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Playing any sport outside can be a great and healthy experience. The exposure to sunlight will help provide positive health benefits such as the production of Vitamin D.

But the sun can be a menace, too, obscuring your sight and causing you to miss a shot.

An easy fix to this annoying problem is the use of sunglasses to protect shield your eyes.

The best sunglasses for pickleball will work to guard you against this issue, while allowing you to play your full potential.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Pickleball

Pickleball is a non-seasonal sport that can be played indoors and outdoors.

Both follow similar guidelines for playing and scoring of the game with only a few minor changes due to the environment of an indoor court to that of an outdoor court.

Like similar sports such as tennis, playing indoors is often preferred to many pickleball players due to the constant, unchanging environment.

Playing outside can only be done, properly, if the weather is cooperating with your needs.

A downpour of rain or colder weather can ruin your fun time and stop a game in its tracks.

Even a small, light wind can affect the game’s outcome by disrupting the aerial movement of the ball.

But playing outdoors has benefits you cannot find on a gym’s court and nothing beats playing in the warmth of the sun.

If you plan ahead and prepare, a round of pickleball outside can be just as good as playing indoors.

Why Wear Sunglasses for Pickleball?

As mentioned, weather is the biggest element you have to fight against when playing outside.

While poor conditions can stop a game, good weather can also deliver some challenges.

The biggest problem players face whenever playing outside on a warm sunny day is the sun.

The rays of sunlight maybe the reason we can see during the day but more often than not it can quickly shift to blinding a person and prevent them from seeing anything.

This is the exact opposite effect you want while playing a sport as hand-eye-coordination and watching your opponent is key to winning a game.

Wearing sunglasses will help protect your sight and allow you to play your best game.

Wearing glasses will also prevent your eyes from being damaged by the sun’s rays.

The key to finding the right sunglasses to fix this problem is finding glasses specifically designed for pickleball or similar sports.

These glasses work to stop the glasses from sliding off or moving around as you execute plays and movements.

They are made to be lightweight and offer strong UV protection.

 The right sunglasses should feature a strong lens whose tint will block out the harsh sunlight but still allow you to see and be able to withstand possible drops or damage.

How to care for sunglasses

A great way to ensure that your glasses will last a long time is proper maintenance.

Taking care to not scratch or damage your glasses is important and can also keep your lenses clearer.

Besides not dropping or mishandling your sunglasses, removing smudges properly is a big way to prevent this.

Most cleaners will not work well for your lenses since their material is not designed to handle the pH values of the cleaners.

This can damage your lens and change the tint or color. Instead use water and basic hand soap.

When drying your glasses, you do not want to use your shirt or other nearby material.

Rather, use a specially designed cleaning cloth.

This cloth will prevent dust particles from sticking to your glasses which can cause smudges or scratches across the lenses.

To learn more about ways to clean and not clean your sunglasses, check out this great video.


While you do not want your glasses so loose, they fall right off your head, a fit that is too tight can also be bad and might even lead to headaches.

Finding a snug but secure fit is all you need. If you are still afraid of your glasses slipping off, consider purchasing a strap to prevent slippage.

Another way to prevent slipping from your sunglasses is so watch what types of grips the pair of sunglasses you are considering feature.

Many sport-based sunglasses have several grip paddings that are designed to hold fast, even when they are damped by sweat.

These grips are featured on the bridge of your nose, your temple, and ears.

Another feature of fit is the difference between men and women’s sizing.

Women are assumed to have smaller head shapes, while men are considered to have larger head shapes.

This can greatly affect which pair of sunglasses will fit you properly.

While most glasses are made for the average head shape, several sports companies offer two different size options within their brand of sunglasses in order to make a more perfect fit.

Oval shaped frames and lenses are a common neutral ground for fit, as they are known for having a better fit based on the average head and face shape.


The frames of your sunglasses can be made from either plastic or metal materials.

Plastic materials are less expensive.

The most common plastic material for sports sunglasses is polycarbonate.

Frames made with polycarbonate offer strong resistance to impacts and work to protect your eyes.

Metal materials are strong and lightweight but are expensive and not often featured in those sunglasses designed for sports.

Frames can also come in different styles including full or half frames, and frameless.

