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The Gearbox GB 250 white Feather racquet weighs 165 grams when unstrung, one of the common weight options within the series.

Apart from the GB 250 series, the Feather racquet offers extreme power for all player types, those beginning players will benefit the most from its power.

If you’re looking for a good Gearbox GB 250 Feather review, this article will show just what features encourage this power and how additional elements of control and maneuverability are also added to the racquet’s abilities.

Gearbox GB 250 Feather Review: A closer look

The racquet offers many features like less air resistance for a quicker swing speed and Gearbox’s unique vibration dampening system.

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While some of these features encourage control, most are aimed towards producing power for your shots with less physical strain.

The weight of the racquet is moderate allowing for an even use of power and control and a good choice option for players with average swing speeds.

However, the amount of power provided works well for those with slower swings.

The weight is balanced as a head heavy racquet, so the majority of the weight will be at the racquet’s head, slowing down a player’s swing speed but increasing power.

The use of a quadraform head shape increases a player’s ability to produce control along with the graphite material.

While the head shape is designed for control, the frame’s construct has additions of technology and design to increase power.

The factory added grip and string of the racquet also work to increase the comfort and power of the racquet.

Player type

The GB 250 racquet is a good consideration for beginning players as it is a power heavy racquet.

While more advanced players are able to create their own power with proper form, beginning players may still be learning just how to manage their own power in their swings.

Instead, they rely on their racquet to pack its own force and energy.

But other players can also benefit from the racquet. This is usually found in the weight and strings of the racquet.

Those with slower swings can not make power to push their shots so a powerful racquet can really help.

But it is important to note that the extra power features and weight of the racquet can be a strain to those with injuries.

Racquet weight

The racquet weighs 165 grams unstrung making it a moderate, medium weight.

This middleweight is a great option as it supplies the racquet with both power and control and lessens some of the strain caused by heavier weights.

The racquet is able to supply control by allowing the ball to be more easily placed as you line up your shot and letting it rest on the strings for a longer time.

Control also lets you better build up your own control if you are a beginning player.

Power on the other hand comes from the racquet’s higher weight.

The weight works by generating momentum during a swing and using the racquet’s own force to push the ball forward.

Head heavy balance

The head of the racquet is 106 square inches of string bed surface. This string bed is supported by a powerful, head heavy weight balance.

Head heavy balanced racquet’s main feature is greater power caused by the extra weight at the racquet’s top.

Like the overall weight of the racquet, the head heavy balance generates its own power and force through its momentum.

Players do not have to work as hard or put in as much energy in order to create power.

It can slow down a player’s swing though, so you may need to compensate for the loss of movements.

The weight can also be bad for those with injuries due to possible strain.

Quadraform head shape

The racquets in the series have different head shapes, some teardrop, quadraform, or modified versions of these two basic racquetball heads.

Of these types, the Feather racquet is constructed with a quadraform head shape.

As a quadraform racquet head there is more focus on control than power due to the squared shape of the head offering an extended sweet spot.

The sweet spot of a racquet is referencing the location of the string bed where players want to place their shots.

This is the area of strings that offer the best possible control and accurate precision for your shots.

This Gearbox quadraform head includes other benefits to its design as well.

The single tube frame construction allows for a solid head with extreme power helping to add a balanced feel between control and power offered by the head.

This also reduces any loss of energy upon contact by returning said energy back to the ball.

The inclusion of fiber angles within proportional frame torsion provide a stiffness to the racquet at select points to generate strong power.

This stiffness also helps increase the durability of the racquet at these points.

Graphite material

The racquet is composed mostly of high modulus and premium graphite for its solid head design.

Graphite is a commonly used material found in racquetball racquets as it is both lightweight and durable.

The increased durability works well with the stiffness and vibration dampening powers of the racquet’s construction without lessening the power produced by the racquet.

Though the power is supported, graphite material actually encourages more control within the racquet.

This control is applied throughout the whole racquet, benefiting both beginners and more advanced players using the racquet.

Monofilament 17 gauge string

The racquet comes pre-strung with Gearbox’s monofilament 17 gauge string.

As a 17 gauge string option, the diameter of the string is small in length making it one of the thicker options of string available to racquetball players.

The great thing about thin strings is they offer strong power and elasticity.

This allows the strings to push the ball with force and to reform to its original, stiff shape after impact more quickly than to lose thick strings.

This power will partner well with the control offered by the quadraform shaped head.

This thin nature of the string comes with some drawbacks though.

Thinner strings don’t have as strong a durability compared to thicker strings.

This is due to the lack of material so the string will break down easier and more quickly.

Smooth wrap grip

The use of Gearbox’s smooth wrap helps ensure that your grip of the racquet is strong and will not slip.

These wrap types also supply a natural form of cushioning for your hand.

This black wrap is used as a tape to be placed around the racquet’s handle.

The wrap can easily be replaced after it has been worn down, or for those needing a different grip size.

The current size of the grip is 3 and 5/8 inches or 3 and 15/16 inches.

These two grip sizes are the most common to choose from, allowing the grip sizing you select to function well with nearly all hand sizes.

The grip is made durable and comfortable, though wrap styled grips often do not have as long a lifespan as other grips just as overgrips.

As a smooth wrap, the grip has an extra thick feel to it to increase its durability and better support your hand by reducing strain.

This thickness makes the grip 1.8 millimeters thick.

The material used to create the grip was urethane resin with a felt backing that is able to act as a water absorbing material.

This prevents moisture build up from occurring and limits the amount of sweat loosening your grip.

Final thoughts

The Gearbox GB 250 Feather 165 racquetball racquet is a great racquet choice for a variety of players.

This includes beginners and intermediate players, those with slower swings, and any player looking to increase the power of their game.

The racquet has strong durability and is easier to maneuver than a heavier racquet.

The use of graphite throughout the racquet’s frame increases its durability and stiffness.

The grip and strings of the racquet are pre added but can be switched out for your own preferences.

The grip is a comfortable smooth wrap grip acting as a thick layering of comfort with moisture wicking abilities to ensure your strong hold over the racquet and prevent slipping.

The strings are thin and offer strong power and elasticity, though with the sacrifice of strong, long lasting durability.

Control is a side element of the racquet, supported by the graphite material used in the racquet’s composition.

Control is also found in the quadraform head shape of the racquet that allows for an extended sweet spot within the string bed.

Control and power are both found within the medium weight of the racquet.

This weight allows it to work well for players with a moderate swing and since it increases both control and power, it will allow players to utilize their own skills of the same nature.

Power found within this particular racquet is more heavily focused on.

Power can be found within the string’s features like its thin string, stiffer points within the frame, head heavy balancing of its moderate weight, and single tube frame.

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