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HI-TEC was founded in 1974 by Frank Van Wezel in England. Frank’s love for sports led him to build an innovative lightweight and instantly comfortable squash shoe. 

The HI-TEC squash classic is still made today and has sold over 19 million pairs.

If you’re looking for a HI-TEC squash shoes review, this article will help you examine your options to choose the right option for you.

A brief history of HI-TEC

  • In 1978 Hi Tec was established in the US with the introduction of the world’s first lightweight hiking boot, the Sierra sneaker. 
  • In 1980, the Hi Tec Silver Shadow was launched to conquer the running category. That year 23% of runners in the London marathon wore it. The Silver Shadow quickly established itself as the top-selling running shoe in Britain. There was no better all-purpose running shoe on the market.  
  • In 1989, the Hi Tec BW infinity becomes the best seller due to its ground breaking hybrid trail and road-running shoe. 

It was designed specifically for the 146-mile ultra-marathon races in Badwater, California which took runners from the dust of Badwater to the top of Mt Whitney. 

  • By 1990, the BW infinity achieved a major innovation milestone with the introduction of the Air Ball (ABC) concept. 
  • Hi Tec introduced the Adventure racing series in 1992, which was designed as a hybrid running trail and light hiking shoe to perform in adventure and obstacle races. 
  • In the 2000s Hi Tec continued to mark a period of innovation. In 2007, the brand debuts its V-LITE technology, a design so light, yet incredibly high-performing.
  • The proprietary footwear technology went on to inspire the 2010 Cannes Lions award winning video “liquid Mountaineering” which garnered over 15 million views on you tube that year.  

Hi Tec Technology

V-LITE continues to be infused into Hi-Tec’s city outdoor footwear innovation, making city to trail living easier than ever before. 

Hi Tec in collaboration with VIBRAM crafted the RollinGait system (RGS) outsole as a regular trail running tool in 2011. 

The RGS system was proprietary to Hi Tec at the time and was an innovative midsole and outsole combination that supported the natural movement of the foot, thereby reducing muscle fatigue. 

Hi Tec later launches ‘comfortable anywhere’ and begins cementing their position as the owners of the outdoor crossover category of the Wild-Life Collection.

Hi Tec also launches the premium HTS74 line, celebrating the brands legacy, mixing original silhouettes with modern technology. 

After 45 years, Hi Tec remains committed to its core mission, to get the world outside!

By offering unparalleled technology, city to trail versatility and made-to-last quality, Hi Tec delivers comfort anywhere.

Other major milestones include:

  • The Altitude IV became the number 1 hiking boot in the US.
  • Nelson Mandela was released from prison in South Africa wearing a pair of Hi Tec ACE (court).
  • Hi Tec became the official shoe of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Hi Tec Squash Shoes Review

There are a number of HI-TEC squash shoe options that may work for you. A few are featured below.

HI-TEC Squash Unisex Trainer/Mens Trainers/Unisex Sports

The squash classic trainer is a long-lasting hi-tec favorite ready to get you in the game. A gym rubber outsole provides the grip you need for concrete, clay, or grass.

This shoe sports a mixture of leather and synthetic stitched panels to the upper for a breathable and comfortable fit, combined with padding to the heel and ankles. 

These squash shoes are great for squash sessions with a non-marking outsole with multi-directional grip of excellent mobility on court, and benefit from an EVA midsole for support in each step. 

View this shoe at Amazon to learn more about how it might work for your game.

Features of this shoe that may be beneficial to your squash game include:

  • Lace-up
  • Padded heel and ankles 
  • Mixed panel upper
  • Mid foot webbing support
  • EVA midsole
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Hi-tech logos
  • Leather/synthetic upper
  • Textile Inner
  • Synthetic Sole

HI-TEC S702 Men’s Indoor Court Shoes

Specific Hi Tec Technologies in this shoe include:

  • V-LITE: lightweight design, perfect for walking
  • i-shield: water and dirt protection, the invisible protective layer that repels water and dirt with ease.
  • DRI-Tec waterproofing: waterproof, breathable, membrane keeps feet dry
  • Ortholite Impressions: extra comfort and breathable, these insoles with slow recovery foam deliver superior cushioning. 
  • INSITE Technology: These insoles with added arch support deliver increased support and superior cushioning with instant and long lasting comfort.
  • Big-Fit: Our unique Big-Fit system allows children’s feet to grow so that shoes last longer. 

More Hi Tec Technologies include:

  • DTA: Stay on track, stay in control: lightweight, durable fork shank (midsole insert) ensures flexibility and stability.
  • PENTAGRIP: The outsole that delivers amazing non-slip results on multiple risk surfaces
  • V-LITE 365: Midsole foam, carefully re-engineered for ultimate cushioning and comfort, 265 days a year.
  • XLR8: This impact-absorbing midsole ensures long-lasting cushioning and comfort, 10% lighter and 10% better energy absorption than regular CMEVA.
  • Michelin: High performance Michelin rubber outsoles give you ultimate traction durability, flexibility, and adaptability on multi-surface terrain. 
  • M-D Traction: Rubber outsoles improve grip and provide protection and durability. 
  • Vibram: Vibram durable rubber outsoles provide protection and outstanding traction, on all surfaces
  • Thinsulate Insulation: Thinsulate insulation traps heat and keeps feet warm 

View this shoe at Amazon for more information on how it might work for your game.

How to Clean Hi Tec Squash Shoes

  • Cleaning: Maintain your hi-tec squash shoes by cleaning regularly. Dirt and mud should be brushed off once it has dried naturally. Wipe clean with a damp cloth if necessary. Never wash in the washing machine. Immersion and exposure to detergents can attack the stitching and bonding agents within the product. 
  • Drying: Dry slowly using natural air circulation at room temperature. Do not subject the product to a direct heat source. Paper can be used to stuff the product in the drying process to help absorb moisture and maintain the shape of the shoe. 

Waterproof Treatment

If you have purchased a waterproof shoe, the leather must regularly be treated with waterproofing and conditioning sprays or creams.

Used in wet conditions, the leather will experience a loss of its water-resistant qualities. If untreated, the leather will slowly harden and crack.

Hi-Tec winter boots may need more frequent treatment than the squash shoe because of icy or severely cold conditions where chemical salts may be used on paths or roads.


The linings used in Hi-Tec shoes are comfortable and breathable materials that require little or no maintenance.

Foot moisture is absorbed and the drying process is quick due to the breathable nature of the linings. 

General Care of Hi Tec Squash Shoes

Do not over apply leather waterproofing treatment especially to the lace hardware. 

In the shoes, Hi Tec applies a treatment in which the lining wicks away moisture and sweat to prevent unpleasant odors.

To retain the shape and durability of the shoe, ensure that the laces are undone before the shoe is removed from your foot. 

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com