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So, you’ve been playing squash long enough to defeat the average beginner, but you’re not quite a professional.

If you find yourself in this category, it’s probably time to upgrade your squash racket!

While your beginner racket helped you reach your current skill level, you need a racket with different characteristics to help you advance your game to the next tier.

We’re here to help you choose the best squash racket for intermediate players so that you can continue to hone your skills and become even more competitive at higher levels of squash.

Let’s find out what you need to look for in a racket if you are an intermediate squash player!

What to look for in a squash racket for intermediate players

Intermediate squash players have specific racket needs. 

Below are the criteria that you should consider when purchasing a new squash racket.


If you are an intermediate squash player, you need a racket that supports your powerful hits and magnifies the power in your swing.

At this level of the sport, competition is stiff, and you need to be at your best!

Look for a racket with a large, powerful sweet spot for maximum power transfer.

Your racket should be tightly strung to provide players with a high level of power behind their shots.


While you do need a racket that supports your powerful swing, you also need a high level of control.

At this point in your game, you’ve developed some excellent skills, and you likely have good ball placement abilities.

However, if you upgrade to a substantially more powerful racket, you will need assistance from your racket in terms of control, as well.

A more powerful racket is more difficult to accurately and precisely wiedl. 

Therefore, a racket that also offers control will be best for taking your game to the next level.

Control improves your shot placement ability, one of your greatest assets in squash.

Grip type

Now, let’s talk about grip. Grip is very specific to the individual player’s preferences. 

It’s important that you choose the best grip for you.

Select a racket with a grip that feels comfortable in your hand. 

Choose a grip that offers you great traction as you move.

Texture in the grip is key to your success. 

Your ability to hold on to the racket and use it to the best of your skills plays a large role in your squash game.

Make sure that your racket grip is made of strong, durable materials that will not degrade.

Rubber and synthetic materials are best for racket grips. 

Sweat-wicking and anti-moisture grips are very beneficial, too. These properties help keep your hands comfortable and your mind on the game at hand.

A slippery grip can be one of your greatest distractions when playing squash, so why not eliminate the problem before it begins!

You don’t want to be worrying about your sweaty hands when you need to focus on the game.

Size and weight

How do size and weight of a racket affect its qualities?

Squash rackets range in weight from 135-170 grams, and the weight of the racket has a direct relationship with the size of the racket.

In general, large rackets are heavier than small rackets, although the material that builds the frame strongly contributes to the weight of the racket, as well.

Light rackets afford players excellent control and the ability to react quickly. 

When you hold a light racket, you can easily flick your wrist, adding snap to your shots.

However, light rackets do not add as much natural power to your movements.

To add power, choose a heavy racket. 

The extra weight places additional power behind your shots.

A middle weight racket often works well for intermediate players, offering them lightweight movements with some additional power behind their shots.

Ultimately, this choice depends on your preferences. 

Select the racket weight and size that best support your natural game.

Throat shape and sweet spot

The shape of the throat determines your playing surface as well as the shape and size of the sweet spot.

Closed throat rackets give you a large, oval-shaped playing area with a large, oval-shaped sweet spot.

The extra string coverage adds weight to the racket, too.

On the other hand, open throat rackets utilize shorter main strings to give you more stability and control than that of closed throat rackets.

If you feel that additional control would benefit your development, choose an open throat racket. 

However, if you are ready to maximize the benefits of a large sweet spot, take advantage of a closed throat racket.


Balance is the final factor that you should consider when choosing a squash racket for an intermediate player.

What types of balance exist?

Head light, head heavy, and balanced are the options you must consider.

Head light rackets hold most of their weight in the handle, placing the weight directly in your hand.

Head light rackets are easily maneuverable and very sensitive to the slightest inputs.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, head heavy rackets place the bulk of the weight, and power in the head of the racket.

This reduces your control, however, it infuses an incredible amount of power into your shots.

Balanced rackets are the middle ground between the other two racket types.

Balanced rackets place the weight equally in the handle and in the head, offering players a respectable amount of both power and control

Best squash racket for intermediate players

If you are looking for a new squash racket to propel your game to the next level, we have a couple of terrific options in store for you!

Read on to learn about some of the best squash rackets on the market.

Your racket has a lot to do with your success as a squash player, and you need the best tools to help you defeat your opponents.

HEAD Graphene XT Cyano 110 Squash Racquet

Head is one of the foremost names in racquet sports, and the Graphene XT Cyano 110 Squash Racket is a testament to their experience and innovation in the sport.

If you are looking for a new racquet, the Cyano 110 is a terrific choice. This racquet is intended to carry your game to the next level.

With excellent specifications and thoughtful engineering, this may be just the racquet you need to grow in squash.

This racquet is especially well suited for highly ambitious players who seek to increase the power and competitive nature of their game.

Plus, you will really appreciate the ease of maneuverability that this racquet displays.

This racquet is the newest Head squash innovation, complete with Graphene XT technology.

Graphene XT technology lightens the racquet, contributing to control and your ability to react.

While it is light, this racquet is terrifically powerful. Don’t let its lightweight fool you!

The inclusion of graphene in the frame makes the Cyano 110 super durable. It has a breaking strength that is more than 200 times more than that of steel!

This material also presents the opportunity for ideal redistribution of weight throughout the grip to the end of the racquet.

Removing weight from the head and center of the racquet allows the player to send more kinetic energy booming out of the head during powerful swings.

In effect, this simple weight redistribution adds more power to your shots with no extra effort required from you.

The Head Graphene XT Cyano 110 Squash racquet boasts impressive specifications.

With a head size of 500 sq. cm., this racquet features an open throat and a balance at its head heavy.

You will appreciate the string pattern of 12 mains x 17 crosses, which are recommended to be strong between 24 and 29 lbs.

Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet Series

Tecnifibre offers squash players some of the best squash gear available. 

It’s easy to see why squash players return to this brand time and time again!

Today, let’s consider the Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet Series.

You’ll find these racquets in the hands of squash players in the ranks from beginners to professionals.

Carboflex Squash Racquets are some of the most formidable racquets in the world. 

This racquet series offers players weights of 125g, 130g, and 140g.

You can choose any weight that suits your playing style and stature.

Thanks to the extra long main string design and teardrop shape, you’ll enjoy a large amount of power.

All racquets in this series provide players with an enlarged sweet spot so that players can enjoy more powerful shots than ever!

Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquets magnify the power in your shots to take your game to the highest level every time you step on the court.

With a teardrop head design, these racquets give you a large surface area.

Though this racquet is quite powerful, it’s incredibly light!

It gives you excellent swing ability, and it’s light enough to provide you with substantial control.

You will be able to move very swiftly and react to your opponent’s shots quickly. 

Also, you will love the way that you can snap your racket to infuse the maximum power into every shot!

Players remark that this racquet feels terrific upon contact, and it’s very maneuverable.

So, if you are looking for a new squash racquet, strongly consider choosing a racquet from the Tecnifibre Carboflex Series.

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