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Defensive capabilities in sports are often recognized as some of the most important tactics that can be used to win important matches.

Some great Pickleball players prioritize their offensive abilities and others certainly prioritize defense.

The truth is that no matter what you prefer to focus on, at some point you will have to utilize both abilities to your advantage.

Intense moments during Pickleball matches will put players on edge.

The greatest players will be able to scramble out of tough situations with their defensive tenacity and relentlessly fight to win even the toughest matches.

We are going to explore some of the best ways to play Pickleball from a defensive perspective.

These defensive strategies have several positive and negative effects that players will notice.

We will focus on several of these concepts and list out some of the important notes that you should think about when using each strategy within your own personal playbook for Pickleball.

Defensive Strategies in Pickleball

Defensive Shot Placement

There are several types of defensive shot placements that you can utilize during matches to enhance your defensive capabilities.

These types of shots place you at a defensive advantage when compared to your opponent.

Using smart shots at the appropriate time can force your opponents to back away from the net and desperately defend for themselves.

The right shot placement can relieve pressure and open opportunities for you to take the lead.

This defensive strategy falls under the category of enhancing your mental strategy rather than your physical strategy.

In most cases, you don’t really place yourself at too much of a risk with smart defensive shot placements.

There are always a few scenarios where the opponent could counter your shot placements with unexpected aggression.

This scenario could backfire and potentially cost you an opportunity at winning out on the court.


  • Defensive Shot Placement can Force Your Opponent to Desperately Defend and Make Mistakes
  • There are Very Few Risks if you Correctly Utilize this Defensive Strategy


  • This is Not a Good Tactic when playing against Aggressive Opponents

Manage the angles of the court

Pickleball is a sport of angles where positioning can make the difference between winning and losing every single match.

The players that manage their positioning the best are usually the ones that win the most often.

It can be quite challenging to sufficiently cover all of the angles of the court.

You typically want to force your opponent into a limited collection of options so that you can reliably react and predict their shots.

If you can force your opponents into one specific strategy when playing Pickleball, then you might start to realize how much easier it is to compete against these tough players.

Keeping your focus and managing your location on the court can be a great way to enhance your defensive playing abilities.

Take away shot opportunities from your opponent and use your very own tactical shots to steal victories from your opponent.


  • Positioning on the Court can Enhance Defense and Improve Chances of Winning
  • Cover the Angles against your Opponent and Don’t Get Caught Out of Position
  • This is One of the Most Popular Defensive Strategies in Pickleball


  • If you don’t Cover Your Angles, You Could be Extremely Vulnerable Defensively

Force opponents into difficult positions

One of the best ways to potentially earn points and win matches is to keep your opponents pinned into difficult positions and scenarios.

You don’t want your opponents taking command of the match at any point.

If you can use your personal abilities to hold them down and prevent them from placing some offensive pressure against you, then you will significantly increase your chances of winning.

Pickleball is a highly competitive sport that requires rapid calculations from players and important decisions have to be made constantly.

A lot of players focus primarily on their offensive strategies with little care for their defense.

It is often recommended that you utilize a defensive mindset when you play because a strong defense in Pickleball can frustrate your opponent and improve your chances of winning the game.

The ideal behind this strategy is to make shots that force your opponent into a struggle.

You want to look for opportunities to force them back away from the net into unlikely positions.

If you are capable of achieving this, then you are dominating the court and are likely to score more points to win the match.


  • This Strategy can Force Opponents into Challenging Positions
  • You are Not Vulnerable to Offensive Opponents if you Keep them on the Defensive


  • You need to have Great Accuracy with your Shots to Accomplish this Strategy Effectively

Topspin shots

Placing spin on your shots might seem like more of an offensive strategy for Pickleball.

The truth is that it can actually be considered a strong defensive strategy because it could place your opponents into a situation where they cannot attack and play offensively.

This puts you at an advantage from a defensive perspective and you likely will have more offensive opportunities against your opponent because of these nifty trick shots with spin.

You should be careful when attempting to use topspin on your shots.

If you are not experienced with this type of shot, then you might find it to be difficult and you could make a critical mistake during a match.

Topspin should be used in scenarios to catch your opponent off-guard.

If you are capable of forcing your opponent into real tough scenarios, then you will place offensive pressure on them and make your defensive tactics a whole lot easier.


  • Topspin can Confuse Opponents and Force them to Defend for Themselves
  • Accurate Shots with Topspin is a Great Way to Catch Opponents Off-Guard


  • Topspin Shots require Experience and Accuracy to Effectively Pull it Off

Enhanced efficiency

Pickleball matches can come down to endurance and energy for ultra-competitive matches.

In a lot of cases, the player with the most energy remaining could have the advantage when it comes down to the conclusion of a match.

If you are extremely efficient out on the Pickleball court, then you actually improve your defensive and offensive chances.

A lot of players intend to wear down their opponent over time as a strategy.

This isn’t the most common strategy but it is extremely stealthy and sneaky.

If you can force your opponent to use more energy throughout a match, then you have certainly given yourself a strategical and physical advantage to try and take the victory.

Your goal is to save as much energy early on in the match without sacrificing points.

This requires really strong shot accuracy and great foot positioning on the court.

You don’t want to have to move around a lot of else you are going to start burning through your energy rapidly.


  • Wear Down your Opponent Early on in a Match to Take the Physical Advantage
  • Don’t Burn Through Your Own Energy, Use Good Positioning to Accomplish This


  • Don’t Let the Opponent Flip the Script and Wear you Down First

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