Squash Racquet

Best Wilson Squash Racquet

Your choice in a squash racquet makes a difference in your game! Open throat racquets have a larger string-bed area, a larger sweet spot and tend to be more forgiving and offer more power.  Closed throat racquets have a smaller string-bed, smaller sweet spot and will suit more experienced players. Open throat racquets are also

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Best Tecnifibre Squash Racquet

Technifibre is a French manufacturer of sporting equipment, specializing in tennis and squash. It was founded in 1979 by the current CEO Thierry Maissant.  Throughout its development Technifibre has built itself a worldwide reputation in the tennis and squash market, releasing racquets, bags, strings, apparel and other accessories. So what’s the best Technifibre Squash racquet?

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Best Squash Racquet for Beginners

Squash gets you in shape, devours calories and tests the mind! So what’s the best Squash racquet for beginners? If you want to learn the game of squash, there are many ways to get yourself into the game, including:  Lessons and classes: Learn the basics with a squash class. Find a class focusing on multi-level

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