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Wearing safety glasses is important for tennis players as they are able to protect and fully cover your eyes.

Eye damage can easily happen on a tennis court and can be severe.

Protecting your eyes with the best safety glasses for tennis can not only prevent injury both also help you see more clearly in different light settings for courts.

How tennis safety glasses should fit

The glasses should wrap around your face, complete shielding your eyes, especially if the glasses are designed as a one-piece style lens.

This allows for full vision from all sides without the glasses structure blocking your view.

The fit of the glasses should be a snug fit without a tightened feel that can stair your face.

You can also not wear your glasses loosely as this can cause them to slip off.

The use of adjustable features in safety glasses is important to look for as this can help adjust the fit and shape of glasses.

The temple and earpieces of a pair of safety glasses can often be adjusted in the length and/or the angle.

The nose piece widths can also be extended, but only for glasses with two nosepieces, seen on the two-piece lens style discussed later

Straps can also be a great way to ensure your glasses stay in place. an adjustable strap tied to the glasses ensures the glasses will not be able to fall off as well.

Colored Lenses

Interchangeable lenses can also be a good option for you to look for.

Since lenses can come in so many colors with each offering a variety of features and skills, it can be beneficial to find safety glasses that allow for the lenses to be regularly rotated out in order to fit your needs.

Lenses are often clear in color, but they can be tinted or colored in order to work for a specific use and setting.

Clear lenses are obviously not tinted and feature not color.

These are a versatile lens option, working well in both outdoor and indoor court lighting.

They often feature UV protection and some sort of glare resistance.

Lenses that are uncolored but feature a tint to them are similar to sunglasses in that they work to lower the effect of brighter lights and enhance the color yellow, perfect for keeping a close eye on tennis balls.

Green colored lenses also improve upon the color yellow making it clearer and more distinct.

Smoke is also similar to tinted lenses as it works to lower the effects of bright, natural light.

Blue colors can be used both indoors and out depending on their shade level.

Lighter blue lenses work better for indoor lighting and makes the tennis ball clearer.

Darker blue is able to provide some shade and works well for outdoor courts.

Amber lenses are good for darker courts, usually dusk or late evening outdoor court lights, but also dimly light indoor courts too.

Prescription lenses can also be added as an interchangeable lens option for those who need glasses to see in order to play or you can use safety glasses designed to fit over regular glasses.

Polycarbonate lenses

Polycarbonate is the best material to look for in your safety glass lenses. This thermoplastic material is made to be lightweight and sturdy in its design.

It is commonly used for safety glasses and goggles for sports and other activities as it is extremely durable and allows many beneficial features.

One such feature is its ability to support UV protection. This is a great addition to have for outdoor tennis court use.

Polycarbonate is also a good choice because it does not break easily and therefore will not break whenever it is hit, so your eyes will be protected.

What makes lenses durable

The use of polycarbonate material in your lenses is a big part of why they are so durable and able to protect your eyes from injury caused by aggressive and misdirected shots.

The features that can be easily added to and supported by the material also increase the durability of safety glasses.

Impact resistances means the glasses will be able to survive mostly undamaged whenever they are hit with a hard force, such as a speeding tennis ball.

This impact resistance means the glasses will not break or shatter when hit, which is extremely important.

Weaker glasses may break and splitter which can be just as dangerous as wearing no safety glasses at all, maybe even worse.

Durable glasses will also be anti-scratch. Scratches can not only make your glasses look dingy, but they can disrupt your vision.

Scratch resistant coating is a good feature to have in case you drop your glasses during or after a match and it will also protect your lenses from being damaged whenever the glasses are not in use.

Another coating your glasses should have is anti-fog.

Fog coating safety glass lenses and making it difficult to see is the number one reason people do not want to wear glasses while playing sports.

Fog can form due to the heat of your body participating a round of tennis and can also be caused by your breath.

But the use of anti-fog coating or even the addition of vents along the sides of your glasses can help prevent this from occurring.

Sturdy, shock absorbent safety glasses are another feature to consider.

