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E Force and Gearbox both make exceptional racquetball racquets. They are also both leading brands that the pros happily use! 

So how does a player decide between the two? In this article we will explore the attributes of both.

If you’re looking for a good E Force vs. Gearbox comparison, this article will explore the unique technologies that make both of these brands great. 

E Force vs. Gearbox: A closer look

E Force

E force racquetball racquets come in three different levels.

  • High-performance racquets
  1. Sector 5
  2. The Takeover
  3. Dark Star
  • Top-performance racquets
  1. Bedlam X 150
  2. Bedlam LaunchPad 170
  3. Bedlam 170 Lite
  4. BreakOut
  • Mid-performance racquets
  1. Chaos
  2. X1-Black
  3. Exile

E Force high performance racquets

Let’s take a look at the high performance racquets from E Force in detail. 

E Force Sector 5 Racquet 

Creating five distinct frame zones, sector 5 technology fuses together over 40 individual and precisely placed graphite laminates. 

Each of the 5 sectors is fined tuned to provide massive power. When all 5 sectors are combined unparalleled performance is created.

An extremely rigid racquet head is formed by near unidirectional graphite fibers.

At both the corners and lower frame, stiff, light and torsion resistant GC power fibers are placed on either side of a center zone of numerous multi directional carbon plies.

Tremendous power and racquet snap are generated by an extremely flexible throat. 

A total kill zone, integrating the 5 sectors into one frame provides insane power allowing you to dominate the court.

The Sector 5 technology provides point dominating frame response over the entire racquet hitting surface by creating 5 distinct frame sectors. 

E-force maximizes each region by fusing together over 40 individual graphite pieces. 

These composite materials are selected, precisely formed and strategically positioned to optimize each sector’s performance. 

The five sectors are combined resulting in a frame that is even more powerful than the powerful sectors themselves!

You will get lethal power and unrelenting control everywhere on the frame and from anywhere on the court. 

The E Force Takeover Racquet

Take a quick look at the technologies in the E Force Takeover in this video below.

From the manufacturer:

Advanced players have the power, accuracy and touch to own the court. 

Beginning and intermediate players kill more shots, save rallies, and swing with confidence with the takeover racquet. 

The solid, forgiving hitting surface is damp, provides control and makes winners on even off-center hits. 

E-force’s exclusive and patented racquetball-only inventions give you the edge.

They are:

  • Technologies: E-Force has patented and exclusive racquetball technologies. Extreme Long string, 22” Long string, Powerhouse Shaft and Launch Pad technologies deliver massive power. 
  • Vibration: minimized vibration- touch is enhanced with Power Boosters G2 and extended Zero Richter Tubes. The entire frame becomes solid and accurate.
  • Overall Power: The Dual Cylinder Frame with Carbon Construction and By-Pass Stringing enhance durability, stiffness of the frame, and overall power.

The E Force technologies explained:

  • Extreme Long String: All strings are as long as possible in free space for maximum power. String bed deflection over the entire strung surface delivers unrelenting power. The cross strings extend to the frame’s outside perimeter; while the mains extend from the racquet tip entire tip through the hollow handle.
  • 22” Long String: All 14 mains extend in free space from the head throughout the entire hollow graphite handle. This allows for deflection along the entire length of the frame for even more power.
  • Launch Pad Technology: More power response is created by eliminating deflection distorting throat area cross strings. This also leads to the distribution of continuous power.
  • Powerhouse Shaft: The hollow shaft adds power without reducing the 22 inch main string length, placing the frame mass nearer to the hitting surface.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • E-Force racquets have exclusive patented vibration dampening technologies which give the racquet frame a consistent, solid, and even string bed.
  • Patented Richter Tubes minimize vibration to just the right amount for the necessary touch to keep you in control.

E Force String Bed Stabilization

Stabilization methods involving E-Force Power Boosters and Zero Richter Tubes:

  • G2 Power Boosters: The string bed is stabilized and vibration reduced by 32 inches because of large diameter Booster Tubes strategically placed on both ends of 11 cross strings.
  • Richter Tubes: The 14 mains are each encased in 9.5 inches of flexible “Richter Tubes” hidden in the handle and extending onto the lower throat area strings. 

