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Lobster Sports has been manufacturing quality ball machines since 1971.

Finding a high-quality machine can be frustrating. Look no further than the Lobster Pickleball machine! Your time consuming search is over. 

Features you will find in the Lobster pickleball machine are durable construction, lightweight design, heavy spin capacity, and great ball speed.

If you’re looking for Lobster pickleball machine reviews, this article is here to help. We’ll explore features and benefits of two of Lobster’s most popular models to help you determine which is the right option for you.

Why use a ball machine for pickleball?

Why would someone need a pickleball machine in the first place?

Is it really necessary for improving your game?

Pickleball machines can offer players a number of benefits and opportunities to improve their games, including:

  • Schedule. The ball machine works with your schedule. Play as long as you want!
  • Practice at your own pace. Hitting with a ball machine gives you the ability to practice at your own pace. 
  • Improved footwork. A good pickleball machine can be programmed to give you a great workout on the court. Footwork is an extremely important skill that can only be practiced with repetition. 
  • Mood and mental health. Playing pickleball can improve your mood and ward off depression or anxiety. 
  • Burn calories. Playing pickleball can provide aerobic exercise even though there is no serious running involved. Your heart rate will sour in a pickleball ball machine practice session!
  • Improved balance. As you perfect your game on the ball machine, you build stamina, footwork and control.
  • Better agility. Gives you the opportunity to tone muscles and improve overall agility. 
  • Reduce health risks. Owning a pickleball machine will ensure you practice more. A great activity for those who have previous injuries to still be able to improve overall health. 
  • Enjoyable. Break away from your usual routine and use your pickleball machine for some much needed fun physical activity. 

Lobster Sports – The Pickle by Lobster Pickleball Machine 

Lobster Sports has been a leading ball machine company for 47 years. This pickleball machine is great for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. 

It can throw balls to players at speeds ranging from 10-60 miles per hour and can be set to produce topspin and backspin throws.

These options let you configure a training program for improving multiple facets of your game. 

This machine lets you master shots like the lob, dink, dive and groundstroke. 

If you are passionate about improving your pickleball game, Lobster Sports has designed a machine for you. 

  • Great features: The Lobster Pickleball machine is loaded with features that provide everyone from the beginner to advanced players with every skill they could possibly need from lobs, dinks, and standard shots.
  • Durable: The Lobster Pickleball machine has been engineered for durability and made from high-quality materials.  
  • Easy Transport: The inclusion of oversized 8 inch wheels makes it easy to transport onto the court or move it in between locations. Its ergonomic design allows for easy transport. The Lobster Pickleball machine is packed with features more often found in more expensive ball machines. 
  • Oscillation: Enjoy playing against advanced options such as oscillation. This will help you to work on footwork with top and backspin.  
  • Random Oscillation: The random oscillation feature allows the machine to rotate back and forth horizontally, allowing the machine to throw balls to the forehand, backhand, and center positions in a random pattern. 
  • Warranty: Protected with a two year warranty, this pickleball machine provides players with a professionally designed machine at an exceptional value.
  • USA: Made in the USA and sporting cheerful lime and red colors, this is the perfect machine to help club members up their game, and drill on their own. 

View this machine at Amazon to learn more about how it might work for use with your game.

Benefits from the manufacturer:

  • Easy to Move. The portability of our machine cannot be understated. The large, 8 inch thick, all-terrain wheels make it easy to push or pull over any surface.
  • Easy to Transport. The Lobster is easy to transport to and from the court and even your car seat.
  • Easy to Store. The Lobster’s small footprint makes it easy to store in your garage, spare room, or closet. 
  • Battery operated with high capacity. On-court range from two to four hours giving you plenty of time to train on one charge. 
  • Ball Speed. Ball speed is an average of 10 to 60 mph.
  • Weight. 35 pounds
  • Feed Rate. 2-12 seconds
  • Ball Capacity. 135 pickleballs 

This machine has a number of benefits that could make it a useful option for you.

Its wheels make it easier to move and use than other models, and it’s easy to set up, too!

It adds topspin and slice and you can even make it oscillate.

It is easy to clean.

Lobster Ball Bucket Electric Ball Machine

As we mentioned above, Lobster Sports is a very well respected name among pickleball ball machine manufacturers.

The company categorizes its machines as battery operated or electric. 

 Some machines run on electric power and are also battery operated. The battery also charges while running on electricity with these machines.

This product comes with an attached ball loader and ball hopper. It also includes remote and power adaptor. 

Lobster makes a model of machines that offer pre-loaded and customizable drills.

All models offer two-line function, fully-random oscillation with three settings-medium, narrow, and wide. 

The ball speed varies on different models as does the ball capacity and feed rate. 

 The Lobster offers both right and left spin. 

This product is lightweight and easy to transport. It has a capacity to hold a large number of balls, allowing you to practice for longer intervals per session.

You can customize your shots — from a lob to a dink or a direct fire.

You can power it using AC power or batter, depending on your preference and needs.

It comes in oscillating and non-oscillating options.

View this machine at Amazon for more information on how this product could potentially work for you.

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