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The name Selkirk has become associated with quality and excellence in the world of pickleball.

Owned by two brothers and their father, the company is located in northern Idaho near the Selkirk Mountains. It opened in 2013, just as the popularity of pickleball was really taking off.

Selkirk paddles have a reputation for using the latest technology and for their high-quality graphics.

All paddles they make are manufactured at their 6,000-square-foot facility.

The Selkirk Amped line of paddles came out in 2017. These paddles all feature the new X5 polypropylene core, and their faces are finished with FiberFlex fiberglass.

Selkirk has worked to make the Amped paddles their flagship line, even discontinuing some older models that have been replaced with an Amped equivalent.

Players approved of the responsiveness and power of the paddles, though a few complained that all the Amped paddles were on the heavier end of the weight spectrum.

But then in 2018, Selkirk answered that complaint by announcing a new lightweight version of the paddles.

These lightweight paddles would use the same X5 core technology but in a lighter form.

The move to a lighter weight paddle sacrifices some power but makes up for it in control over the ball and ease of use, especially for those prone to injury.

Selkirk has been very active in sponsoring professional pickleball players.

It sponsors over 100 of them, including Tyson McGuffin, Enrique Ruiz, JoAnne Russell, and Kaitlyn Christian.

It also sponsors the USA Pickleball National Championships and devotes resources to increasing awareness of pickleball.

Selkirk also produces pickleball balls and branded apparel, including hats and gloves.

Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddles – Made in The USA – Use The Paddle of The Pros

The Selkirk Amped pickleball paddle is USAPA approved, so it can be used in official competitions.

It comes highly recommended for singles players because its light weight enables players to move the paddle more quickly, which is necessary if you have to cover a whole court yourself.

The X5 core technology aims to increase both power and control over the ball.

In so doing, it defies conventional wisdom, which says that heavy paddles are better for power, light paddles are better for control, and a paddle can only have one or the other.

Some players may choose a paddle that offers greater power or greater control, but Selkirk’s Amped paddles offer an excellent combination of the two.

In addition, the core makes the paddle’s sweet spot more responsive.

The core has a honeycomb structure, which is common among pickleball paddles because it makes the core strong without adding too much weight.

The X5 core is also thicker than the average pickleball paddle core, which is why the Amped line of pickleball paddles tend toward the heavy side.

But the lightweight version of the Amped Epic paddle compensates for this by making the paddle as a whole lighter.

The paddle weighs between 7.3 and 7.8 oz, unless you choose the thin grip, which weighs 0.2 oz less.

It also comes in a midweight version, which weighs 7.9-8.4 oz.

The midweight version of the paddle will have a bit more power, while the lightweight version offers slightly more control.

Like all the paddles in the Amped line, the Amped Epic lightweight pickleball paddle has a surface made of FiberFlex, a kind of fiberglass.

The combination of this face and the core minimizes noise and vibration when the ball strikes the paddle, which keeps the ball on the paddle longer, to maximize control of the ball’s final placement.

The textured surface of the paddle also makes it easier to generate spin on the ball.

The paddle’s shape is traditional for pickleball, 15.75 in. long and 8 in. wide, and its handle is 5.25 in. long.

This handle is relatively long for a pickleball paddle, which makes it good for players used to playing tennis.

Players coming from tennis will also appreciate the head-heavy weighting that resembles a tennis racket.

The widebody shape and the new amped technology give it a large sweet spot, and it is very responsive.

The grip’s circumference is 4.25 in., which is about average, which means that most people will find it comfortable.

Those with smaller hands may choose the thin grip, which is just 4 in. around.

The standard grip features padding that absorbs moisture, keeping players’ hands dry even during intense matches.

The paddle also has an edge guard made of vinyl, which protects it from damage.

The paddle’s face features Selkirk’s s-shaped logo. The top of the paddle is colored red, blue, green, purple or orange, fading to white near the handle.

Professional and competitive players around the world use Selkirk’s Amped Epic light-weight pickleball paddle, which shows the overall quality of the paddle.

Its combination of power and control, though, mean that even a beginning player can take advantage of the paddle’s features.

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Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddles – Made in The USA – Use The Paddle of The Pros

The Amped S2 X5 paddle is a great all-around paddle, with power, control, speed and spin.

Compared to the Epic pickleball paddle and most other Selkirk paddles, the S2 has a shorter handle, which allows its face to be slightly larger while staying within USAPA regulations.

It’s still considered a medium-sized handle; it’s just smaller than the handles on other Selkirk options.

The handle is only 4.5 in. long, while its length is 15.75 in. and its width 8 in.

This gives it the largest sweet spot of any Selkirk paddle.

The sweet spot is the part of the paddle that offers maximum power and control.

Having a large sweet spot makes it easier for to get a solid hit on the ball.

Like the other Amped paddles, the S2 features the X5 polypropylene core, which was designed to give the paddle both power and control, without sacrificing either.

Its core is thicker than the usual pickleball paddle core, which is why it is able to have these benefits.

It is made of polypropylene (plastic) with a honeycomb structure that makes the core strong but also lighter than a solid core would be.

Its face is made of FiberFlex, a unidirectional fiberglass, which combines with the core to dampen sound and minimize torque.

The fiberglass is textured, thereby offer more control by keeping the ball on the paddle longer and making it easier to spin the ball.

The standard weight S2 weighs 8 to 8.5 oz, although there is a lightweight version that weighs only 7.4-7.9 oz.

Once again, these weights are calculated with a standard grip; the thin grip weighs 0.2 oz less.

In general, players who emphasize hitting the ball with great power prefer heavier paddles, while those who emphasize control prefer lighter ones.

As with the Amped Epic paddle, the S2 comes with two grip options: a standard 4.25 in. perforated cushion grip that wicks moisture away from your hands and a 4 in. thin grip.

These two options are standard in the pickleball industry and cover most people’s hand sizes.

Players with larger hands can order a paddle with Selkirk’s double comfort grip, which has a 4.5 in. circumference.

Selkirk can even make custom grips for paddles.

The S2 is also good at giving the ball spin, and it is well balanced for optimal handling.

It has vinyl trim around the edge to protect the paddle from damage.

The edge guard uses Selkirk’s EdgeSentry technology to keep the edge guard thin and lightweight.

With its combination of power and control, the S2 is a good choice for players at all skill levels.

The two weight options and multiple grip sizes mean that the paddle can be customized to players’ own preferences.

Like its Epic cousin, this paddle features Selkirk’s logo with a background color fading to white.

It comes in red, blue, green, purple, orange and black. The paddle’s name is written near the base of the paddle.

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