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The E-Force Takeover 170 racquetball racquet is a bright blue racquet with a stiff frame and vibration dampening abilities.

With its lighter weight feel of only 170 grams, the racquet is more maneuverable.

If you’re looking for an E-Force Takeover review, this article explores how the even balance in both its weight distribution and its use of power and control works well for the intermediate players.

Intermediate players are able to produce their own power and control with their growing abilities, but the additional help from their racquets can help improve their game and push them further.

Having an even balance of power and control means the racquet will offer a variety of features that work to improve the durability and stiffness of the racquet to make it more playable and increase a comfortable feel.

Swing speed

The swing speed of this racquet is based on the racquet weight. Due to its lighter weight, the racquet works best for those with a moderate or fast swing speed.

This means the racquet will be easier to maneuver during a racquetball game allowing for better placement and accuracy over shots without the loss of power.

Moderate and faster swing speeds are the most common speeds of racquetball players and help to balance out their need for power and control

Stiff and vibration dampening design

The racquet is designed to be incredibly stiff throughout its frame with vibration dampening technologies placed within this string bed and its handle.

These two features help add power to the racquet while also protecting the feel offered to players.

Stiffer racquets are also more durable and vibration controls help prevent minor damages from effecting the racquet due to hard impacts.

The use of a lightweight fiber called GC Power Fibers are placed within the molded graphite pieces that construct the frame.

This extreme stiffness in the frame increases the power of the racquet and the whole string bed.

This power is due to the ability for quicker response times and the string bed’s ability to transfer the force of a ball without losing any of the energy.

The vibration dampeners are featured within the cross strings of the racquet’s frame with the use of E-Force’s Boosters G2.

More vibration control is located at the bottom of the main strings and racquet handles through E-Force technology called Zero Richter Tubes X2.


The weight of the racquet is a medium weight at 170 grams. This is a light medium racquet that puts less strain on your arms as you play.

But since it is heavier than a lightweight racquet, which has a weight below 164 grams, it will be able to produce more power without the player needing to generate their own momentum.

Even though the weight offers good amounts of power there is still some control offered by the weight as well.

Balance of racquet

Head heavy racquets offer more power but less control as they are able to produce their own force.

But they require more energy from the player to swing them due to their weight.

Head light racquets require force from their players as well in order to make power, but they offer more control as the ball is able to rest on the racquet’s string bed longer.

As previously mentioned, the weight of the racquet is balanced evenly, meaning neither the handle nor head of the racquet are heavier than the other. Instead the weight is balanced through the middle of the racquet.

Being a balanced racquet does not just mean the weight is balanced; the racquet’s balancing weight also works to balance power and control.

Head shape

The head, which is 108 square inches in size, is shaped as a tri-teardrop racquet head, meaning it is more triangular in shape than a quadraform racquet.

This allows for a greater focus on power.

However, control is also offered by this head shape due to the modifications made to the teardrop shape.

A regular teardrop head features a smaller sweet spot within the racquet.

The sweet spot is the region of the string bed that offers the most control.

It is the ideal place for the ball and racquet to make contact.

A smaller sweet spot means there is less control offered by the racquet, but it does mean the racquet’s shape will produce greater power by allowing the strings’ pattern to apply greater force to the ball.

The control is extended with the tri-teardrop modification which allows for the same stiff and powerful string pattern with a larger sweet spot allowing for a more balanced racquet.


The racquet’s main material is graphite, which is commonly used in racquets as it is lightweight and increases the racquet’s durability.

Using this material throughout the racquet in 50 pieces that are molded together allows for a better, strong racquet.

The material works well with the added vibration technology for the E-Force racquet as it too absorbs vibrations to protect the racquet’s string bed.

Graphite increases the durability of the racquet while still supporting its ability to provide a stiff frame for power.

Yet graphite offers more control than power to the racquet.

E-Force resin wrap grip

The grip provided with the racquet is also made by E-Force.

The grip is a resin wrap, colored black, which can easily be removed or replaced if you wish to use your own grip or when this one is worn down.

The wrap grip is a synthetic leather grip that can be wrapped around the racquet’s handle.

As a wrap grip, the surface is smooth and offers a natural cushioning to help comfort your hand while playing.

There is a strong absorption that prevents slippage.

Compared to other grip types, a wrap grip has greater absorption to prevent moisture from building up which can damage the wrap and lessen your hold on the racquet.

However, these grip types do have a shorter life span and will need to be replaced sooner.

The E-Force grip is another part of this racquet’s ability to control vibration, through its vibration dampening rubber material.

The grip size is small, measuring at 3 and 5/8 inches in circumference.

However, smaller grip sizes allow for an overgrip or tape to be added in order to make them better suited for players with larger hands.

As a small grip you are able to have maximum wrist movement so you can swing and move your racquet more quickly.

This leads to an increase in your racquet’s ability to produce power through your own movements and swing speed.

E-Force Oxygen 17 Black string

Like the wrap grip, the strings are also pre added to the racquet. These strings are E-Force Oxygen 17 black racquetball strings.

With a 17 gauge number, the strings offer a small, powerful diameter of 1.27 millimeters.

Thinner strings, like this 17 gauge string, offer extreme power and force to create an extra pop to your shots.

Thinner strings do not allow the ball to linger on the strings during contact, like a thicker string for control might do.

Instead, the string bounces back to its shape and applies strong power to the ball to promote energy and power.

The Oxygen 17 string is also a multifilament string, meaning there are multiple materials wrapped into the string’s composition.

This particular string features many microfibers which are connected using a nylon wrap and three layers of polyurethane.

The string is therefore more durable which is good for a thin string since they do not offer as strong a durability as other, thicker strings might.


There are other additions of E-Force racquet technology that are used to increase this racquet’s power.

Most of these are focused towards the strings and their holders in the racquet frame.

The Power Booster placed on either end of the cross strings and the Zero Richter Tubes in the handle are to increase the vibration control of the strings.

The Launchpad Technology also supports the string pattern’s design.

The strings themselves also feature some of E-Force’s power technology, with uses of Extreme LongString which are 22-inch-long strings to deliver incredible power.

E-Force Takeover review

The E-Force Takeover 17 is a power and control heavy racquet that works to produce both of these elements in this construction allowing a variety of players to benefit from the racquet.

View the E-Force Takeover Racquetball Racquet 170 Grams at Amazon for more information on how this racquet might work for you.

This racquet is best used by intermediate players as users of the racquet will need to be able to work their own control and produce their own power as the racquet does not lean towards one specific output. 

However, the racquet’s balance between the two will help intermediate players improve their skills even more and help them grow into more advanced players.

Players will moderate to fast swing speeds will also benefit from this racquet’s features.

This is due to the lighter weight offered by the racquet at 170 grams.

Control for the racquet comes from features like its modified sweet spot within the string bed, the graphite construction molded into the frame and handle of the racquet, and the even balancing of the racquet’s weight.

Power is created in the racquet through various technologies added into the racquet’s construction such as the string bed and string placement, the handle, stiff nature of the frame, and the use of teardrop shaped head.

Both of these elements are supported by the racquet’s moderate weight, even head and handle balance, and its string placement.

The racquet also uses an E-Force made string and wrap grip to maximize the racquet’s abilities and comfort.

Always consult an industry professional before using any new product for your game to ensure it is safe and appropriate.

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