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As you go through the process of choosing a new squash racquet, you may wonder how much your racquet really affects your game.

Of course, your footwork, playing style, and finesse largely determine your success.

However, as you perfect your squash game, your racquet gains a larger role in impacting your performance on the squash court.

So, if you call yourself a professional squash player, you’ll be happy to know that we’re here to help you choose the best squash racquet for advanced players.

What to consider when choosing a squash racquet

Selecting a new squash racquet can be a fun process if you know what you’re looking for! 

Compare all racquets that you are strongly considering by the metrics below to learn how they can support your squash game.


The weight of your racquet significantly impacts your movements, dexterity, and shots.

How so?

The heavier the racquet, the slower your moments and reaction time. On the reverse side of the coin, lighter racquets allow you to move swiftly.

Light racquets generally serve advanced squash players better than heavy racquets.

At high levels of squash, the game moves very fast!

You need to be ready to position your racquet just as fast, if not faster than, your opponent strikes.


Similarly, you need a grip that will help you excel during fast-paced, intense squash games.

Your shots are powerful, and you’ve honed your strokes to a great routine.

But, if you can’t wield your racquet well, it’s all for nought.

Choose a racquet with a grip that fits your hands well. 

Select a racquet that you feel you can grip strongly even in the toughest of conditions.

Anti-sweat, anti-slip grips are a major plus.

Head size

This factor is largely a matter of personal preference. 

The larger the head size, the heavier the racquet will be. 

But, large racquets increase your chances of connecting with the ball.

The most advanced squash players tend to focus more on speed, which means smaller racquet sizes.

Consider the relationship between the size of the racquet head and reaction time when you are in the process of choosing a new squash racquet.


The highest levels of squash demand the highest quality materials.

Select a racquet with a solid, modern construction. 

The best squash racquets are made using carbon fiber and graphite – strong, lightweight materials.


Power, control, and spin are the defining characteristics that really separate advanced squash racquets from the beginner and intermediate categories.

When you’re playing against the best squash players in the world, you have to have an incredible amount of power behind every shot in order to stay competitive.

Your racquet largely determines the speed of your shots.

At this stage in the game, choose a racquet that helps you pack as much power as possible behind your shots.


Similarly, a high level of finessed spin is a must to make it in the upper echelons of the squash world.

Some racquets are designed specifically to help you infuse spin into your shots, while others focus explicitly on power.

The best squash racquets for advanced players are designed to promote both spin and power.

Power may be the factor that’s foremost in your mind, but being able to manipulate the spin of the ball can really throw your opponent off-guard and tip the odds of winning in your favor.


Last but not least, consider the level of control of the ball that you have with the racquet that you are considering. 

Shot placement is key at this high level of the sport.

Unfortunately, control is typically inversely related to power and spin. 

Luckily, once you have honed your squash skills, you probably have a great level of control without substantial assistance from your racquet.

However, a greater level of control allows you to take charge and execute shots exactly where you want to them to fall.

Select a racquet that affords you excellent shot control in conjunction with strong power and spin.

Best squash racquet for advanced players 

If you are an advanced squash player, then you definitely need the best racquet possible to take your game to the next level.

Explore the selection of high quality racquets below to find your next game changing piece of squash gear.

Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet Series (125, 130, 140g Weights Available)

If you are in the market for a new squash racquet, strongly consider the prestigious Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet Series.

It’s made of strong, lightweight graphite and weighs only 0.2 kg.

This high quality squash racquet can help take your squash game to the next level.

Complete with a Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Basaltex squash frame and Basaltex Multiaxial design, this racquet offers serious players an incredible level of resistance and control.

At this level of the game, you’re looking for any slight edge in the competition.

With this racquet, you’ll enjoy 25% more power than you’ll get from traditional frames thanks to the advanced Isomorph Shaft.

If you’re a professional level squash player, you know that racquet reactivity is key to your performance.

So, Tecnifibre Carboflex racquets are designed to be highly sensitive to your touch. This racquet is fast, strong, and incredibly responsive.

As you can see, this racquet is exceptionally well-designed, and it can help you take your squash game to new heights.

If you are looking for an excellent squash racquet, look no further than the Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet.


  • Frame – 130 g graphite
  • Frame shape – Teardrop
  • Head – 500 cm sq / 77.5 sq. in.
  • String – synthetic gut Technifibre 305 + PLUS 1.2mm – 17 gauge
  • String pattern – 14/18
  • Balance – 355 +/- 5 mm
  • Grip – Tec dry

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

HEAD i110 Squash Racket (Bundle Options)

The Head i100 Squash Racket is another terrific squash racket to complement your squash game.

It’s hard to hold a conversation about any racket sport without mentioning Head; it’s one of the most common, renowned names in racket sports.

The i110 Squash Racket is a great example of Head’s dedication to excellent sporting gear.

What does the Head i100 Squash Racket offer to advanced squash players?

This racket is impeccably designed to give you a terrific squash experience.

While some rackets are best suited for advanced squash players, this racket can easily be used by squash players of any level.

If you are a beginner, this racket will help you fine tune your game. 

And, if you are an extremely advanced player, this racket can help amplify your honed squash skills.

This racket definitely stands out from the crowd in terms of maneuverability and reflected power.

Because the Head i110 is made of titanium and carbon fiber, very strong, lightweight materials, it feels as light as a feather.

This allows you to move the racket swiftly on the court with minimal effort.

While this racket may be light, it’s very strong, and it helps you deliver extremely powerful shots!

And, the intel fibre composition adds rigidity to the racket, allowing it to better resist the impact of the ball.

Due to this technology, the i100 has a very large sweet spot, so you can amp up your game with consistent, powerful shots very often.

This technology also eliminates roughly 20% of the vibrations, providing you with a comfortable, less disruptive game experience.

And, you will really appreciate the firm, dense grip that gives a stable contact point between your hand and the racket.


  • Frame – 110 g titanium, carbon fiber
  • Head – 495 cm sq
  • Length – 27”
  • Balance – 355 – 375 mm
  • String pattern – 12/17

View at Amazon to find out how this product might work for your game.

Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racket – Full Size with Carry On Cover and Durable Strings – Made of Pure Graphite Designed to Improve Gameplay for All Skill Levels

The Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racket Set is a great addition to any avid squash player’s gear.

This racket is made of lightweight aluminum and a graphite frame for excellent performance and durability.

It’s one of the foremost rackets in its class. You’ll love the strength of the graphite frame; this racket is designed to last for many seasons.

The Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racket is intended to help squash players of all levels maximize their game.

Thanks to its lightweight nature, this racket allows you to move quickly, accurately, and precisely.

With a standard teardrop shape, this racket features longer strings to add substantial power to all of your shots.

The open throat style also contributes to a terrific power level for all of your returns.

Prepare to dominate the competition with this incredible squash racket!

You’ll enjoy a great combination of control and power each time you pick up this high quality racket.

With consistency and force behind every shot, you will be able to watch your squash game improve before your very eyes!

It’s obvious that this squash racket offers you many benefits, but the good news does not stop there.

In addition to superb construction, incredible control, and enhanced power behind your shots, you will love the included cover, complete with shoulder strap for your convenience.

Now, you can easily carry your squash racket anywhere you need to go!

View at Amazon to learn more about how this racket could work for your game.


  • Shape – teardrop
  • Material – graphite

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