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Technifibre is a French manufacturer of sporting equipment, specializing in tennis and squash. It was founded in 1979 by the current CEO Thierry Maissant. 

Throughout its development Technifibre has built itself a worldwide reputation in the tennis and squash market, releasing racquets, bags, strings, apparel and other accessories.

So what’s the best Technifibre Squash racquet?

In this article, we will discuss some important considerations to help you explore this manufacturer and find the right racquet for your game.

Technifibre first became known for its expertise in strings, especially multifilament, because of a unique technology, “PU400”.

Technifibre decided to launch its own line of racquets for competitors and is very active in Squash. 

Squash skills

Playing squash competitively at any level requires several skills and abilities.

In order to be a good squash player, you must understand the basic principles of squash.

There are four components we will discuss concerning skills in the game of squash.


The technical side of the sport is the first thing that comes to mind. 

The specifics such as hitting the ball (swing, grip, anticipating a shot) and movement (footwork, body position, and body alignment) are the primary skills needed in order to play squash. 

Your technique must be learned correctly when you begin to play. Practicing the wrong technique will ensure that you continue to do it the wrong way all the time.

To develop technique, the correct movements should be repeated over and over in order to commit them to muscle memory. 

Muscle memory means making key movement patterns and actions accurately and correctly for sufficient reps in order to convert them to a cognitive-motor pattern. 

After committing skills to muscle memory, you do them with very little conscious effort.

Instead of having to think about the technical part of a shot, it just happens automatically. 


The tactical side of squash simply means deciding what shots to take and how to react to your opponent.

Selecting the correct shot for the correct situation involves strategy.

Offensive and defensive shot choices require timing and rhythm in order to make it hard for your opponent to implement their own strategy because they don’t know what you might do next. 

Making the most of your strengths and exposing your opponents weaknesses are important examples of using tactics.


The physical nature of squash involves more than overall fitness. Endurance, stability, power, speed and flexibility are a few of the physical attributes a squash player needs. 

Squash is very physically challenging.  

In order to be in shape for squash, you should get into a training program that focuses on flexibility, agility, and cardiovascular conditioning. 

Playing squash can make you healthy!

Squash has many health benefits such as:

  1. Running for the ball increases strength and overall fitness.
  2. Maintaining a healthy weight
  3. You have better agility therefore you won’t fall as easily.
  4. Strong back muscles 
  5. Improved flexibility

An extremely well conditioned player may be able to overcome a more skilled player in some circumstances.


The mental side of the game has to do with how a player deals with pressure. 

Some reasons players get nervous include:

  1. The importance of the game (a tournament)
  2. The amount of people watching you 
  3. Performing for a team when others are relying on you
  4. The game is close and you are losing 

Sports psychology is a study of this aspect of the game. Addressing this part of the game can improve your competitive match play.

Best Tecnifibre Squash Racquet 

As we mentioned earlier, Tecnifibre is a well respected manufacturer in the squash industry.

To help you find the right racquet from Technifibre, we will explore the pros and cons of some racquets below.

Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet Series (125, 130, 140g Weights Available)

Some specs of this racquet include:

  • Balance: 350mm
  • Head size: 77.5 sq. inches
  • Beam: 18mm
  • Construction: Graphite and Basaltex
  • Factory Grip: TecDry
  • Weight: 125g
  • Factory String: Synthetic Gut
  • String Pattern: 14/18
  • Color: black/yellow

The Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash racquet frame features a basaltex Multi-axial construction for higher control and resistance.

Also, the Isomorph Shaft provides 25% more power than conventional frames. 

The shaft’s flex benefits provide a more appropriate racquet suited to today’s skillful touch player: powerful, fast and responsive.

Racquet upgrades include: 

  • String Upgrade: A string upgrade is often advised if the factory string is not what the player would like. Factory string generally has less playability and durability qualities and is often strung too tight. 
  • Grommet Tape: Grommet tape is a piece of tape that goes over the head (bumper) of your racquet. Sometimes you have to get your racquet strung because of a broken bumper. If you add grommet tape to your racquet, you can save the cost of a re-string. 
  • Over Grip: An over grip is recommended for those who sweat a lot, want to build up a grip, or wear through wrap grips very often. An over grip is thinner and wears quicker than re-grips, but can be changed much quicker and easier than a re-grip. 

View at Amazon to learn more about how this racquet might work for your game.

Some positive features and benefits of this racquet include:

  • More powerful hits with less arm effort. This is a big benefit after hours of play and a few hundred hits.
  •  Well balance racquet that offers lots of power off of each shot
  • Significant improvements in play since switching to this racquet.
  • Fast and powerful racquet 
  • Head heavy at 350 but feels balanced
  • Enjoy having a dark racquet so as to see the racquet out of peripheral vision against a white wall backdrop.
  • Excellent feel with just enough heft for power
  • Not the best racquet for a beginner. It is hard to generate power unless your swing is better than a beginner. 
  • This lighter weight racquet cuts down on injury.

Tecnifibre Suprem SB 125 Squash Racquet

Description from the manufacturer:

Designed to further enhance consistent and precise players, the Suprem SB 125 is endorsed by Alister Walker.

Boasting a mid-plus 470cm2 head, the racquet provides the ultimate control and power.

The stable racquet is ideal for long, intense rallies thanks to its head heavy balance.

Storm bridge technology provides incomparable power, while Ellipsis Vario Shaft technology allows a strong secure feel.

View at Amazon for more information on how this racquet might work for your game.

Features and details include:

  • Frame Weight: 125g +/- 5 g
  • Head Size:470cm2
  • Balance Strung: 355+/- 5mm
  • Construction: Graphite
  • Color: Green
  • Racquet comes factory strung with Tecnifibre 305 green 1.20mm

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com @Kzenon