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The wrists of your arms play a vital role in the age of badminton because the generation of power is an important part of the game when you are looking to smash shots during a rally.

There are several exercises and drills you can complete to make sure your wrists are as powerful as possible and capable of making you a better badminton player.

When you are wondering how to improve wrist power in badminton, you should also be questioning why you need to prove your wrist power.

Why is wrist power important in badminton?

When you are playing a game of badminton there are times when you want to hit the shuttlecock with the most power and others when you use more finesse.

When you are wanting to strike the shuttlecock with the most power, you will want to have a high level of wrist power available to you to generate all the power you need for a smash.

The action of striking a shuttlecock is one that requires the snapping through of your wrist to add more power than you would generate if you were relying on the swing of your racquet alone.

As with all sports, the use of power from the wrist or swing of the arm alone is not the perfect technique to make sure you are getting the most power available to you.

If you have the correct badminton technique, you will combine the power and speed of the swing of your racquet with the power you have created with wrist exercises needed to develop a powerful wrist action.

The technique of the smash

One of the most important shots in badminton is the smash, which is one of the most important in the game.

A smash can be played in several different ways, including both a hard and soft smash that can both be an effective weapon.

The use of a hard smash is one that you will need if you are looking to create a better way of bringing a rally to an end.

The smash is one of the most impressive shots you can play with your wrist playing a vital role in this shot.

The swing coming from your shoulder will generate some power, but the trajectory of your shot will be affected by your wrist because the snap of your wrist drives the shuttlecock down into the ground.

The more power and strength you have in your wrist the better chance you have of driving the smash down as close to the short service line as possible.

Developing wrist power for badminton

The development of wrist power is something many new players to badminton become fixated on without considering whether their wrist will become more powerful over time.

The wrist is used throughout the game of badminton to try and add power and change the trajectory of the shuttlecock, but with continued practice, you will find the muscles in your wrists begin to strengthen slowly over time.

When you are first trying to become a badminton player you should look to learn the technique that will bring you success in the future without being concerned about wrist power.

Undertake a wrist strengthening exercise regimen

As you are learning to play badminton you will find your wrists are strengthening with the practice you are putting in to learn how to become a better player.

Once you feel you have mastered the techniques you need to become a better badminton player, you can look to explore the opportunities on offer for you to use weights and other exercises to build the strength in your wrists.

Dumbbell wrist curls

This is an exercise that should form the basis of many of those you are looking to complete to build the strength you have in your wrists.

This exercise begins with you placing your hand on a flat surface, such as a table or a weight bench.

The palm of your hand should be facing up as you place the dumbbell into the plan of your hand and curl your fingers around it.

With your palm remaining up, you will lift your wrist towards your shoulder in a slow and precise movement.

The best results are obtained when a light dumbbell is used weighing between one and ten pounds to allow you to complete repeated reps of this exercise to improve your wrist strength.

Dumbbell wrist extensions

Your wrist is linked to your forearm extensors that help to bring power to your wrists and add power to your badminton shots.

Dumbbell wrist extensions are designed to build strength in both your wrists and your forearms to create more strength over the course of your badminton career.

To complete this exercise, you will need to turn your wrist to allow your palm to be facing the floor.

A light dumbbell is needed that you place in your hand with the wrist facing the floor and lift the wrist upwards before lowering it back to the start position.

In this exercise, you need to place your arm on a flat surface to ensure you are strengthening your wrist and forearm.

Use hand grippers

No matter how well you are working with light dumbbells, you will need to make sure your grip and wrists are as strong as possible.

If you want to continue to work on the strength you are gaining in your wrists and hands when not at home or completing other tasks hand grippers can be a good option.

These are simple to use devices that are operated by simply squeezing the grips together over and over and holding the grips together between each squeeze.

Use a training racquet

One of the simplest exercises you can complete when you are questioning how to improve wrist power in badminton is to try to run through the shots you would generally play with plenty of wrist action.

To add resistance to the practice shots you are playing, you should look to use a training racquet or to use your badminton racquet with the head cover still on.

By leaving the head cover on your racquet, you will increase the wind resistance and make it easy for you to build the strength in your wrist in a short space of time.

The best way of running through this exercise is to play a smash as you would if you were in the middle of a rally and looking to win the point from your opponent.

When you play these shots, you will move from the forehand to the backhand side to make sure you have the chance to keep your wrists strengthened and growing in power all the time.

Be sure to stretch

When you are done with your wrist strengthening exercises you may feel your forearms, hands, and wrists are sore.

The main issue for your badminton game is the stress you are placing on your arms that can mean you will not be able to complete more exercise or play a game if soreness sets in.

The simplest way of reducing the chances of your wrists becoming sore and difficult to move is to complete stretching exercises that will change the way your wrists feel when you have completed your exercises to strengthen your wrists.

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