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Padel is a racquet sport that combines action, fun interactions, and some tennis, badminton, and squash elements.

It’s an easy to learn game that integrates player of all ages, and you can even get the basics within the first half an hour in the activity.

One of the most crucial aspects of any padel fanatic, especially as a beginner, is to learn how to improve your game.

If you regularly ask yourself questions like, how do I get better at Padel?

In this article, we’ll take a look at some key ways to improve your game.

How do I get better at Padel?

Padel tips for beginners

At times you may notice that other players are continually advancing as you remain stuck in a single level.

It’s a devastating situation, but the best solution is not to give up but redirect the case.

Please note that no one is born all-knowing, and although some people may absorb the skill faster, you need to work at your pace.

In the sections below, we outline various padel tips for beginners to help you leap better results.

Enroll in Padel lessons

As a beginner, it’s essential to get professional help to understand some padel strategies and techniques.

An hour class every week will be enough, provided you make good use of your time and practice everything taught in the lessons.

Besides, the sessions will help you beat the beginner level very quickly.

You will learn how to:

• Serve
• Volley
• Lob
• Smash
• Make defensive and offensive shots.

Choose better players

If you always compete with other beginners and continually win all the matches, this may not improve your skills.

Try to organize competitions with other better players, your level and some superiors.

The veterans will beat you in the first games, but with the lessons, you will improve day after day.

Additionally, try to create a variety in your game by playing with different and more players, which will give you more exposure.

Besides, it gives you a chance to measure your skills against others.

View more matches

You can find numerous padel game options to watch on the internet today.

While you set some hours to watch the matches, you will learn various tactics to improve your skills.

Additionally, it will introduce both sides of the gameplay to understand every position’s ins and outs.

Compete in tournaments

After training very well and playing your matches during the week, you can try out competitions during the weekends.

It helps you see your level of play and exposes you to unique experiences.

After the tournaments, you can now take up more or fewer responsibilities in your team based on your results.


Ensure that you have a great warm-up before the match begins. Stretch and do some prints to energize your body.

It would be best if you practice padel in an adequate environment before heading out for a match.

Play with great intensity and high concentration

You need to maintain maximum concentration levels throughout the entire game, which will help you think about the best moves to avoid common mistakes.

Focus more on the game and make aggressive strokes to show your opponents that you won’t give up the match easily.

Communicate with your partner

Always stay close to your teammate and encourage them all the time. Please be positive with your comments, even when the game seems to go wrong or in case of mistakes.

Talk to your partner and analyze the situation together, looking at the player’s weak points on the other side.

Agree on what works best for both of you and continue carrying out the tactic.

Be patient

Padel is a fun sport, and even as a beginner, you will have some great times.

However, you need to be patient with yourself throughout the process to get to the next level.

Further, avoid excessive anxiety that may affect your decisions giving your opponents a significant advantage over your moves.

Everyday struggles for beginners in Padel

You are at a padel match as a beginner, and nothing seems to work in your favor.

Your opponents are now setting the pace and the score, and you begin to play at their mercies.

In such a circumstance, one thought that continuously linger in your mind is, how do I get better at padel?

You may need first to address some of the common mistakes for beginners that, if corrected, can improve your gameplay.

Please pay attention to the following ensuing struggles and learn how to improve them.

Choosing the wrong grip

It’s quite common that most beginners place the shovel at the wrong height by selecting an incorrect grip.

It’s easy to make this mistake, especially if you didn’t uptake the padel classes.

Please get used to the continental grip as earlier as possible then make gradual improvements.

Merely, it involves giving flat strokes by handling the shovel as if it were a hammer.

A rigid body

Some players fail to move their feet and thus may receive an improper reception from their body movement.

With this mistake, you are only using your strength with no control.

Therefore, you may end up missing the ball or hitting it too far.

So when playing padel, try to flex your legs slightly to combine movement with the shot.

Failure to bend your knees when hitting the ball

Naturally, most beginners hit the ball without squatting their knees. Even for the lower balls, some choose to lower the back instead of the knees.

Bending your knees, positions you better to make a more precise and quick shot.

Besides, it’s good for your health; it helps you avoid injuries as you play to enjoy the game longer.

Poor coordination

Another struggle in beginners is hitting the ball too forward or back without adequately optimizing strength and direction.

You will often hit the ball too far or close until you find the right speed and trajectory.

It would be best to learn how to find the right point and balance in which you hit the ball.

Ignoring your position in the Padel court

Another typical mistake done by most amateur players is taking all shots from the court’s bottom.

Furthermore, others choose to handle all the shots from the opponent in the defensive area or stand behind the server line.

While in the wrong position, you may not know when to move in time.

Besides, you end up using more energy, and you might get weary very fast.

To solve this, you need to learn how to move correctly in court.

Your position precisely defines when you need to defend, attack, or even receive the ball in the net.

Understanding your position will give you quick control over the game to boost your experience.

However, it requires constant practice, determination, and an exceptional understanding of the vital padel tips for beginners.

Hitting the ball incorrectly

When you hit the ball back arbitrarily, you might send it to the crystal without bouncing to the opposite field.

It’s worth noting that hitting the ball requires excellent control, planning, and patience, so you know where to throw it.

Additionally, pay attention to all the rules and also focus on the serve. When you hit the ball too low, you give your rivals a great advantage since it might go very high and loose.

To avoid this, hit the serve with a bit of slice to keep it low then quickly move towards the net to get an excellent offensive position.

Waiting for the ball with your shovel down

Another typical mistake by most amateurs is continuously putting the shovel down.

You will lose a significant amount of time when raising it when the ball arrives.

Therefore you will take more time to hit it, which might retard your attack.

To correct this, please maintain the shovel above and prepared every time.

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