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When you’re playing an intense game of squash, you need to know that you can count on your shoes to support your feet and ankles. 

This is especially true if you have leg, feet, or ankle issues or if you are an older squash player.

The better the ankle support of your shoes, the safer you are while you play the sport and the less likely you are to experience squash related injuries.

So, we’re here to help you find the best squash shoes for ankle support so that you can stay safe and maximize your performance on the squash court.

Let’s get started!

How to choose squash shoes with strong ankle support

While you may be tempted to think that ankle support is a singular quality, it’s actually a composition of many shoe design components.

To make the best decision when choosing shoes that will provide you with a high level of ankle support, consider all of the factors below.

So, what influences the ability of your shoes to provide ankle support while you play squash?

Direct ankle support

Some shoes do offer direct ankle support components. 

For example, shoes may include inserts or ankle support braces that are built directly into the back and sides of the shoes.

These often function similarly to a supportive brace that you may wear in addition to other shoes.

Like braces, these inserts surround your ankle with rigidity to physically hold it in place as your foot moves.

If you need strong, direct ankle support, look for shoes with such a physical component.

Make sure that this structure fits well around your ankle.

Shock absorption and cushioning

Shock absorption material and cushioning components are indirect ankle supports. 

How do they support your ankle?

When you play squash, your feet experience high levels of impact as it slams into the floor. Imagine the way that your feet feel when you come down from a jump.

Your feet feel a lot more impact under this circumstance than they feel when you take a soft step, right?

These impacts repeatedly send shock waves through your feet to your ankles. Over time, this wears down your ankles.

So, the best squash shoes remove as much of this impact force as possible before it reaches your body.

This is where shock absorption and cushioning enter the equation.

Look for shoes with shock absorbent soles and a high level of dense cushion.

Shock absorbing soles minimize the amount of shock that makes it to your feet, and internal cushioning further reduces the level of shock that your ankles feel.

You’ll notice a huge difference between shoes with little to no shock absorption and those with a high level of shock absorbent material.

The more shock that your shoes absorb, the better your ankles are supported.

Rise and fit

Let’s get into the physics of ankle support for a moment. 

The amount of surface area that your shoes cover is directly related to the amount of ankle support that your shoes can provide.

Think of it this way: if the shoe is not touching your feet, it cannot directly support them in that area.

So, if you need shoes that offer a high level of ankle support, choose mid rise or high rise shoes. 

In other words, avoid low rise shoes. 

Low rise shoes give you the highest level of movement, but this is bad for ankle support.

On the other hand, mid rise and high rise shoes can directly support your ankles and help protect them from undue stress.

Note that even the shoes that are designed to offer your ankles the highest level of support will not function properly if they do not fit well.

A good fit is key to strong ankle support and lasting comfort.

Rigidity and natural movement

When you think of ankle support, rigidity most likely comes to mind. 

However, the best ankle supports actually utilize a combination of rigidity and structures that support your natural ankle movements.

Let’s dive into this a little deeper. 

When it comes to support, most people think of a very rigid material that holds your ankle in place.

This is not the full story. Rather, the best ankle support shoes use rigidity to encourage your ankle to move naturally.

Natural movement is actually very healthy for your ankles; it’s unnatural movement that is the problem.

So, look for shoes that promote an ergonomic design and support system.

Best squash shoes for ankle support

Squash is a very fun sport, but it places a high amount of stress on your feet and ankles!

So, many squash players opt for shoes with strong ankle support qualities. 

If you are in need of squash shoes to bolster your ankles while you play, explore the excellent shoes below.

They are sure to help protect your ankles on the squash court!

Mishansha Mens Court Squash Badminton Tennis Shoes Indoor Outdoor Non Slip

Mishansha Mens Court Squash Shoes are a terrific addition to your squash gear. 


Mishansha is a well-known brand that specializes in providing athletes with high quality shoes for a variety of court sports.

These shoes are especially good for squash players seeking substantial ankle support.

They are designed to protect your feet and ankles from the stress that comes with playing squash. Plus, they are cool and comfortable.

How do Mishansha Squash Shoes support your ankles during the game?

These shoes rise higher on your ankle than other squash shoes, so they are able to offer constructive support over a wider surface area.

Generally speaking, shoes that reach higher on your ankle are typically more supportive than low-rise squash shoes.

Keep this in mind as you select your next pair!

They also feature an ergonomically curved ankle design that supports your ankles’ natural movements.

This support helps your ankles function properly even when they are severely stressed. 

Some squash shoe manufacturers strongly focus on holding your ankle in place, but Mishansha takes an innovative approach that considers the way that your ankles move.

Rather than focusing on maintaining rigidity in the ankle area, Mishansha strives to support your ankles as they move.

Allowing for your natural movements is far better than forcing your feet into an unnatural configuration.

The shock absorbing sole indirectly supports your ankles, too. 

It minimizes the shock that your ankles feel, helping keep them strong and healthy. 

Shock from the impact of your feet coming into contact with rigid surfaces is responsible for a lot of the athletic stress on your ankles. 

So, to minimize the negative effects of sports on your ankles, choose shoes with shock absorbent soles.

Mishansha shoes are manufactured with synthetic leather and mesh materials and completed with a rubber sole. 

They are a very attractive, stylish pair of squash shoes, adorned with a very colorful, patterned decoration to bring your fashion sense to the court.

With a breathable upper that offers immense air flow, your feet will stay dry even if you sweat a lot when you play sports or complete an intense workout.

You’ll also appreciate the comfortable, ergonomically enhanced footbed and mesh lining that enhance comfortability and sweat-wicking properties.

These athletic shoes are terrific for many indoor court sports such as squash, volleyball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, ping pong, racketball and more.

Some people even wear them as daily walkers!

With this incredible design, it’s safe to say that Mishansha Squash Shoes are one of the best options for ankle support that you can find.

HEAD Men’s Sonic 2000 MID Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking)

Head is one of the most highly revered names in any court sport, and their Head Men’s Sonic 2000 MID Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes are a testament to their dedication to quality, comfort, and excellence.

These synthetic shoes with a rubber sole are great for use during many common indoor court sports like squash, pickleball, racquetball, badminton, volleyball, and more.

If you plan on wearing these shoes on indoor courts, you’ll appreciate their non-marking gum rubber outsoles. 

The high abrasion compound lining the outside of the shoes helps you maximize traction on smooth indoor courts, increasing your performance abilities and safety.

With a synthetic leather upper and an air mesh upper, they are designed for air flow, comfort, and support.

How exactly do these shoes support your ankles while you’re playing squash?

Well, the bulk of ankle support comes from the internal pre-molded heel. 

This innovative shoe component works to provide stability, fit, and support. 

Your ankles are very susceptible to movement and stretching when you play squash, and the pre-molded heel helps bolster your heel as you play.

In addition, the EVA midsole absorbs shock every time that your feet land on the court. 

This protects your feet by minimizing the pressure and shock that your ankles feel, relieving them of substantial stress.

You’ll love the strong ankle support, and you’ll also appreciate the sturdy traction of the HyBrasion gum rubber soles.

This material helps maximize the transfer of energy from your feet to the floor, making the most of your legs’ work.

These shoes are as comfortable as they are sturdy. Thanks to the mesh inlays and synthetic leather, your feet will stay dry and comfortable throughout your entire squash game.

As you can see, the combination of cushioning, breathability, and ankle support make the Head Sonic 2000s a great pair of squash shoes.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work with your game.

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