Racquetball Balls

How Long Do Racquetball Balls Last?

Just like the other racket sports, racquetball is a fairly easy and inexpensive game to get started with because it does not require a ton of equipment.  The equipment that you do have, though, matters greatly. The quality of your equipment can either enhance or hinder your game, either leading you to victory or a

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Best Racquetball Balls for Control

While it can be easy to assume that all racquetballs function the same, not all racquetball balls are designed to feature the same weight, control, or speed. A great way to tell which ball works best for you is to learn about the different features and characteristics of the ball’s color. To find the best

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Best Racquetball Balls for Beginners

Finding the proper racquetball ball might seem like an easy task for new players, but in reality, there are many different types of balls available for racquetball players to choose from. Each ball offers a slightly different ability, which can limit the balls needed by beginners. The best racquetball balls for beginners will be able

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