Shock absorbent glasses will be able to prevent movement or impact from displacing the glasses or cause them to slip for their place.

Best safety glasses for tennis

There are a number of safety glasses that could potentially work for your tennis game. It’s important to consult your medical care professional to ensure a proper fit and product for your protection.

The following options may prove a good place to start your search.

KleenGuard (formerly Jackson Safety) V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses (25688), Smoke Mirror with Black Frame, 12 Pairs / Case

The Kleenguard safety glasses are intended for sport uses in outdoor environments.

Both the lenses coloring, and flexibility of the safety glasses design are made increase your vision in brightly lit regions of natural light.

The lenses feature a smoke coloring rather than a clear coating.

The use of smoke coloring works well for outdoor tennis courts as it reduces the glare brought on by sunny days.

There is also an outer mirror coating to help prevent light from blinding your or disrupting your vision.

The glasses are designed with a black frame that is lightweight and durable. This is due to the polycarbonate material for the lenses of the V30 Nemesis.

Polycarbonate materials are extremely durable and sturdy, working well to protect your eyes from oncoming tennis balls or other possible injuries that might occur on the court.

The lenses polycarbonate also features UV protection, another great feature for an outdoor court.

The flexibility of the safety glasses comes from Kleenguard’s Flex Dry design that not only increases the overall flexibility but also helps keep sweat from getting into your eyes and to prevent any slipping off of the nose.

These tennis safety glasses weigh only 15.8 ounces and are sized for both men and women.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these glasses could work for you.

Tourna Specs Blue Tint Sports Glasses for Tennis, Pickleball, and Golf by Unique

The Tourna Specs are intended to be used for sports such as tennis, pickleball, and golf.

These glasses are designed to protect you and work best outdoors, though their blue tint can also work for indoor settings of brighter lighting.

The blue tint is constructed to help filter out colors while still reducing glare for the sunlight.

This color can also make the tennis ball easier to see making it easier to follow in brighter conditions.

The safety glasses are designed to be extremely lightweight in nature. This keeps the glasses more comfortable and makes them hassle free additions to add to your tennis gear.

The lenses are made to be shatterproof against hard impacts and are distortion free.

Shatterproof lenses are a key to finding sturdy safety glasses as the lenses will not break upon impact, but rather protect your eyes as intended.

The wrapped lenses are also made with polycarbonate making them more impact-resistant, UV coated, and anti-fog and scratch coatings.

The temple of the glasses can be adjusted to improve the fit up to a ½ inch.

There is also a brow guard that cushions the forehead and padded temple tips to hold the glasses securely and comfortably in place.

View at Amazon for more information on how these glasses could work for you.

NoCry Safety Glasses with Clear Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Wrap-Around Lenses and No-Slip Grips, UV Protection. Adjustable, Black & Green Frames

These black and green colored NoCry safety glasses are made for use in activities of the outdoors, sports, and more.

The glasses feature clear, non-tinted lenses, as their color. These lens types will work well for both indoor and outdoor use, with no optical distortion or added coloration to your view.

Clear lenses will not block sunlight or dampen the brightness, but they are made to feature strong UV protection to prevent your eyes from being damaged by the sun.

These wrap around lenses allow you full visual access and wide peripheral visibility.

The lenses are made of the strong and impact resistant polycarbonate material.

This material is common in safety glasses for all sport types including tennis as it is lightweight, resists damage easily, and has a sturdy design to protect your eyes.

The use of polycarbonate also allows for other features like anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings, UV protection, and glare resistant.

Glare resistance works well for the outdoors along with UV protection.

The two resistant coating help prevent both fog and lenses damage from affecting your view.

The NoCry glasses are made to prevent slippage by executing a strong grip. This includes a firm holding nose piece to keep the glasses from sliding off.

With adjustable sides and nose pieces that can be extended in length and altered in their angle, these glasses can fit any head size and shape.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these glasses might work for you.

Check out more information on these safety glasses on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/NoCry-Resistant-Wrap-Around-Protection-Adjustable/dp/B01AWK1XAS/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=tennis+safety+glasses&qid=1583465718&sr=8-12

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