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What goggles to wear playing Racquetball?

Racquetball can be fun and competitive activity to play. The game requires skill and attention in order to win.

But as fun as the game is, there is a possibility of injury.

One of the easiest injuries to prevent is prevent damage to your eyes.

Wearing protective eyewear will stop any speeding stray shots from hitting bruising your eye or worse.

Some may not see the need to wear goggles due to their ability to fog up or slip, finding the best racquetball goggles will work to prevent any problems or discomforts from occurring while you play.

When are goggles required?

The reason many people do not wear goggles is because they do not see the need.

The only time safety eyewear is required for players to be worn is when players are competing in a racquetball tournament.

Even if you are not playing in a competitive tournament, it can still be extremely useful to be wearing the eyewear.

Not only is wearing goggles in racquetball a good safety protocol, it is an easy addition you can add to your gaming apparel that is designed to help you.

Having the best racquetball glasses can also help you see better whenever the lighting of the court is too harsh, especially for courts outdoors with little shading.

Fit of the goggles

One of the main reasons do not feel the need to use goggles is due to the discomfort they believe improper fitting goggles will cause.

Yet many goggles are designed with comfortable fit in mind.

The first aspect of your eyewear’s fit is how tight or loose they feel on your face.

You want the goggles to be secure and firmly placed on your face, without any slipping or movement to prevent distraction while playing and to keep the goggles from falling off.

Goggles should not be so tight around your head that they put pressure and strain on your temple.

If you are worried about the goggles falling off your face while playing an intense round of racquetball, selecting goggles with adjustable features can help.

The lengths and widths of many goggles can be adjusted in order to make a more customizable fit for all head sizes.

You can also find goggles with an adjustable strap to wrap the goggles around your head.

This completely prevents them from falling off and can allow you to wear the goggles a little away from your face.

For those players who want to wear their regular prescription glasses over their goggles, there are goggles designed to slip over the glasses.

Vents and fog prevention

The second biggest reason players think goggles are not worth trying is that the lenses of glasses and goggles can fog over.

Fog can occur from too much trapped warm air caused by your breath or rising body temperature as the racquetball game begins.

Yet racquetball goggles have taken this fact into consideration and made ways to prevent this.

One thing you can do is not let your goggles sit close to your face. This will reduce the amount of heat causing foggy lenses during the game.

Goggles are also made with vents and/or anti-fog coatings.

Vents along the goggle’s sides can help increase airflow and decrease the amount of fog forming during a match.

Vents can also help reduce condensation from affecting the lenses as well.

Anti-fog coatings are added to nearly every eyewear type for sports or outdoor use. This ability will help your lenses resist fog.

However, the coating can be worn off by sweat and cleaning, so it is important to monitor this feature.

For goggles without an anti-fog coating or technology added to their design, you can purchase anti-fogging spray to apply to your lenses.

Lens style

Goggle lenses come in two different styles for sport uses like racquetball.

A two-piece lens has the lenses separated into two sections, similar to sunglasses.

Since there are two lenses there are also two separated nose pads.

This can make the goggles more prone to slip and two-piece lenses are often smaller in size.

 This is why one-piece lenses are a better option for sport eyewear protection. This lens style features a single lens with one nose pad piece.

These lenses are wider and cover more of your face than two-piece lens providing greater safety.

No area of the goggle’s struggle is blocking your vision and your peripheral vision is increased.

Interchangeable lenses

Some goggles may also feature interchangeable lenses. This allows the lenses of the goggles to be taken out and changed with other, more stylized lenses.

Some even allow prescription lenses to be clipped into the goggle’s frames. Others include colored lenses.

While clear lenses work well for normal lighting conditions found for indoor courts, colored lenses can specialize to make seeing outdoors easier or increase your visible of the ball my increasing colors.

Blue lenses are made to enhance the lighting of indoor courts and make the racquetball clearer and more visible.

Amber colored lenses are good for darker lighting options, as their natural color brightens your sight.

Tinted lenses are the lenses used for sunglasses, allowing you to play outdoors in fully exposed lighting.

Lenses can also be made to provide UV protection, a good addition for goggles intended to be used for outdoor courts.

Material of glasses and durability

The material most commonly used for sport goggles is polycarbonate, in both the goggle’s exterior and for the lenses.

This is due polycarbonate’s ability to be impact resistant, durable, lightweight, sturdy, shock absorbent, and scratch resistant.

