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Breaking down each of the racquetball racquets offered by Gearbox allows you to best distinguish their abilities and features in order to find the racquet that will not only improve your game but help you build up your skill set.

This Gearbox racquetball racquets review will break down each of the racquet’s features and traits within the three Gearbox assigned categories allowing players to more clearly see their options.

When choosing a racquet there are many things to take into consideration. Finding out each of these traits is an important consideration to make to best calculate which Gearbox racquet you should consider.

Grip sizes offered

There are two grip size options available for Gearbox racquets, with the two circumferences as 3 5/8 inches, which is the standard size, and a 3 15/16 inches option.

The smaller grip size options, 3 5/8 inches, is great for more wrist movement and potential power.

The larger grip of 3 15/16 inches are for players who have bigger hands with slightly less wrist movement but without the pain a small grip can cause large handed players.

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Playing level

Your skill level will be the first major step into picking your racquet as it will clearly identify what features you are looking for in your racquet.

These features will be supported by the other features you must consider as well, so starting at your playing level allows you to better recognize just what you are looking for.

The idea of control versus power is largely debated due to the individuality of the player’s needs and abilities.

This makes it difficult for anyone to clearly say which of the two options best suits a beginning player.

Beginners are often labeled as needing more power than control as these players are not yet able to manage their own skills in order to create their own power.

They instead rely on their racquets to create power while they focus on honing their controllable skills.

Gearbox has a set devoted to beginners consisting of two racquets, the GB-75 and GB-50 racquets, that are designed specifically to help beginner’s create power.

Intermediate and advanced players will want features like greater control and lightweight feel to their racquet.

Their racquets will focus on improving the player’s own skills in order to increase a player’s own performance.

These players will have a much stronger hold on their skills so their racquets will work best with greater control as they will be able to generate both power and control by themselves.

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Speed of your swing

The speed at which you swing your racquet is another way to determine which racquet will work for you.

Swingers with slower swings, due to heavier racquets, injuries, or beginners still learning to maneuver their racquet, will need a racquet that offers more power within the head of the racquet. The best way to do this is to find a heavier racquet.

Faster swing speed will want a lighter racquet in order to keep their fast pace at its max.

The lighter racquet will have less power behind it, but your fast swing will make up for that.

Weight of racquet

The weight of your racquet is closely tied to your swing speed, as both required the same racquet types for either power or control.

A heavier racquet is usually over 185 grams in weight.

These work well to produce power when a player cannot. Heavier racquets work well for slower swinging players and beginners.

Heavier racquets will cause more strain to the body.

These racquets can be more difficult to maneuver than lighter weighing racquets and may take some time for players to adjust to if they are not used to the heaviness.

Lighter weighing racquets range around 165 grams or below.

The weight is light enough that it makes maneuvering easier and to increase your swing speed.

Control is the main function of these racquets allowing you to have more accurate and precise placement of your shots.

This type of racquet does not generate large amounts of power like heavier racquets though requiring you to use your own energy to produce power.

Teardrop vs. quadraform

The two possible frame shapes a racquet can have: a teardrop frame, which is more triangular in shape, or a quadraform shape, offering more of a squared shape. Both frame options are offered in Gearbox racquet.

Teardrop frames offer smaller sweet spots within their string beds as they do not focus on control but rather on providing their users power.

The smaller sweet spot means these racquets are best used by intermediate and advanced players who are able to make their shots hit on the racquet’s sweet spot.

Quadraform shaped frames offer larger sweet spots for players as they focus on control.

These racquets will need other features to encourage power, but their elements of control can help you increase your control skills and perform well placed shots.

Starter racquets

Gearbox has a special labeling for their GB-75 and GB-50 racquets. These two are known as the best starter racquetball racquets that Gearbox produces.

The GB-50 is a predominantly black racquet with yellow designed around its frame.

The racquet is on the heavier side, weighing 190 grams whenever the racquet is unstrung.

As a heavier racquet, there is a strong amount of power offered by the racquet.

The weight of the racquet is used to redirect the force of a racquetball ball to push it in its new direction without the loss of energy.

Players will not need to make their own power and can therefore reserve energy.

This weight is a great choice for those beginning to learn about playing racquetball as their swing speeds are usually very slow due to lack of training.

The racquet comes pre strung and uses Gearbox’s monofilament 16 gauge string.

This string is a durable string, made thicker in diameter to increase the amount of control offered by the racquet.

This control partners well with the power of the racquet’s weight.

The racquet utilizes a quadraform head shape as well for greater control and an increased sweet spot.

The other beginner’s racquet is the GB-75 which has a similar black coloring but with orange designs and words added to the frame.

This racquet is also 190 grams in weight, though this includes the weight of the strings.

The weight as mentioned is a great addition for beginners as it allows them to produce power with their slower swings and permits them to focus more on learning the game.

The string used is a thinner diameter, though still a Gearbox monofilament string.

