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While it can be easy to assume that all racquetballs function the same, not all racquetball balls are designed to feature the same weight, control, or speed.

A great way to tell which ball works best for you is to learn about the different features and characteristics of the ball’s color.

To find the best racquetball balls for control you will need to understand the way the colorization of all the balls and how the balance between color and speed works to improve your game.

Why control is important in racquetball

Control over your ball is one of the most important elements to find in your racquetball equipment.

The ability to control the placement of your shots is how you are able to best your opponent and win a racquetball match.

Control allows for strong accuracy of your shots which is beneficial to both beginners and advanced players.

Control partnered with speed allows players to advance in their skills and helps better their ability to play.

Control vs speed

As seen in most racquetball equipment, speed and control are often put against each other, as these two distinct elements are supported by opposing features in your gear.

A racquetball ball also holds this distinction but not as severely as other gear like a racquetball racquet.

The speed, or the power and bounce, of a racquetball ball is made either with a heavier weight that allows the ball to create its own power or through a lighter weight that increases bounce and relies on the player to generate power through their swing and racquet for the ball.

Control is found similarly in the way the ball is made.

The quicker a ball is moving means the game and movements of the players will also be fast paced.

This can lower the amount of control being offered by the ball and even the control you are able to give to your shots.

Therefore, most racquetball balls will try to balance speed and control.

This is a great type of ball to look for as slower balls may not be allowed in tournament leveled games and are not always the best choice for advanced players.


The best way to find the best racquetball ball for your needs is to simply look at the colors of the balls.

Each color is designed to represent a certain ball type which offers its own individual features and abilities.

The most common colors are blue, black, red, green, purple, and occasionally pink.

Black is slower and intended for the use of senior players rather than those looking for a fast-paced match.

This will mean you are able to have more control through the ball and the slower movements of the game.

However, black colored balls are not common among those with more advanced skills and are not used in tournaments.

Blue is a very common color seen as it offers moderate speed, good durability, and can often be used both in and outdoors.

It is also a great option for beginning players.

Green is a similar ball as blue racquetball balls but with increased speed. It is designed for indoor use and is extremely durable.

Green and blue are great options for those looking for control, as they are designed to balance the speed and control of the ball’s movements while still working for many different players and game types.

Red balls are designed for outdoor use with an intense speed and durability. They have increased power due to their natural heavier weight.

Red balls are actually the fastest ball option, but they still hold some control making them a good second choice.

The purple ball is less durable than the green, but much faster. Both of these traits are due to its lightweight construction.

A purple ball is actually the quickest option for players to use allowing an intense, fast paced racquetball match.

This intense speed makes it a great ball color choice for tournaments and advanced players but does not offer a great deal of control.

Outdoor vs indoor colors

Another point to consider before purchasing your racquetball balls is whether the ball is made for an indoor court or an outdoor court.

This is important to think about as the two court options offer different lightings and court surface materials.

Colors can also help track the visibility of a ball.

Most of the colors are colored in a way to make them easier to see indoors, while outdoor balls are colored to be more clearly visible in bright sunlight against concrete court surfaces.

Red, green, and blue balls work well for outdoor court use as they are made to be seen more easily in the lighting, contrasting well with the court colors. They are also made to withstand the tough, concrete court surfaces as well.

Red is the most durable ball choice for outdoor courts with green at a close second.

Blue balls are made with strong durability as well but may wear down quicker when used in the outdoors.

Balls colored purple are designed specifically for indoor use due to both their coloring, along with black colored balls.

Speed and durability by color

The durability of your ball is important as well, as you will need for your ball to last as long as possible in order to limit how frequently you will need to replace your balls.

Durability is also connected to the speed of the ball, as a higher speed will often feature a lower durability and will often be worn down much more quickly.

Colors like red, purple, and green boast of incredible speed, being the fastest options for you to choose from.

Black and blue balls are slower with more moderate speeds.

Red, green, and blue balls have extreme durability though due to their thickness. This makes these three color options ideal for outdoor courts and increasing their lifespan.

Replacing your ball

A great way to maintain your ball’s speed and control is to monitor its bounce.