GC Power Fibers in the Takeover Racquet

New advanced, extremely stiff yet incredibly light GC Power fibers deliver blinding velocity with a crisp, sharp feel on contact.

 For additional snap the GC Power Fibers are strategically positioned among the Takeover’s 50+ carbon-graphite laminates.

The Takeover’s Graphite Construction 

The Takeover is made up of over 50 individual graphite pieces. They are molded into a single frame structure using high temperature and pressure. 

These parts vary in size, shape, stiffness, weight, fiber direction and specific type of graphite material. 

Each graphite piece is designed, engineered, and manufactured so all 50 parts are strategically placed.  

The Takeover segment gives you optimum stiffness, flexibility, balance, weight, maneuverability, and durability. 

E Force Dark Star Racquetball Racquet

You can view the e force Darkstar Racquetball Racquet 175 Grams at Amazon to learn more about how it might work for you.

The dark star has a vibration dampening frame and a consistent sold and even string bed resulting in more accurate shots and increased ball control. 

The Dark Star has all of the technologies mentioned above. In addition, the Dark Star has more carbon in the head.

This is accomplished by replacing paint, plastic and non-structural materials at the racquet tip with additional graphite. 

You can view the E Force DarkStar 170 at Amazon to learn more about this racquet and how it might work for you.

You can also view the E Force DarkStar 175 3 5/8″ at Amazon for more information on this racquet and its details to aid you in your decision making process.

E Force top performance racquets

E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite

For the E Force top performance category we will focus on the E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet (view at Amazon), the best selling frame for the manufacturer.

The Bedlam Lite is also a leader in tournament play. 

The frame is constructed of high quality, light weight and stiff graphite for power and maneuverability.

The technologies mentioned above are also integrated into the Bedlam 170 Lite.

E Force mid-performance racquets

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

In the mid performance category, we will focus on the E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet.

The unique quadraform head shape brings the chaos’s sweet spot closer to your hand allowing easy control of Chaos’s tremendous power.  

As usual, the E Force brings their exclusive string and vibration technologies to the racquet. Chaos is great for players of all skill levels.

You can view the E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet at Amazon to learn more about how this racquet might work for you.


You can view the Gearbox GBX1 “10th Anniversary Edition” Racquetball Racquet Series (165Q, 165T, 170Q,170T,185Q) at Amazon to learn more about how this racquet might work for you.

Gearbox is 10 years old and they are so excited to celebrate the milestone that they designed their new racquet around the anniversary. 

The racquet has the same feel of the GBX1 but it’s painted to show off a new design.

The 6 new frames range from 165 grams to 185 grams.

 There are three teardrop racquets in the 165 and 170 weight range for the power player. 

There are also 3 quadraform racquets in the 165, 170, and 185 weights for power with more control. This new series has the special C3 Power Groove technology. 

C3 Power Groove technology

The C3 Power Groove technology is a single groove that extends the entire length of the racquet down to the throat area.

The C3 Power Groove creates three concave shapes in the structure of the racquet. 

  1. Radical Concave: Creates a larger hitting area, increasing the overall size of the sweet spot. Provides impact resistance at the head giving the racquet more strength.
  1. Double Radical Concave: Expands the main strings and cross strings to their maximum possible distance resulting in superior power and control.
  1. Progressive Concave: Increases overall main strings length providing more power and control.

These three concave shapes in combination work synergistically to maximize power, control, and racquet strength.

The C3 Power Groove also increases string deflection to its maximum distance resulting in exceptional power. 

Details of this racquet include:

  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Grip Size: 3  15/16”
  • Unstrung Weight: 170 grams

Which is right for you?

Many players cannot tell a difference in the performance of E Force and Gearbox. Durability is pretty comparable as well. 

E Force doesn’t have a big presence on the pro tours but have focused on the non-US markets with the pros. 

The Ireland Open and the German Open will show many players wearing their colors and using their racquets. 

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com