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There are many shots and techniques in badminton that can be learned to give you a helping hand when you are trying to develop your skills.

One of the most important shots you can learn during your badminton career is the smash, which is one of the best known and often used shots to bring a rally to a close.

The smash is a shot that is extremely difficult to defend against because of the trajectory of the shot and the power with which it is struck.

If you are going to become a proficient badminton player, you should look to ensure your smash is as powerful and accurate as possible.

What is a smash in Badminton?

Before we start to learn how to hit a smash in badminton, you should be aware of what is a smash and how it can affect a game.

The smash is one of the most offensive shots you can develop in the game because of the speed and power you will generate when you use this shot to bring a rally to an end.

A smash in badminton is a powerful weapon usually played from the forehand side of your body, but there are times when a backhand smash will be played.

When you are looking for an offensive shot capable of bringing any rally to an end, you will want to develop your options for playing the smash.

There are many types of smashes in badminton, but each is designed to be a powerful point-scoring weapon for you to deeply when the time is right.

A smash is played when the shuttlecock is hit high into the air and you arrive at it as it begins to fall to the ground and you have the chance to generate a large amount of speed and power.

Many players jump into the air to add extra height to the point of attack and allow the shuttlecock to be struck with a far more downward motion.

By adding further downward movement to the trajectory of the smash, you will find yourself seeing fewer smashes returned during rallies.

What grip to use for badminton a smash?

The different types of smashes in badminton are played with similar grips that can be learned to ensure you produce the maximum amount of power and speed at any time.

The basic badminton grip should be adopted and adapted for your smash to make sure you can produce power on the forehand side.

Step one is to place your hand as though you are shaking the hand of another person and place your hand on the grip of your badminton racquet.

Secondly, you should wrap your fingers around the handle of your racquet and position your thumb at the rear of your handle pointing towards the head of the racquet.

Your grip is important because this will provide both power and accuracy for your shots and should be completed with the correct style to give you the best chance of completing a smash perfectly.

There is little need to adapt your grip beyond this, but some players have used the hammer grip for a smash to produce as much power as possible for each shot.

Moving to the ready position

Once you have identified the shot played by your opponent is in the perfect position for you to hit a smash, you will want to move your body into the correct position to be ready to strike.

This is all about getting your footwork and body position correct before you move to hit your smash with a lot of power.

You need to move your feet into the ready position that is best achieved with a relaxed body that gives you the chance to move quickly and efficiently.

When you are moving into the ready position, you will have to make a few adjustments to your arm and body shape by moving your feet into the correct position.

You should reach the ready position with your feet moving to position you sideways on with your non-racquet hand, shoulder, and foot leading your through the smash.

You should have your knees slightly bent with the majority of your weight on the toes of your feet to make you more agile through the shot.

The ready position includes the arms of your body, which should be positioned with your non-racquet arm pointing towards the shuttlecock as it moves through the air.

Your racquet arm should be positioned with your elbow bent and your wrist relaxed to allow your racquet to point towards the shuttlecock as it moves through the air.

Your final position to be ready to strike a smash should see you located on the court as if you wanted the shuttlecock to fall down the back of the neck of your collar if you were not to play your smash.

Hitting the smash

Now you have your body in the correct position to be ready to play your smash, you can move through the motion of striking your smash.

This is not a difficult aspect of the shot but the different smashes in badminton allow you to play the shot from the ground or when jumping into the air.

You may see many players standing waiting for the shuttlecock to fall before playing their smash with a great deal of power.

For most players, the movement from the ready position to striking the smash is a fast one including a step forward to make sure the most power is generated through the smash.

Perhaps the most important part of your smash is staying relaxed and breathing through the shot you play to ensure your muscles do not get too tense.

The more relaxed you can remain with loose muscles through to the point of impact, the better you will hit your smash.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to hit your smash too hard resulting in your muscles tensing and the fluid motion of the shot is lost.

You aim to take the smash at the highest point as it falls towards the court and gives you the chance to enjoy a lot more power.

You should extend your racquet arm and racquet to full extension and, if you feel comfortable, jump to allow your shot to be played at an even higher position.

By pointing at the shuttlecock as it falls, you will begin the motion of rotating your shoulders towards the ground and adding more power to your smash.

As you move through the process of hitting the falling shuttlecock, you should treat the process as if you are throwing your racquet.

Your forearm should rotate as you strike the shuttlecock and your shoulders rotate through the throwing motion you are undertaking.

Your racquet-side leg should move through to the front to allow you to generate more power.

Just before the point of impact, you should flick your wrist through to help generate power and a downward trajectory.

How to receive smash in Badminton

Once you understand how to hit a smash in badminton, you should also learn how to defend one of these shots.

Understanding how to face smash in badminton is an integral part of the game with your positioning as important as the shot you decide to play.

The smash should be faced by pushing yourself to reach the center of the court and standing with your feet slightly farther apart than your shoulders.

Your badminton racquet should be held low to the ground to allow you to react quickly to the movement of a shot that will probably be struck towards your feet with pace and power.

You should lean your weight slightly forward and hold your racquet arm ahead of you to allow you to be in the perfect position to react to a smash struck towards your part of the badminton court.

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