Both the pressure and durability of a ball will decrease over time both due to the lack of a stable environment and to frequent use.

This can lead to what is called a dead ball, which offers slower speed and little bounce.

Most players can simply monitor the wearing down of the racquetball ball’s logo imprinted on the ball’s surface.

This can be a great way to tell just how much wear is affecting your ball.

Those who are more advanced in their racquetball skills may be able to simply feel the difference the ball is offering over time and know to which.

More professional players will switch out their ball for a new one every 4 to 5 games.

Best racquetball balls for control

There are a number of racquetball ball options that can be used to improve your control in your game. It’s important to always consult an industry professional before using any new product.

The following ball options may work well for improved control

Ektelon Fireball Racquetballs Red – 3 ball can

This can of racquetball balls is by Ektelon and sold with a total of 3 balls in the pack. This is a good number that allows you to easily switch to new racquetballs without having to repurchase new balls every time.

This is also a good number of balls as larger amounts of racquetballs can lose pressure over time once their container is open.

 As red colored racquetball balls, these balls have the quickest speed of both all indoor and outdoor balls.

This is a great benefit for more advanced players and those looking for an extremely fast paced game.

Luckily this ball’s speed does not compromise its ability to hold control and durability.

Red racquetball balls are made to be extra thick in order to have a strong durability so they can be used on the rough, concrete surfaces of outdoor racquetball courts.

The thickness of these red balls also leads to their speed and power and their heavier weight is able to transfer into speed upon contact with the racquet.

The weight will help increase the power created by your swing and push the ball further for each shot.

The color of the ball works well for outdoor use, making them extremely visible in bright, natural sunlight.

These racquetball balls can also be used for indoor courts as well.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these balls could work for your game.

HEAD Pro Penn Ball, 3 Ball can

These green colored racquetball balls are by Head and fall within the brand’s Pro Penn series.

The balls are sold as a 3 pack for your convenience, but you can order multiple packs in order to have more balls on hand.

This is a great benefit as you will need to replace your racquetball balls around every 5 games due to their durability and pressure of the ball being lowered over time.

Having multiple cans rather than a large jug of racquetball balls is a great way to prevent the loss of pressure on a larger number of balls while they sit open, but unused.

As green balls, these Head Pro Penn balls work well for the use of official regional and national racquetball events.

This means they will work well for nearly all tournament types and for regular games.

The green color of the balls also signifies its speed and control.

These balls have an increased speed and durability in order to work throughout your play time in both indoors and outdoors, though indoor use is more common for these types.

The speed and durability are high in these balls, falling into the high average of all other ball types.

Their speed is just behind the purple colored balls while their durability is less than that of the red ball.

View at Amazon for more information on how these balls could work for your game.

Wilson Blue Bullet Racket balls “3 Balls per Can”

These blue colored racquetball balls are sold by Wilson as their Bullet line, boasting of explosive power and long-lasting speed.

As a blue ball, there are many benefits including strong control and speed.

These colored types work well for all playing types, a good choice for beginners and those playing more frequently in non-tournaments due to their extreme durability.

The durability is important for frequent uses as it means the ball will last many games while still providing top speed and control.

Though not the fastest ball choice, they are reliable and work well for all playing levels.

The balls are sold in a 3 can package that can be purchased as either a 6-ball selection of 2 cans or with a total of 24 blue racquetball balls in 6 cans of 3.

This can be a great benefit to the stability and pressure of your balls.

As the cans are opened the balls you are not currently using will be affected as the stable pressure of the can is compromised as soon as it is opened, affecting the balls even though they are not in use.

Having the balls as only 3 per can, can help you keep your balls at their top condition when they are not in use and lower the risk of the loss of pressure over time to more than two balls.

Being able to purchase multiple containers at a time is helpful as you will have a larger stock of racquetballs at hand when other balls go dead.

View at Amazon for more information on how these balls could work for your racquetball game.

Learn more about this racquetball’s control and traits on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Wilson-Bullet-Racket-balls-Balls/dp/B0000BY9OO/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=racquetball+ball+blue&qid=1584886981&sr=8-9&swrs=78F3C944553A946931F39F3F55AABBAF

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