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If you’ve played tennis for any length of time, you know the dreaded moment when you realize you’ve arrived for practice or a match with dead tennis balls. They might not even be completely dead, but they’re dead enough to throw off your match.

While most players have grown accustomed to bringing an extra can of fresh balls with them, they’re still frustrated by how quickly these pressurized balls seem to lose their pop.

No doubt you’ve felt this same frustration.

It’s not as though it’s a surprise that the pressurized balls don’t last long. After all, they’re named after their hallow, pressurized core and just like a balloon filled with air or helium is bound to deflate, so are these tennis balls.

The reason is because these pressurized tennis balls have more psi (PSI is a unit of pressure expressed in pounds of force per square inch, PSI also stands for pounds per square inch) than the atmosphere.

For example, tennis balls are typically 12 psi, whereas the atmosphere is usually about 14.7 psi. This is why you hear a hiss after opening a fresh can of balls; it’s the sound of the perfectly pressurized air leaving the core of the tennis ball to balance out with the atmosphere.

Though you won’t feel the effects of the air leaving until later on, the process of losing air starts from that first hiss.

In case you’re curious, professionals change out their tennis balls (on average) about every seven games. Most players usually play at least a few sets with the same balls though.

Depending on how often you use your balls or how hard you train, your tennis balls might last a longer or shorter amount of time than the average player. This is something worth considering when deciding if a tennis ball revival tool is right for you.

If you don’t go through them as quickly, you might find you’re not as reliant on such a tool. If you play pretty often, though, you might find you need more than one!

So, what’s the solution to making your tennis balls last longer? Some players opt for a tennis ball saver like a tennis ball pressurizer.

These are used to keep the air pressure in a tennis ball for longer so you won’t have to replace them as quickly. This is perfect for those who find themselves constantly ordering more tennis balls.

After all, wouldn’t it be nice to get a little more usage out of a ball before having to get rid of it? There are plenty of different options available, but it’s important to find the best tennis ball pressurizer for your specific needs.

Do tennis ball pressurizers work?

A tennis ball pressurizer is a can (similar to how a fresh can of tennis balls might look) where you place your tennis balls inside and seal it with a lid.

Usually each can holds about 3 balls, though there are some that hold a few more and others that hold a few less.

As you twist the lid of the pressurizer, it increases the amount of pressure inside the can, which is what you want to keep your tennis balls around a bit longer.

Higher pressure inside the can decreases the chance of air pressure leaking from the tennis balls (their thin rubber core is what allows the air to sneak out) than if they were left outside or stored in a duffel bag.

This is what allows tennis balls to be restored inside of them.

Tennis Ball Pressurizer Benefits

There are a number of benefits to using a tennis ball pressurizer, including:

  • A pressurizer will increase the lifespan of your tennis balls.
  • It provides safe storage in an airtight container.
  • It’s more affordable than purchasing new tennis balls.
  • These are also reusable, so you can keep using them as long as the tennis balls will last.

These pressurizers are a great solution for someone who feels like they go through tennis balls left and right. You can easily prevent, and to a certain extent restore, the psi of your tennis balls to keep up game play usage.

The longer you store your balls in a pressurizer, the better the results will be.

Some brands or models even claim that if left in the pressurizer for long enough, the tennis ball can be restored to the original psi of a new tennis ball. It may not be quite as good as a new ball, but it’s better than playing with an older or flatter ball.

For best results, open a fresh can of pressurized balls, play on the court during practice or a game, and then immediately place the balls in the pressurizer to store until the next use.

Tennis Ball Pressurizer Limitations

While these products can work well for preserving the life of your tennis balls, they can have their drawbacks, as well.

A few limitations may include:

  • Tennis balls will still go flat eventually and will still need to be replaced.
  • You have to remember to store them in the pressurizer every time or it won’t work on your tennis balls as well as it should.
  • You might be able to restore psi to a certain degree, but you can’t reverse time and wear; new tennis balls will always be best.

While these pressurizers are great tools to keep your balls fresh, it’s not able to bring dead balls back to life. This is a proactive or preventative measure to keep your balls from going flat too quickly.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a solution to reverse the process though many models may claim they can.

These pressurizers aren’t miracle workers either; though they do help the lifespan of the ball, they still won’t last forever.

It’s also your responsibility to remember to put the balls back in the pressurizer time after time. Otherwise, you’re back to balls going flat quickly.

That’s why proper pressurizer usage is so important; you have to be consistent.

What to look for in a good ball pressurizer

Be sure to look for pressurizers that include a twisting lid to keep pressure in. This is what creates a tighter air pressure than normal.

Some even have entire canisters that twist around an inner canister.

Also look for brands that specifically note a restoration of 14 psi for used tennis balls, as that psi indicates the state of a new tennis ball.

Best Tennis Ball Pressurizer

There are a number of pressurizers that can work well for your tennis balls. The following options may prove a good option to get you started.

Always consult an industry professional before using any new product or equipment.

Gamma Revive Tennis Ball Pressurizer, Clear

This is the best pressurizer for tennis balls because it not only prevents balls from going flat but can restore out-of-the-can pressure levels (which is 14 psi) if left inside for long enough.

It can hold up to three tennis balls and can restore them all at once; there’s no need to portion them out or treat them individually.

Many players report a lot of success with this model and have been able to cut back on costs to replace old tennis balls with news ones.

Because these canisters are so cost-effective, you’re bound to save and can even order multiple if you find you’d rather swap canisters out after each use; this helps because the longer the tennis balls are kept in the pressurizer, the more likely it is for your psi to be restored.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product may work for extending the life of your tennis balls.

Key features:

  • This model is great for tennis ball restoration.
  • It compresses pressure between two cylinders to maintain 14 psi, which is the same pressure as new tennis balls.
  • If you leave tennis balls inside. Revive long enough, they will regain out-of-the-can pressure levels.
  • This model holds up to 3 tennis balls.
  • Sturdy container to lock in air pressure

Tourna Restore Tennis Ball Pressurizer

This tennis ball rejuvenator is a great solution for those looking to add life to their tennis balls.

It holds up to three tennis balls and is capable of both preventing air pressure from escaping balls too quickly and restoring the original pressure of the tennis ball (which is 14 psi).

Say goodbye to the old way; no more countless tennis ball orders that are then tossed aside after what seems like minimal use. Increase the lifespan of your tennis balls with a Tourna pressurizer and save.

When you head to the court, you can be confident that my tennis balls will be ready to go and that you won’t be disappointed by their performance.

The longer use reduces the time spent ordering and helps to avoid the resulting frustration that comes from always having to check your bag for fresh balls. This may work well as the solution you have been looking for to extend tennis ball life.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product may work for meeting your needs.

Key features:

  • This unit screws together and surrounds the ball.
  • It can hold up to 3 tennis balls.
  • It restores and maintains balls at their original pressure of 14psi (which is the same as a new tennis ball’s psi).
  • It comes in a sturdy container to lock in air pressure.

For the conscientious user, tennis ball pressurizers can be helpful tools to save on new tennis ball costs as long as they are used properly.

Just be sure you’re ready to commit to it first and that you are aware of your capacity to use the product properly prior to investing, as consistency is important to see significant results.

If you find you use quite a few tennis balls for training, it might be wise to invest in more than one pressurizer to swap out balls so they spend enough time in the canister before being used.

This way you don’t have to wait a certain amount of time before practicing again, you can just swap the older balls in need of a refresh with the newer balls that have just regained their bounce.

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