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So let’s say you have a tournament around the corner, and your shoes seem worn out, so you feel the need to get a new.

Getting to the store, it seems more challenging than what you prepared yourself to encounter.

You thought you could grab a pair and leave?

Well, no. You can’t just risk the game due to a poor choice of shoes. It has to be the best type of shoe for racquetball.

What is the best type of shoe for racquetball, you ask?

For starters, it has to be shoes designed explicitly for racquetball.

As much as there’s a belief that any shoes for indoor games will do just fine, they won’t under any circumstance offer you what racquetball shoes will.

Sure, they are all indoor games, but do they follow the same movements and routines, or do they share the same court?

It would be best if you kept in mind that as much as there are similarities, they each have unique features that deserve to be considered in choosing the perfect shoes.

The sufficient detail in a racquetball shoe has to be the sole, are they made of gum or rubber sole?

If not, then put them down and move to the next.

If you’re wondering what the fuss is all about yet, almost all indoor shoes have gum soles, and then you should know that one’s made for racquetball are way lighter than the rest.

Plus, racquet shoes should not mark the court.

Putting in mind that racquetball movements are quick and in almost any direction, then you certainly need shoes that you can lift in an instant.

Ensure that your shoes have a breathable gum on the sole to give you extra grip on that smoother court.

You don’t want to go tripping every instant you want to score, do you?

To know the kind of shoes to avoid, you need to know what you want your shoes to do for you.

Running shoes sure are excellent and light actually, but will it let you make a side or backward?

Running shoes are specifically designed to allow an athlete to make forward movements resulting in almost no ankle support.

On the other hand, racquetball shoes need to provide all the ankle support you need.

Stability is vital in the game and should also enable you to move from side to side, forward and backward.

Running shoes are, therefore, a horrible idea to consider.

You’re probably thinking, “Now what’s the problem with tennis shoes?” there’s no problem at all.

Those shoes can sure work it, but they aren’t the best. The reason being the courts for these sports are different.

Tennis courts tend to be more challenging and rougher.

Tennis shoes are made to protect the player’s toe for impacting the surface.

What you need for racquetball are shoes that can help you have more control from the swift movements you’re going to make.

Besides, tennis shoes seem magnets for pebbles, and it’s not uncommon to find them stuck at the bottom.

If you overlook one and come into the court with it, imagine the damage it will make on the court’s smooth floors.

The worst-case scenario is if the pebble dislodges and you or someone else trips on it.

And don’t think that basketball shoes are the best, either.

They tend to be heavy, which’s not a quality we’re looking for in a shoe for racquetball.

Racquet shoes also need to provide you with cushion from the almost too quick stop and start movements you make.

The boots should act like shock absorbs to your feet. Most shoes come with footwear gel for that purpose specifically.

You may think you don’t need that until your feet feel like someone just used a naked electric cable to jolt them.

The reason why shoes matter so much to a racquet game is that this is a pretty quick-paced game.

Your shoes are the one gear that will determine how fast you move in the slippery court.

Without a good grip or traction, you will end up on your back more often than you can imagine.

If the shoes are too heavy, then how do you expect to move swiftly?

Plus, you’ll get tired more quickly, and you won’t be able to play.

The idea is to give you stability but, at the same time, ensure that you can move, and your feet are protected from the impact.

Besides, a comfortable shoe is a bonus to your game plan.

Imagine having to stop in the middle of a tournament because your toes are curled up excruciatingly, and you can hardly move. How bad can that be?

The perfect shoes will also impact your performance. You will be able to move more naturally and progress in the game.

Besides all the benefits mentioned, an ideal pair of shoes give you the confidence to go out there and do your best.

The shoes you choose need to be flexible and comfortable to make your way around the court efficiently.

The comfort required to play and come out victorious is worth every single penny you will spend choosing the best.

As much as a good pair of shoes can improve your performance, then the same way a wrong choice of shoes will certainly hurt you and your game.

You’ve probably heard a quadrillion times that you choose the right gear if you don’t want to get hurt.

The right pair of shoes can spare you the pain of an ankle sprain.

Try getting shoes that are wide at the bottom to give you more stability and improve your game by matching up to the quick starts and stops you will make.

The shoe should certainly neither be too small for comfort nor too big. You should choose shoes that fit just right.

The most important thing to keep in mind and ensure you’re always on top of your game is getting new shoes regularly in a period of at least every 6months or when a super big tournament is around the corner.

Besides, racquetball shoes are not as expensive and fit the bill just right.

To ensure that your racquetball shoes don’t get worn out super-fast, then make sure you only wear them indoors and not for other outdoor sports you may enjoy.

Besides, the sole is usually made to withstand impact from the soft, slippery court and no different rough terrains like tennis.

The bottom line is, a good pair of shoes will not give you superpowers as it does in movies, but it may still go a long way to ensure that your skills are maximized and not hindered by the wrong choice of shoes.

Take as much time as you need to go through the features that make that shoe a perfect option, and you should ask questions where you deem necessary.

If a shoe doesn’t give you the comfort you deserve, then you have a right to choose one that feels just right.

Remember, a perfect shoe is an investment you’re making, therefore put weight on which is the best before making a purchase.

So next time you need a new pair of shoes, consider one that has all the features necessary to amplify your skills and techniques.

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