As a thinner, 17 gauge labeled string, it offers less durability and can be more prone to breaking.

However the amount of power offered by the string increases with its smaller sizing making this racquet powerful in both its string and racquet.

This racquet also features a quadraform shape for its frame, leading to a larger, much needed sweet spot for beginners and greater control.

Club racquet

 The clue racquet series consists of two Gearbox racquets as well, boasting of intense durability and performance.

The first is the GB-75 which is discussed in the previous beginner’s section as its frame and weight allow for a strong, powerful performance.

The other option within this series is the GB-125, a black colored racquet with yellow colored designs.

The GB-125 racquet is a lighter racquet at 170 grams in strung weight making it a mid-weight racquet.

This weight is balanced between the heavier and lighter racquets allowing for a more equal measure of both control and power.

Still leaning on the lighter side, this racquet is a good choice for players with faster swing speeds and a strong understanding of the game, such as intermediate players.

The string within the racquet is Gearbox 17 gauge monofilament string.

The addition of a thin, 17 gauge string pushes for greater power in the string, though there is lower durability.

The quadraform shape of the racquet’s frame allows this power-based string to be used in a larger sweet spot region created by the more squared shape of the frame.

With a larger sweet spot, players will have an easier time maintaining control and placing their shots.

GB-M40 series

The GB-M40 series focuses on a variety of Gearbox racquets that use solid frame technology in order to improve the power, control, durability, and maneuverability of the racquets.

The series is filled with advanced racquets, great for more advanced players.

The use of Gearbox’s patented solid frame technology works to increase the overall durability of these racquets.

This includes the use of high modulus graphite throughout the frame and a carbon fiber construction.

There are two different Gearbox technologies used in the racquets that when combined make for an addition of greater power and feel to the racquets.

The M40 High Modulus Graphite frame technology partnered with the C3 Power Groove technology works by extending the grooves featured on the racquet’s inside to run the length of the entire racquet.

These grooves increase the power of the racquet’s entire frame and help save the player’s own energy.

There are also benefits of an enhanced frame response, maximized string deflection to increase power, vibration control, powerful string beds, and displacement channels.

M40 teardrop racquets

The first half of the M40 racquet comes with teardrop shaped frames. This means the sweet spot is smaller in size and the overall focus of the racquet’s frame is to increase the racquets power.

This lines up well with the typical needs of advanced players who do not need a large sweet spot in order to perform well.

Each of these racquets is distinguished by its main color, which is listed in the racquet’s name, though there are also colorings of black and white within the racquets’ patterns.

The M40 165 teardrop green, M40 165 teardrop pink, and the M40 170 teardrop blue racquets all offer similar features.

These racquets have a head heavy weight balance for their swing weight of 133 grams.

This is a light swing weight meaning there is less momentum for your swings.

This weight is a good way to help add control to the racquets and it allows for quicker movements.

The strings of these racquets focus on power as a thin 18 gauge string that is monofilament.

This string has low durability but will offer an intense amount of power.

M40 quadraform racquets

The remaining three M40 racquet options come as a quadraform frame shape, offering strong control through their extended sweet spot area within the string bed.

This control is a great addition for intermediate or advanced players.

The three options of M40 165 quad orange, M40 170 quad yellow, and the M40 185 quad red racquets all have similar details to their racquets.

The use of 18 gauge black monofilament Gearbox string helps to make these racquets more powerful in their strings due to the thin and elastic power of the string.

These strings are not as durable though as there is less material.

The racquets all offer a similar swing weight as well at 133 grams making for a light swing weight.

This means players will be able to easily maneuver and manage their swings and perform quick actions.

The balance of the racquets are divided with both the M40 165 orange and 185 red having an even head balance allowing their weights to add both control and power evenly.

The other M40 170 quad yellow racquet has a head heavy nature, meaning the weight is distributed more to the top of the racquet for greater power.  

Gearbox racquetball racquets review: Options for you

Gearbox offers many different racquet types that work well to supply all players with what they need in order to improve their game and skills.

Gearbox’s racquets are designed for maximum power though the racquet’s still find ways to encourage a balanced feel for control as well.

The three categories of Gearbox racquets make it easier for players to find just what they are looking for in their racquet.

The two beginners’ racquets are designed to offer strong power through their weight and come as either a teardrop or quadraform racquet type for players to select from.

The club racquets are the GB 125 and GB 75, used to promote high durability and performance for a racquet.

The majority of Gearbox racquets fall within the GB-M40 series, which has six racquets ranging in weight and frame shape.

Divided into two categories, teardrop or quadraform shaped, these racquets offer very similar features from one another focusing on power and durability, with uses of Gearbox technology to help them add in elements of control and other beneficial strengths.

These racquets are great for intermediate and advanced players, no matter their swing speed or needs because the racquets offer small differences that allow for a wider selection for players.

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