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If you play racquetball, the strings on your racquet may not be your top priority.

However, they are a very important part of your game, especially when it comes to the power you need to win a point.

Remember that every part of your racquet needs to be taken care of properly for each game you play, so when it comes to choosing strings for your racquet, it’s important to consider what type will not only help you control your shots, but also how much power it will allow you put behind them.

Here are a few tips and products to help you find the best racquetball string for power.

How to get more power from your racquetball shots

Here are a few tips when you want to get more power from a racquetball shot.

  • You always want to drop the ball away from your body to allow for a full arm extension when you make an impact with the ball.
  • Take a small step with your left foot directly towards the front wall while your racquet stays at the shoulder level. Make sure not to drop your racquet and arm when you take you step.
  • Make sure to lead with your elbow so that your racquet will lag behind while your elbow leads.
  • Your arm and upper body should follow your hip rotation, so when you finish your swing, your chest will be facing the front wall. And make sure that you are rotating your hips correctly.
  • Always completely rotate your hips through the zone and make sure your non-racquet arm is clean and out of the way. Make sure you are not bringing your non-racquet arm up to your chest as you swing since it can get in the way and stop you from having the right hip rotation while limiting how much power you will generate.
  • As your hips rotate, you will need to pivot back on your foot. Then you have completed your swing, your stomach should be facing the front wall while your racquet is pointing toward the back wall.

If you have followed these tips and still not hitting the ball with as much power as you want, you may be making one of these errors:

  • Always check your grip. At the point of contact, you want your racquet to be parallel to the front wall. If you find that it is angled slightly, you will probably end up putting topspin or slicing the ball as a tennis player would.
  • Look where you are dropping the ball. Make sure to drop the ball away from you. If you want to hit the ball harder, you need to stop hitting the ball when it is close to you. Practice swinging level and flat, so that you hit the ball with a full arm extension away from your body.

How can string choice impact power?

Choosing your string is as important as when you choose a racquet.

The string has a huge impact on your game, so you want to choose one that can improve your performance.

One of the best choices when it comes to power is a multifilament string, which is a string that is made up of hundreds of weaved fibers and mixed with polyurethane.

Multifilament string is pretty durable and gives you a lot of comfort and power as well as excellent feel.

In comparison, polyesters are a more control-oriented string that is great for players that want to hit hard and control their shot.

Multifilament string on a racquet that weighs under 300 grams will make your racquet more maneuverable, but it will also have less power.

Keep in mind that a lighter racquet will create more shock on your arm than a heavier one will.

To compensate, the multifilament string will help offset that added stress to your arm and give you the absorption and power you want.

Multifilament string on a racquet that is over 300 grams will give you more power, but your racquet will be less maneuverable.

It will also absorb more shock than a lighter frame.

But if you are looking for a good feel and lots of power, a multifilament string is the better choice over polyester.

What types of racquetball strings work well for impacting power?

The type of string you use strongly impacts the power of your shots. The ball’s speed is the result of something that is called the trampoline effect.

This happens when the ball hits the racquet and is momentarily deformed as it penetrates the strings.

It will then return to its original shape after contact.

If you have a softer string, the ball will sink further and the restored energy becomes that much more important.

You will find that there is a huge difference between polyester and multifilament string, which can give you different results as far as energy restored is concerned.

Basically, the lower the string tension, the higher the energy that is restored, but you will have less control.

Remember that the wrong choice in the string can have a negative effect on your game and your health.

Choosing the right type of string often depends on the type of racquet you use, your playing level, and how frequently you play.

If you are a casual player, you will typically use a racquet that weighs less than 300 grams.

You will want to look for a string that absorbs some of the shocks you experience when playing with a lightweight racquet along with the power you want to make those important shots.

Intense players will use a racquet over 300 grams, which in itself gives you more power.

So, you will want to look for a string that gives you a good amount of feel along with power.

Best racquetball string for power

Python Atlas Deluxe Racquetball String Reel (Natural or Black Color/ 16g, 17g, 18g) (360 ft.)

Offering great touch and control in your game, the Python Atlas Deluxe Racquetball String is a high-quality multifilament string.

A little softer than the older Atlas strings, these strings are elastic and able to absorb shock than many of its competitors.

With the additional elasticity, you also get a string that is more durable.

It is common for a multifilament string to fray as you play since they are just bundles of synthetic fibers that have been twisted together.

Anyone that has problems with their arms will enjoy the additional comfort these strings will offer you.

The Python Atlas Deluxe Racquetball String is a comfortable and soft multifilament string that will give you a good balance of control and power.

Available in three different gauges, the Python Atlas Deluxe Racquetball String has a higher gauge string that is thinner and offers more control.

Providing a good balance of durability and control, the higher gauge strings come in a 42-foot length and can be strung onto any type of racquet style.

They are a good value since they hold up well to use.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.


  • These are great string for power players
  • They absorb vibrations very effectively
  • These strings are durable and have good playability

Head Mega Blast Racquetball String

Offering great comfort and power, the Head Mega Blast Racquetball String is a good quality product that features a copolymer multi-braided wrap that makes the string a bit crisp.

With a multifilament center core, you receive all the benefits from typical multifilament string along with more durability.

This is a great string choice if you are looking for power and some pop on the string when you hit.

This affordable string is available in a 40-foot roll.

Not only with the Head Mega Blast Racquetball String stay lively for long periods of time, but it also provides good control and feels and is one of the better multifilament options available.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this string might work for you.


  • The string gives you good feel and control
  • They will stay lively for a while
  • This affordable string has great durability


  • Power hitters may find the dampening a little weak

Ashaway Superkill XL Racquetball String

This affordable multifilament set features a multifilament core for added durability.

The Ashaway Superkill XL Racquetball String is a soft feeling string that is comfortable and provides a good amount of vibration absorption.

You also get impressive power from this nylon multifilament, and it will grab the ball better than many others on the market thanks to its textured surface.

Providing a good mix of touch and power, the Ashaway Superkill XL Racquetball String is a good quality string that will give you the touch and power you want.

With its playability and balance, this string also provides you with a string that has a soft multifilament core with a wrap design that gives you more comfort.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • This string has a lively response and great playability
  • You get a good balance of power and touch
  • It has a wrap design that provides a good amount of comfort


  • You can only get it in a 17 gauge size

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