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Lobster Sport offers several different tennis ball machine selections for you to choose from.

One of their most efficient models is the Elite Grand Five.

Featuring several of the same characteristics as the previous Lobster Sport machines, such as the Elite Grand Four, this machine main difference is its ability to offer even more drill setting to help you improve your tennis game.

Each of the new features and abilities are discussed within this Lobster Elite Grand Five review which will help demonstrate why each of these new features is so important to the design and functionality of the machine.


The biggest feature difference between this tennis ball machine and the previous versions by Lobster Sport is the incredible amount of pre-loaded drill patterns available to users.

There are 12 drill patterns for you to choose from along with 6 more court drills that work to improve specific aspects of your game such as your positioning on the court, strategy, and style.

You can also customize drills to best suit what you are looking to work on and save them into the machine’s programming.

With this customizable option, users can choose not only the location of the tennis balls, but also their speed, spin, and the rate at which the balls are distributed.

Each of these drill options allows you to select up to 18 different ball locations for the machine to target and the oscillation of the ball.

Each of the pre-downloaded drills offers different approaches and challenging problems for you to work with.

Examples of drills are the moon-baller, slicer, lefty, approach, forehand, and the attack or defense drill programming.

The moonballer drill option is used to work on shots that are hit as groundstrokes.

These shots have a massive amount of spin on the top of the ball and cross over the net high while landing close to the baseline.

This exercise works well to practice against this mid-court swing.

The slicer drill is great for practicing against low shots. These shots are difficult to complete because they require close attention to form with quick action.

A third drill known as the lefty simulates a left-handed player in order to prepare you for any type of shot, they might throw at you such as a backhand or ground stroke.

The approach drill works by adding various spin action and arcs towards you along with an aggressive ball, while the attack and defend drill delivers the balls with increased speed and minimal spin so you must work the baseline from corner to corner.

The forehand plus features only a moderate topspin but increase the arc.

This allows you more time to properly aim and shape your form for a forehand shot.

Another section within the 12 drill options is the choice of skill level. This drill exercise option allows you to select which skill level you would like to practice against: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Choosing a skill level gives you the opportunity to better your skills and practice against a program generated opponent that will push you to improve upon your game.

Each of these three sequences works by feeding you 6 balls at a time before initiating long pause. This pause is used to simulate the situation of a long point.


The oscillation, or movement, of the machine is made to be completely random for each of the 12 drills.

This allows the machine to choose from a variety of shot options.

Horizontally, the machine can disperse the balls both as a short just over the net shot, land it within the mid court, or send it farther into the far back of the court.

Vertically, the machine has the option of making shots to the left or right of the court or hitting towards the middle of the court.

With use of fully random movement is programmed into the machine to allow a more real and challenging practice for players, no matter their level of experience.

The randomized shots of the machine also allow for random attributes like speed, location, feed rate, and spin.

Line Functions

The Lobster Elite Grand Five also features a 2-line function.

This feature grants players the ability to improve upon both their forehand and backhand strokes and even their footwork.

The line function works by expanding the movement of the machines positioning settings.

It allows for narrow, medium, or wide shots to be generated.


The tennis machine is battery powered. This battery can last for 4 to 8 hours of use, perfect for regular practice.

The battery is a feature only found in Lobster Sport’s Elite tennis machine line.

The machine takes 6 to 18 hours to recharge with its regular charger.

If you are looking for quicker charging time you can purchase the premium charger which will lower the charge time exponentially, dropping the time down to somewhere between 3 to 6 hours.

The machine can also be powered by an outlet with the use of the external a/c power, similar to Lobster Sport’s other line of tennis machines, Phenom, which realizes solely on the external power source.

Using an outlet can help keep the machine running for an unlimited runtime and prevent the need to recharge the machine.

Tennis Ball Aspects

The Elite Grand Five machine has a ball capacity set at 150, allowing for multiple rounds of practice before needing to be refilled.

This is less than Lobster Sport’s Phenom series, which as a capacity of 250.

The machine offers two different spin options to be added to the ball during the programmed drills: top and back spin.

A top spin hit curves down towards the court floor and has a fast and low bounce. This spin usually rebounds off of a racket in a quick, upward direction.

On the other hand, a backspin more often floats in the air and after a bounce will slow down.

Hitting this style of shot usually comes off your racket in a downward motion.

The machine allows you to select speed options for the tennis balls to travel at.

These speeds consist of a wide range of options-anywhere between 35 to 80 miles per hour.

These speeds allow you to practice both quick and slow hits and allow you to practice against a more random, mixed opponent.

The feed rate of the tennis balls can also be set, depending on your personal preference or drill choice.

The rate can be between 2 and 9 seconds, making for a very quick recession of tennis balls that will keep you moving constantly and train you to better reposition yourself.

Accessories Remotes

This tennis ball machine does offer additional Lobster Sport remote accessories that you can add to improve the use of the machine.

These remote accessories can be added to the machine, but are not added standardly with purchase.

The first remote option is the grand 20 function remote. This remote offers you control while you are practicing with 20 different options.

These options allow you to change the speed, spin, feed, and elevation rate of the tennis balls, pause or continue the drill pattern, and to activate sequence like an oscillation sweep, 2-line feature, depth, random distribution, or drill.

The grand remote can also be purchased as either and Apple or Android remote.

These remote options work by having a wi-fi receiver added to your machine.

This partners the machine with the free Lobster grand remote-control app you can download onto your phone through their provided app store.

This remote option offers similar features as the regular 20 function remote, along with the ability to select more customizable options. 

The app is similar to the screen automatically connected to the machine.

Other Features

Other features found within this Lobster Sport tennis ball machine include the elevation, storage and transportation, and weight.

Similar to other features on the machine, the elevation of the tennis ball shots can be controlled electronically.

Different drills can change the elevation between 0 degrees to 60 degrees.

This, like it’s similar features, offers you a more diverse playing experience and creates more accurate and challenging practice experience.

The machine weighs 44 pounds, which is exceptionally lighter than Lobster Sport’s Phenom line.

While the other line weights a heavier 99 pounds, this tennis ball machine’s weight is lighter in design to allow for greater maneuverability and travel.

The Elite Grand Five has also been designed to be easily transported. With large, oversized wheels of 8 inches, this machine can be rolled on any terrain.

This breaks any possible limitations on where you want the machine to go and allows you to roll the tennis ball machine with less strain on your body.

The handle is also foldable to help make the machine more compact and limit the amount of storage space it takes up whenever it is not in use.

The hopper is also reversible helping to increase the machines storability, no matter if it is in your home, gym, or car.

Lobster Elite Grand Five Review

The Elite Grand Five tennis ball machine by Lobster Sport is a lighter weight, long lasting power option to help you improve your tennis game.

Made for all skill levels, anyone can use this machine to practice on their weak points, strengthen their form and speed, or simply stay in the practice of the game.

With a variety of drill options and other features, you can easily customize the perfect practice based off your own needs and abilities.

The tennis ball machine is easy to transport thanks to its design with large, all terrain wheels and compactable handle and hopper.

This machine can also be operated with remote allowing you to more quickly and efficiently change the course of your training to better suit your needs.

You can view the Lobster Sports – Elite Grand Five LE – Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine – Custom Drills – 12 Player Style Drills – 2-Line Narrow, Med & Wide – Fully Random Oscillation – 150 Balls – 44 lb at Amazon for more information on its features and how it might work for your game.

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