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If you are new to playing racquetball, chances are you need a pair of racquetball shoes.

Due to the nature of the court and the sport itself, it is incredibly helpful to have a pair of racquetball shoes.

Not only will your body thank you, but you may also be a better athlete.

This article is broken down into different sections to help you decide from some of the best racquetball shoes for men.

We will discuss what to look for in a good pair, what to avoid, then list three choices that we think would work for you.

What to look for in a good pair of racquetball shoes for men

Racquetball requires a special kind of shoe that is designed to keep up with the sport.

You want a pair of shoes that are:

  • durable
  • have good grip
  • have the necessary support for quick movements
  • are designed for the indoors

These shoe qualities will keep you playing racquetball for years to come.


Racquetball is an intense sport. Players are constantly changing direction in order to keep up with the ball.

Durable shoes will last you a lot longer in such an athletic environment, so it is a good idea to make the investment up front.

A good pair of shoes will also provide you with better mobility and control.

For instance, you can have a pair of shoes that fit well and provide you with the necessary support.

Unless that pair of shoes is made from good-quality material, however, you will end up with a bad pair of shoes in no time.

There are many types of shoes out there that are well-made, so we need to get a bit more specific in terms of what makes a durable pair of racquetball shoes.

Good Grip

Racquetball shoes must have good grip.

Since players are constantly switching between forward, backward, and lateral movements, you need a pair of shoes that will bolt you to the ground.

Look for rubber bottoms that are designed for good traction.

Necessary Support for Quick Movements

A good pair of racquetball shoes will provide you with support around the ankle.

This is crucial, as the quick movements required in racquetball can easily make you twist your ankle.

That being said, the support should not impede mobility.

This is where the best pair of racquetball shoes will depend largely on the type of foot the person has.

For instance, you might need extra support in order to be very mobile.

The added support will help you shuffle and pivot all around the court without running the risk of getting injured.

In this case, you would want a shoe that has higher tops to better protect your ankles.

If you feel like you have strong ankles and instead need more room to move, you would want to pick a shoe that has low tops.

Then again, there are mid-level top shoes for people who need comparable amounts of both support and mobility.

It is a good idea to try the different types of shoes on first to see how they fit before deciding which is best for you.

Designed for the Indoors

Your racquetball shoes need to be just for the indoors. This is for a couple reasons.

First, if you wear your racquetball shoes outside, you will wear them out sooner.

This means you will have to buy another pair without even getting the full potential out of the pair that you have.

If the soles of your shoes get dusty, you will lose some of the traction, which makes for a slippery game of racquetball.

Second, you can easily damage the racquetball court. Courts for inside racquetball are made with a protective oil-based coating: polyrethane sealer.

Pebbles can wedge themselves in the grip of your shoes.

When you are playing the game, these pebbles can scratch up the court.

Worse, they could slip out and cause you or somebody else to lose their footing.

Most people who play racquetball have a designated pair of indoor racquetball shoes.

What shoes are okay and what shoes should be avoided?

Volleyball shoes and basketball shoes are great alternative to racquetball shoes. This is because all three of these sports are played on similar courts and involve the same sort of movements.

That being said, there are acute differences between the sports that make it more conducive for the players to get shoes designed specifically for racquetball.

You need to avoid any sort of running shoe. This is because running shoes are built for strides that carry people forward.

The engineering of a running shoe will not provide you with the cushion and comfort you need for more abrupt movements that occur in racquetball.

This means your shoes will wear out much more quickly, and they will be also less effective at providing you with the support you need both for either running or racquetball.

You also need to avoid any shoes designed for tennis.

This is because the tennis court is very different from the racquetball court.

Though the movements in tennis are similar to the movements in a game of racquetball, you will not have the necessary traction.

If you wear tennis shoes, you will more than likely slip on a racquetball court.

Best Racquetball Shoes for Men

Now that you have a better ideas as to what to look for and avoid in a pair of racquetball shoes, here are a couple for you to consider.

Asics Men’s Gel Blast 6 Indoor Court Shoe

Asics makes a good shoe. Their shoes contain more natural rubber than the traditional solid rubber due to the NC Rubber Outsole technology.

This drastically improves the shoe’s traction.

Another perk about these shoes is the IGS technology which helps with the natural gait, thereby reducing the impact that is put on your joints.

These shoes also have collars complete with two memory foam layers to ensure a more personal fit.

This pair is 100% synthetic, and has a rubber sole.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for your game.


  • outsole has a wet and NC rubber grip
  • has a personal heel fit
  • has rearfoot and forefoot cushioning systems
  • has SpEVA midsole material


  • might run small
  • might fit better on more narrow feet

Hi-Tec Infinity Flare 4:SYS Mens Indoor Court Shoe

This shoe is great for racquetball. The midsole is made with 4:Sys, which is a hi-tech proprietory technology.

In other words, the midsole is softer in the middle due to the multi density feature.

Therefore, force can be directed forward and the overall impact that occurs when a step is taken is drastically slowed down.

This is a great shoe for protecting the knees and joints. The shoes are incredibly comfortable.

They are very sturdy and durable due to the external TPU heel counter and the bonded nylon support frame.

It even comes with an ortholite sock liner.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • well made
  • features advanced technology
  • perfect for the high impact and quick motions that are found in racquetball
  • excellent grip on the racquetball court


  • might run large to size

Adidas Adipower Stabil 11 Men’s Indoor Court Shoe

This shoe is developed from an adiPRENE+ technology which is designed to enhance shock absorption and help with forefoot propulson.

Adidas’s TORSION technology also adds to the midfoot support.

The shoe works perfectly for racquetball and is made out of very durable material.

The upper is abrasion and tear resistant, and ADITUFF sport-specific positioned.

There is maximum fit and stability due to the combination of a power frame and powerband, located on the top.

The midsole is made with the ADIPRENE shock-absorbing and soft EVA.

This cushioning reduces stress and impact put on knee and ankle joints.

Then the TORSION system helps maintain midfoot integrity and guides motion.

Finally the outsole has superb top grip rubber. It is non marking, which makes for a great choice on indoor courts where maximum grip is critical.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could potentially work for you.


  • durable material
  • excellent cushioning and support features
  • has great gripping technology
  • boasts a lot of advanced and hi-tech features
  • lightweight


  • may be tight in the first couple of wears

The best pair of racquetball shoes will be designed for racquetball, and they will also fit the shape and size of your foot.

In order to find a good pair of racquetball shoes, you need to check that the shoes have good grip, excellent support and shock resistance, allow mobility, and are suitable for the indoor racquetball court.

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