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If you are a squash player who lives with over-pronation, we are here to help!

While this condition can make finding shoes considerably more challenging, with our advice, you will be able to select squash shoes that cater to your unique needs.

So, let’s see how overpronation affects your squash game and how you can find the best squash shoes for overpronation.

What is overpronation?

Overpronation is a condition that causes a player’s foot to roll when it should not. 

This has the great potential to cause serious injury to players when playing squash and must be carefully managed.

What are potential concerns of a squash player who suffers from overpronation?

Squash is a very active game that puts your feet into many positions that can lead to a rolled ankle.

For example, when you run and jump, yoru feet may experience pressures on either side as you land.

Some squash footwork places pressure on either the insides or the outsides of your feet. 

If you suffer from overpronation, these circumstances can easily cause your feet to roll without warning.

Overpronation allows your feet to easily be destabilized, which puts you in a precarious position, especially if you enjoy taking risks during the game!

So, your shoes must compensate for this increased risk and support your feet very well.

If you are not sure if you have overpronated feet, try these easy tests!

How can you choose shoes that work well with your overpronated feet?

Characteristics of shoes that support overpronated feet

As you can see, your shoes are up for a very difficult task if you have overpronated feet! 

But, selecting great shoes for overpronation does not have to be stressful.

But, do not worry, you can find shoes that will support you well.

Squash shoes need to support any player’s feet, but, if you struggle with overpronation, this need is amplified.

Choose squash shoes that offer exceptional support in all areas. 

Make sure that the shoes support the inside of your heel and the ball of your foot. 

These areas undergo excessive wear, and, therefore, require the highest level of support.

Avoid soft cushioning materials. Instead, choose strong cushioning systems with substantial structure.

In this case, dense gel cushioning is durable and supportive, yet comfortable. Gel offers players comfort as well as support. 

This is a terrific combination for those of you with overpronation!

Select the most stable shoes that you can find. 

Thick, dense, durable soles are a must on the squash court. 

They provide a firm foundation that you can leverage for all of your riskiest moves, and they will help you stay on your feet.

Look for shoes with rigid outer supports and a firm, steady base. 

Many squash shoes offer players innovative support technologies that support the top and sides of your feet as well!

Look for squash shoes that give you a great arch support. 

Support in this area of the foot can strengthen your entire base, helping keep you safe on the squash court.

Make sure that all parts of your feet feel secure in the shoes that you select. 

While the soles of your shoes are critical, overpronation requires an additional level of support throughout the entirety of your shoes.

The best squash shoes for overpronation offer players a great foundation that will support your feet at every level of play.

The more support that they provide, the better! 

Look for shoes that exhibit strong soles, a firm base and cushioning system, and supportive structuring throughout.

While some squash players are tempted to choose low rise shoes for maximum mobility, those players who struggle with overpronation should avoid those shoes, in general.

Instead, choose shoes that rise higher on your feet so that you can enjoy more coverage and greater support.

However, if you play with an ankle brace or leg brace, low rise shoes may accommodate them better than other shoe types.

Best squash shoes for overpronation

A pronator will show extra wear on the inside of the heel and under the ball of the foot, especially the big toe.

Overpronators should consider choosing maximum support or structured cushioning shoes.

Structured cushioning shoes provide a degree of stability and cushioning, whereas maximum support shoes are the most stable shoes you can get.

Running shoes in both of these categories will help your feet distribute the impact of running more effectively.

Overpronation can be very difficult to deal with if you are an avid squash player, but you can find shoes that will support your feet if you have this challenging condition.

Here are a few of our best recommendations for squash shoes for overpronation. What shoes have you found that help with this condition?

ASICS Men’s Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes

Asics, one of the most world-renowned brands in sporting gear, offer the Men’s Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes.

While these shoes are not specifically designed to cater to athletes with overpronation, they do offer many features that offer support for this condition.

Blade 7s are great for many court sports including squash, badminton, and more. 

They offer you a fantastic amount of cushioning, and they’re covered in stylish graphics and colors.

With an EVA midsole, these shoes will enhance your bounce and step as you challenge your competition in your next game of squash.

Highlights of these shoes include an EVA midsole for bounce and cushioning along with a mesh insole and an Ortholite sockliner.

You’ll love the comfort and support of these shoes on the squash court!

If you struggle with overpronation, you need all the support that you can get. 

The Gel technology and Trusstic system both support your feet during your most intense, challenging moments.

How do these features help with overpronation?

Gel cushioning gives you a high level of sole support and comfort throughout the entire shoe, stabilizing your entire foot even during quick movements.

The Trusstic system works with the overall design of the shoe and provides stability and guidance for your feet. 

These shoes are especially beneficial for overpronation due to the added guidance of this innovative system.

When your feet are highly susceptible to overpronation, your shoes can help guide them in safe, natural movement patterns to minimize the chances of overpronation while you’re playing sports.

Designs like the Trusstic system are invaluable in protecting you against overpronation.

Gel-Blade 7 shoes come in a very wide range of sizes, so they work well with many different types and sizes of feet.

If you struggle to find a shoe style that works for you, try a pair of Gel-Blade 7s!

Though these shoes do come with a sock liner, you can easily replace this with orthotics if these help support your feet and ankles during athletic activities.

While you may think that shoes that offer this high level of support may be hot and stuffy, this could not be further from the truth!

Actually, these shoes are quite airy, and they offer fantastic air flow.

Thanks to the mesh insole and ortholite sock liner, your feet can breathe even during the hottest moments of summer.

As if the above information is not enough of a recommendation for these incredible squash shoes, the Aharplus outsole is another terrific feature that wows athletes around the world.

This carefully designed hardware focuses on protection. 

It reduces the amount of scuffing that you leave on the court as you slide to make your shots and adds an extra layer of protection to the shoes.

Though squash players typically go through at least two pairs of shoes a year, Gel-Blade 7s will help you make the most of the life of your shoes.

As you can see, these highly supportive and protective shoes are a great choice for any squash player, especially for those of you who fight overpronation.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these shoes may work for your game.

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Clifton 6 Running Shoe

Though Hoka One One is not as well known as Asics, they offer you a great squash shoe option.

While Clifton 6s are technically running shoes, you can use them for squash as well.

They are not designed for an indoor court, but they do offer athletes who suffer from overpronation an incredible level of strong support to minimize the effects of this condition.

The Clifton family is arguably Hoka One One’s greatest contribution to the athletic world, and the Clifton 6 line is a terrific addition.

Clifton 6s expand from the strong foundation laid by the rest of the Clifton line and offer athletes an interesting combination of soft and light qualities.

How do Clifton 6s build upon the rest of the Clifton line?

These shoes provide a very smooth step that you will appreciate when you play the fast, intense game of squash.

They are extremely comfortable, and they deliver a bold design. 

You’ll really enjoy how they make you feel on the squash court as you take on the competition in your next match.

You’ll really appreciate the stability, comfort, and strength of Clifton 6s. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this shoe could work for you.

Have you taken a pair of Clifton 6s to the squash court?

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