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A good pair of squash shoes provides comfort and support while you tear up the court and crush your opponents.

You need shoes that are well-made and built for performance. Most of all, you need squash shoes that are comfortable!

The cushioning lining the inside of the shoes is most responsible for the comfortability of your feet when you’re on the court.

So, how do you choose the best squash shoes for cushioning?

Let’s learn how to select a pair of squash shoes that will keep your feet comfortable in the heat of the game!

What to look for in comfortable squash shoes

When you’re looking for a new pair of squash shoes, you need to make sure that they will be comfortable!

Squash puts your feet under an enormous amount of stress, and your feet are key to your squash performance!

So, carefully inspect the cushioning to ensure that your shoes are bolstered to the max.

Here’s a guide to choosing comfortable squash shoes. 

Follow these tips, and you will not be disappointed with your decision.

Take care of your feet while you play squash by choosing well-cushioned shoes to enjoy the game for years to come.


The first step to choosing comfortable squash shoes is to find shoes that fit well. 

Make sure that your toes have plenty of space and that your feet do not move excessively when you run, jump, and lunge.

Find the right fit, and then inspect the shoes more closely for other signs that they will be comfortable in the long-term.

Multiple types of cushioning

The most comfortable squash shoes are designed with multiple types of cushioning

Why is this important? Is one type of cushioning not sufficient?

No, multiple cushioning types are necessary to give you the most comfortable experience possible!

When you play squash or any other sport, different parts of your feet experience different stresses and pressure.

Likewise, various materials are best suited for the different parts of your feet.

For example, gel supports offer your heels strong impact resistance and shock absorption. 

Softer cushioning materials are better suited for the forefoot and arch.

When you insert your feet into the shoes, pay attention to the way the cushioning feels. 

Shoes that only utilize one type of cushioning structure are not suited for squash.

Is it strong enough to support your feet when you lunge and jump?

Heel support

Make sure that your squash shoes support your heel very well. 

During intense squash games, your heels work very hard, and they often take the hardest shockwaves. 

Over time, you can injure your heels if your shoes do not properly support them.

Look for dense cushioning underneath your heels, and ensure that the backs of your shoes are very supportive.

Many people undergo heel injuries from playing squash; make sure that your story is different!

Cushion material and durability

Consider the integrity of the cushioning material that lines your squash shoes. All material types are not created equal!

Different materials offer different properties. 

Soem materials have a lot of give, while other, denser materials retain their shape upon impact.

The best squash shoes use a combination of loose and dense materials to maximize support and comfort.

For example, soft cushioning material may feel incredible when you slip your feet into your shoes, but it is not as durable as other cushion types.

On the other hand, dense foam is much more durable, and it also provides a high level of comfort.

Gel cushions are another strong material that significantly adds to the comfortability of your shoes.

Look for shoes that use a high level of cushioning in each of the primary parts of the shoe. 

Closely inspect the sole, heel, and forefoot areas. 

Each of these three areas should utilize a different cushion composition. 

Remember, dense cushion materials offer shock absorption and great durability properties but less initial comfort, while softer materials cushion your feet like you’re stepping on a soft pillow.

The best shoes generally utilize a combination of such materials.

Best squash shoes for cushioning

Your comfortability of your squash shoes strongly impacts your comfort during the game. 

When you are on the squash court, you need the best shoes possible so that you can focus on your shots. 

So, we scoured the internet to provide you with a selection of the most comfortable squash shoes available. 

Check out the options below, and let us know about your favorite squash shoes in the comments!

Salming Men’s Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes

If you are in search of the most comfortable shoes, you have to check out Salming Men’s Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes.

What makes these squash shoes stand out from the crowd?

Three features really set these shoes apart from their competition: the exoskeleton, the ergo heel cup, and Recoil + Recoil R technology.

First, let’s see how the exoskeleton gives you an elevated experience. 

When you play squash, your feet take the brunt of the pressure. 

As you step into your shots, lunge, and jump, your feet need support. 

The strong exoskeleton provides a great support structure for your feet by stabilizing the natural lateral motions as you move about the court.

Thanks to the support at your MTP (metatarsophalangeal) joints, your feet will feel minimal pressure.

Plus, these shoes will reduce the friction and medio-lateral movement of your feet, especially in the soft parts of your sole such as beneath your forefoot.

Next, let’s learn more about how the ergo heel cup supports your feet and adds comfort to your squash game.

The ergo heel cup serves to stabilize your heel during intense play. 

When your heel is snugly held in place, your feet move less in your shoes, offering a more secure and comfortable experience.

The ergo heel cup extends longer than the heel cups that competitors use to provide you with increased security and comfort.

Last but not least, the Recoil + Recoil R technology is the real bread and butter of Kobra 2 shoes.

When you look at the details of this innovation, it’s easy to see why squash players rave about the comfort of these awesome shoes!

Named for a compound that is responsible for the primary cushioning, Recoil is designed to give your feet a premium athletic experience.

Recoil material is a very lightweight cushion that provides you with an incredible rebound energy. 

The standard Recoil material covers the majority of the sole where your feet need the most energy input.

However, around the heel area, Recoil R (recoil reduction) material minimizes the impact of recoil forces to protect this part of your foot when you make sharp contact with the court.

As you can see, these shoes are cushioned extremely well in order to provide you with the highest level of comfort while you play squash.

Salming Kobra are as functional on the squash court as they are comfortable. 

Not only do these shoes offer you an innovative cushion system, they also give you tremendous traction.

The hexagrip soles elevate your performance and help elevate your squash skills every time you step onto the court.

Salming Kobra 2’s are an excellent asset to your squash gear. 

They’ll keep your feet comfortable, and they’ll help you become the best squash player you can be.

View at Amazon for more information on how this shoe might work for your game.

ASICS Men’s Blast FF Court Shoes

Asics Men’s Blast FF Court Shoes are a fantastic choice if you’re planning to add a new set of squash shoes to your collection.

They are as comfortable as they are eye-catching; you’ll be sure to intimidate the competition.

Blast FF shoes offer you a high level of comfort due to their incredibly thoughtful design. 

Asics really takes comfort to the next level with these shoes!

These squash shoes are made using a combination of mesh and synthetic material, but the cushioning material inside is what gives these shoes their shine.

On the midsole area, you’ll find Flytefoam, a very lightweight cushioning foam that will help you balance in the most precious moments of the game. 

It adds bounce to your step, keeping you light on your feet and allowing you to make the most of your energy output.

The Trusstic system supports and adds structure to the midfoot, helping you maintain balance and sure footing.

You’ll love the gel technology that provides a soft cushion in your rearfoot. 

It absorbs shock and relieves the pressure that your joints incur from stress and impact.

If that wasn’t enough, these shoes also give you a comfortable, removable ortholite sockliner for excellent sweat wicking and protection. 

You can easily enjoy squash even on the hottest days of the year!

Asics FFs are very well ventilated, giving your feet plenty of refreshing air flow. 

Your feet will stay very cool in the most intense games, allowing you to focus on what’s important – the game!

These athletic shoes are designed for support, stability, comfort, and performance.

If you need a new pair of durable, comfortable squash shoes, look no further than Asics Men’s Blast FF Court Shoes.

With a strong, N.C rubber outsole and California lasting, they’re designed to give you the highest level of support from their contact with the court to the way they embrace your feet.

These shoes can help you take your squash game to the next level with style and comfort.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these shoes might work for your game.

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