Frameless sunglasses will obviously not provide must protection or stability for you, but both full and half frames are great options to consider.

Full frame glasses totally encircle the lenses while half framed glasses only cover the upper portion of the lens.

How far the frame wraps around the lenses depends on what you want from your glasses more, visibility or protection.

A full frame will wrap around a larger area and therefore increase the protection offered to your eyes.

Full frames offer a wide vision field but if the frame is thick enough it can affect your downward vision due to the bottom rims being covered.

Half frames solve this problem and have less protection to stop light and other objects from damaging your eyes.

A final feature about your sunglasses’ frames include the glasses ability to support vents.

Vents are beneficial for those who sweat a lot due to playing for long hours or in hotter temperatures as it allows more airflow to cool you off and evaporate the sweat.


The lens is one of the biggest features to pay attention to when looking for a pair of glasses due to the amount of details incorporated into the lenses; features like the color of a lens and the amount of light and UV rays coming through the lenses.

The color of your lenses can change a lot about what areas you see better, such as different colors and objects.

A polarized lens reduces any glare that might occur. Both are important features to consider and are often very similar brand to brand.

While protecting your eyes from irrigating light may seem like the main point of sunglasses, the real reason is the overall protection sunglasses offer to your eyes’ health.

Blocking harmful sun rays like UV light is an important way to limit the damage your eyes suffer while you are on the court.

The main lens material for sports are polycarbonate, a solid thermoplastic, and Trivex NXT.

These two materials are impact resistant, shatter proof, and can bend without breaking.

This durability makes them a great option for sport glasses.

Interchangeable lenses are also an option offered by many companies now. This allows a person to choose the best lens based on their need’s day to day.

Each lens has slightly different features that allow it to function differently in different lightings.

Sunglasses that do not offer this may be made to allow interchangeability with separately purchased lens.

Best Sunglasses for Pickleball

There are a number of sunglass options that could help protect you and keep the sun from your eyes during your next game of Pickleball. It’s important, though, to always consult a medical professional before use to ensure the safety and appropriateness of a product.

The following options may prove a good place to begin your search.

Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses FDA Approved

Hulislem’s sport sunglasses come in seven different color options.

Each color option not only offers a different frame coloring but also a different color and tint to the lenses.

This helps you find the perfect pair for you and your needs.

The sunglasses are 5.51 inches across their entire frame and have added vents along the temple.

The extremely lightweight sunglasses are polarized, meaning there will not be any glare on the lenses caused by the sun.

Two strong characteristics for sports glasses to feature.

The frames are made from polycarbonate, a plastic. This is a major material for the sunglass industry and commonly used as it features a strong resistance to impact, shock, and damage while protecting your eyes.

The frame’s durability is further established through the Stress Resistant TR90 design.

There is a UV 400 mirror coating on the lenses to limit the amount of light exposed and prevents damage from UV rays from occurring.

The lenses are composed of a dual polaric ellipsoid geometry design. This creates greater depth perception and color contrast to enhance your clarity.

The color of the lenses is known as AcuTint coloring so there is no distortion of natural colors even though there is strong color contrast.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

SPOSUNE Polarized Sports Sunglasses OTG Glasses with 5 Set Interchangeable Lenses for Men Women PC Unbreakable Frame for Cycling Running Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses

These sports sunglasses by Sposune come in four different frame colors and are designed for both men and women.

They have a length of 5.7 inches all the way across their frame.

These are an interchangeable set of sunglasses, featuring 5 different lens options for you to choose from.

Each of the lens options have their own unique, positive benefits.

The yellow lens is best for night or dark activities.

The blue colored lenses are more equipped to handle times around the beach and sand.

Both the gray and black colored lenses are polarized, meaning they reduce glare caused by the sun, and great for all outdoor activity.

The clear lenses work well for windy weather.

Each of these lenses is made with shatterproof and durable material. The glasses also come with their own cleaning cloth and carrying case to ensure a long life.

There is also an additional head band and cord to secure the glasses.

The nose of the glasses is equipped with a soft rubber pad to prevent any irritation or pain from forming.

With an unbreakable, eco-friendly frame, the glasses are incredibly comfortable and durable.

They are also light in weight and can be worn for various sports.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these glasses could work for you.

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