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The motto of the Lobster brand is “play more-win more”. This refers to the necessity of training with a ball machine in order to win more matches!

Every moment spent with the machine will improve your fitness level, strengthen your footwork, and take your game to never before seen levels.

The Lobster Elite Liberty has features that provide any level tennis player with every tennis skill needed. Reaction time is an often overlooked important feature of training on a tennis ball machine. Many players consider practicing strokes as the most important feature of the tennis ball machine due to the repetition involved. 

The Lobster Elite Liberty has been engineered for durability and made from high-quality materials.

If you’re looking for a good Lobster Elite Liberty review, this article seeks to break down this product in detail to help you determine if it’s an appropriate option for your needs.

You can view the LOBSTER Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine with Elite 10-Function Remote Control – Triple Oscillation – Lightweight – 4- to 8-Hour Battery Life – 50 Degree Lobs – Optional Accessories at Amazon to learn more about how it might work for you, in addition to reading the content below.

Lobster Elite Liberty review: A closer look

The inclusion of oversized wheels makes it easy to transport over grass, gravel, or curbs and onto the court. Its ergonomic design allows for easy transport.

The Lobster Elite Liberty is packed with features more often found in more expensive tennis ball machines.  Play against advanced options such as random oscillation, 2-line oscillation, and triple-oscillation.

In this article, we will explore what the different types of oscillations mean for the player.

As we mentioned the importance of reaction time earlier, speeds of up to 80 mph will enable you to work on your reaction time.

Heavy top spin and back spin choices are there to perfect your returns.

The Lobster Elite Liberty provides tennis players and coaches with a professionally designed machine at an exceptional value.

Features and benefits from the manufacturer include:

  • Easy to move — The portability of the Lobster Elite Liberty is hard to beat. The large all-terrain wheels make it easy to push or pull over any surface.
  • Easy to transport — With an inverting hopper and folding handle, the Lobster Elite Liberty is easy to transport to and from the court.
  • Easy to store — The Lobster Elite Liberty’s small size makes it easy to store in your garage, spare room, or closet.
  • Extended court time — If you need more playing time, the optional external battery pack simply plugs into the Elite Liberty’s fast charger port to give an additional 4 to 8 hours. 
  • Feed and sweep — You can control both the feed and sweep operation on any Lobster Elite Liberty ball machine.
  • Battery or outlet — If you have access to a power outlet then the optional external AC power turns any Elite Liberty machine into an AC machine for unlimited playing time.
  • Ball speed — Ball speed is an average of 10 to 80 mph.
  • Weight — approximately 38 pounds
  • Feed rate — 2-10 seconds
  • Not for use with red felt balls — Red felt balls are too big for the Lobster Liberty Elite. The machine throws a soft orange ball at 15 mph for beginners. Orange balls will quickly become too fuzzy at 40 mph.

What is Oscillation and why is it Superior in the Lobster Liberty Elite?

  • Random horizontal oscillation is a motorized movement allowing the machine to throw balls to the forehand, backhand, and center positions in a random pattern. This is also commonly known as the ‘sweep’ in the tennis community. 
  • Random Vertical Oscillation is a motorized movement allowing the throwing mechanics to move up and down vertically allowing the machines to throw balls with random depths within the court. 
  • Triple Oscillation. This motorized movement reflects the machines ability to provide random horizontal oscillation and random vertical oscillation in combination or simultaneously. This allows the machine to throw balls randomly throughout the entire spectrum of the singles courts from left to right and short to deep in a random pattern. 
  • Two-Line Oscillation is a motorized movement that is another form of horizontal oscillation but non-random. The machine will oscillate back and forth horizontally, throwing one ball to the forehand side followed by one ball to the backhand side in alternations. This alternation of shots can be selected at different widths to determine the amount of footwork necessary to return each alternating shot. 

Court drills for use with the Lobster Elite Liberty

  • Pre-loaded Court Drills: A court drill also referred to as a sequential shot pattern, is a series of shots to as specific location with specific ball speeds and ball spin settings. These court drills are designed to simulate either a specific style of player or to practice certain aspects of the game like court strategy and court placement.
  • Custom Court Drills: This refers to machines that allow you to program and store in the machine, your own custom court drills or sequential shot patterns. You can select the specific ball location, ball speed, ball spin, and ball feed rate for each and every ball or shot within the custom court drill created. 

Some precautions are advised when using the Lobster Elite Liberty.

To avoid injury:

  1. Keep face out of ball path-balls can shoot out from opening at any time.
  2. Use only for tennis practice with conventional tennis balls.
  3. Turn off the machine when leaving it unattended or before performing maintenance tasks.
  4. Never place body parts or objects into machine.
  5. Never operate with parts removed.
  6. Never add balls while machine is running.
  7. Never put wet balls in tennis machine.

The Lobster Elite Liberty tennis ball machine is intended to be used in a dedicated tennis facility.

For safety reasons, players should stand on the opposite side of the tennis net at a minimum of 35 feet away from the machine.

The tennis ball machine is intended to throw tennis balls only.

Transporting safety and handle operation guidelines include:

  • Transporting: The machine weighs approximately 38 pounds and may be lifted into a vehicle by one or two people using the molded handholds on the underside of the machine. Before transporting, invert the hopper to cover the machine and fold the handle over the hopper. 
  • Handle Operation: To raise the handle, simply lift up on the handle until a click is heard or felt. To fold the handle, stand behind the machine and place hands on the outer sides of the handle hinges. Press the lock buttons on the outside of the hinges and push the top of the handle forward over your machine.

How to get the best court placement

To ensure the best position and widest range of sweep, use the white line marker on the bottom of the machine and place the machine at the center mark on the baseline. 

If desired, move the machine closer to the net to narrow the sweep or move it back from the baseline to widen it. 

To reposition the machine, turn on the horizontal sweep and turn it off when the machine is in the desired position. It is not necessary to pick up and reposition the machine. 

  • Ball Consistency — The consistency of ball throws is dependent on the consistency of the tennis balls you use. Consistent balls will produce consistent ball throws. A mixture of new and old balls will produce inconsistent ball throws. Pressureless balls are always recommended for use with a ball machine
  • Cleaning Concerns — The outside of the machine may be wiped down with a mild detergent. The inside of the machine may be vacuumed to remove tennis ball fuzz. Also, remove all small debris (leaves, sand particles, dirt) from the tennis balls before refilling the hopper and playing. The Lobster storage cover is an ideal way to protect your machine from the elements. 
  • Battery Capacity and Battery Storage — Before storing the machine, ensure the battery is fully charged. When the machine is not in use (winter, etc.) charge the machine every month until the LED light is solid green. Never let the machine go uncharged for more than one month. 
  • Customer Service — Lobster has been dedicated to providing outstanding customer service since 1970. Customers are invited and encouraged to contact customer service with any and all concerns.

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