Each of these features can help protect your goggles during falls or during impacts with the racquetball.

They can also help prevent the goggles from shattering when being hit hard, preserving the condition of your face and lessening injury.

Impact and scratch resistance both work to protect the lenses and the outer portion of the goggles.

These also increase the overall durability of the goggles.

Besides not wanting to replace your goggles frequently, durable goggles can also protect you through multiple hits.

Shock absorbent and sturdy features help limit the effects of movement that can cause the goggles to slip and fall.

The lightweight nature of polycarbonate is also important because the goggles should not but strain on your face and head, nor should they distract you while playing which heavier eyewear can do.

Best racquetball goggles

If you’re looking for a good pair of racquetball goggles, there are a number of options that could potentially work for you. It’s important to consult your medical professional before using any new eye protective product.

The following products may provide a good place from which to begin your search.

NoCry Safety Glasses with Clear Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Wrap-Around Lenses and Non-Slip Grips, UV Protection. Adjustable, Black & Red Frames

The NoCry goggles come as a black and red frame design. These goggles are intended for sport and outdoor use.

The goggles are adjustable in their side pieces’, or temple arms, length and their angle. This helps the single size option fit snugly on every head shape.

The temple arms are curved, set at 5 inches in length before extensions.

The lenses are designed to wrap around your eyes, in a one-piece lens style.

This is a sturdier lens style by preventing slippage and movement.

This grip is increased by a non-slip tip of soft rubber on the nose of the goggles.

A single nose piece, like a singular lens style, with less slip than double tipped goggle noses.

The 6-inch frame of the goggles is constructed using polycarbonate. This is a durable material with several other features that are made to protect your goggles.

These include features like scratch resistance and anti-fog coating for the clear, UV protected lenses.

Scratch resistance can be beneficial for whenever goggles fall during a game of racquetball and prevent scratches from occurring while they are stored away.

Anti-fog coating prevents irritating fog that can block your vision while you play.

Similarly, UV protection works to protect your eyes while playing in brightly lit areas with natural sunlight.

View at Amazon to learn more about these glasses.

Gearbox Vision Eyewear

These Gearbox goggles are designed to be protective eyewear for all sport types.

The goggles come in three different color options for you to select, including black, white, and red.

Similarly, the goggles come with a wide selection of interchangeable lenses for you to use, colored in amber, blue, smoke, and clear.

Clear is a classical lens color, while blue works nicely for well lit regions and amber is made for darker courts.

Smoke colored lenses are made like sunglasses, to block out harsh bright light.

The lenses are made from polycarbonate material. This is an extremely durable and resistant material.

The lenses will resist scratching and breaking.

The material also ensures the goggles are anti fog, to prevent fog from disrupting your sight during a game.

There is also a UV ray protection of UV 400 to protect your eyes from damaging natural sunlight on outdoor courts.

The rubber pads used to increase the comfort and secure grip of the goggles stop the goggles from slipping off or moving around during a match.

The Gearbox Vision goggles also come with a protective carrying case to prevent them from being damaged during periods of in use. This can extend the lifetime of the goggles.

View at Amazon for more information on how these glasses could work for you.

HEAD Racquetball Goggles – Impulse Anti Fog & Scratch Resistant Protective Eyewear w/Clip On Adjustable Strap

The Head goggles are specifically designed to be used for racquetball, though they can also be used for other, similar court sports like tennis, badminton, and squash.

There is an adjustable, elastic strap to hold the goggles in place and prevent the goggles from falling off during intense racquetball moments.

This strap is supported by a no slip fit.

The lenses are a one-piece lens style. This means there is a maximum area of protection and no blocking of your vision with the wider lens.

This style also makes the goggles more secure in their placement and is designed to prevent slipping.

The temples of the goggles are made as a hinged style to reduce discomfort while you wear the goggles for longer periods of time. This increases the overall comfort for your head.

The lenses are extra durable with both anti-fog and scratch resistance. These both help break the visibility of your lenses while you are playing.

The frames of the goggles are extremely durable as well, with impact resistances.

This durability and resistance to damaging effects like impact and scratches is due to the use of polycarbonate material in the lenses and frame.

The use of polycarbonate in the lenses of the Head goggles allows for a distorted, shatterproof lens which can be very effective if the goggles break due to extremely hard impact.

View at Amazon for more information on how these goggles could work for you.

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