line oscillation, and triple-oscillation. 

The Lobster provides tennis players and coaches with a professionally designed machine at an exceptional value.

The portability of the Lobster machines is a major selling point with the exception of the Phenom models. 

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