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One of the oldest pickleball paddle makers in the industry, ProLite is also one of the most innovative companies out there.

Their black diamond series of paddles uses highly advanced technology, for every part of the paddle: the core, the surface, the edge guard and the grip.

ProLite actually has a history of innovation as the company’s original owner, Arlen Paranto invented the first composite pickleball paddle, which he began producing in 1984, at a time when most pickleball paddles were made of wood. (He’s also a member of the Pickleball Hall of Fame.)

Its current owner, Neil Friedenberg, plays pickleball himself. The company is based in the United States, and that is where all its paddles are manufactured.

In the hands of professional players such as Brian Ashworth, who wields a titan pro black diamond series paddle, Prolite’s technology will continue to revolutionize the industry.

The defining feature of ProLite’s black diamond series of paddles is the paddle’s face made of high grade woven carbon fiber.

When the ball strikes these fibers, it disperses the energy, which makes it easier to redirect the ball, increasing control.

ProLite is the first pickleball paddle company to use this technology, which shows their dedication to continual improvement of their products.

Whether you are a professional or competitive player or even if you’re just entering the world of pickleball, a high-quality paddle will make a huge difference in your playing.

If you’re attracted by ProLite’s solid track record and innovative technology, here are two paddles you should consider.

The first, the Titan Pro Black Diamond Series, is a powerful paddle well suited to advanced players.

The second, the Magnum Graphite Stealth, is lighter weight, emphasizes control over power, and comes highly recommended for beginning to intermediate players (although there are competitive pickleball players who use it).

Best ProLite Pickleball Paddles

Pro-Lite Titan Black Diamond Pickleball Paddle

This first paddle in ProLite’s professional Black Diamond Series pulls out all the stops in offering the most advanced technology to committed pickleball players.

Its QuadCore Polymer Honeycomb core offers immense power, and according to ProLite, the core boasts the strongest polymer on the market.

The honeycomb structure gives it great strength while also keeping the paddle’s weight in a manageable range.

The paddle’s face is made of 100% carbon fiber, the same substance used to make NASCAR racecar bodies and airplanes.

The material absorbs the shock of the ball hitting the paddle face by distributing the force throughout the paddle. This reduces strain on the player’s joints and absorbs sound, making this one of the quieter pickleball paddles available.

It also increases “dwell time,” the amount of time that the ball is in contact with the paddle.

This improves the feel of the player’s shots, makes the paddle more forgiving and makes it easier to spin the ball, catching opponents off guard.

And the paddle’s surface also textured, which also improves spin on the ball.

The Titan Pro Black Diamond Series pickleball paddle features ProLite’s No Sweat Diamond Grip, which is the company’s most advanced grip yet.

It’s designed to wick sweat away from your hands, even during the most intense matches.

The paddle does feature an edge guard, which protects it from damage and makes the paddle last longer, but that edge guard is extremely thin.

This increases the area of the paddle that can be used to hit the ball and decreases the chance of the ball hitting the edge guard and bouncing off in the wrong direction.

The paddle is 15 1/2 in. by 7 13/16 in. with a tapered neck that makes the paddle more aerodynamic and facilitates players’ reactions to the ball.

Its handle is 4 ¾ in. long and 4 ¼ in. around, which is a typical grip circumference. These dimensions fit the USAPA’s requirements, which means that the paddle can be used in competitive play.

Weighing 7.6-8.0 oz, the Titan Pro is on the upper end of mid-weight paddles, which gives it extra power.

Heavier paddles do tend to sacrifice some control over the ball, though.

They are also more likely to lead to injuries such as tennis elbow, although the Titan Pro’s shock-absorbent material will help to ameliorate that.

The Titan Pro has a sleek, attractive design. It is primarily black with the paddle’s name, a drawing of a pickleball and a subtle linear pattern.

It comes in copper, two gold patterns, blue, and silver.

All in all, the Titan Pro Black Diamond Series paddle is an excellent choice for serious players who want the most advanced technology in their paddle, and whose playing style emphasizes having the power to propel the ball deep into the opponent’s side of the court.

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Magnum Graphite Stealth Pickleball Paddle – Screen Printed Graphics

Yet some players choose to emphasize control over the ball rather than power. For these players, ProLite’s Magnum Graphite Stealth pickleball paddle may be a better choice.

This paddle weighs only 6.8 to 7.5 oz, which is great for players who like to zip around the court, hitting the ball quickly and accurately. Hailed as “one of the best-balanced paddles that money can buy,” this paddle offers excellent control over the ball.

It features a Nomex core with a honeycomb structure. Many pickleball paddles have similar cores because Nomex, a stiff nylon, provides strength without excess weight and the honeycomb structure also helps reinforce the paddle. This core gives the Magnum Graphite Stealth paddle surprising power, despite its light weight.

Graphite is a popular surface material for pickleball paddles because it is lightweight but provides a satisfying “pop” when it strikes the ball. Textured graphite, such as that used in the Magnum GS, is also useful for generating spin on the ball.

ProLite is known for high quality grips and the comfort contour grip used on the Magnum GS is no exception. The grip’s circumference is only 4 1/8 in, which makes it ideal for players with smaller hands. It’s also worth noting that if the grip is too small for your hands, adding additional grips will solve the problem, whereas a grip that is too large cannot be so easily fixed.

The Magnum GS paddle is 15 ½ in. long and 7 7/8 in. wide, with a traditional wide body shape. This shape is still popular among amateur and professional players alike because it gives the paddle a nice, large sweet spot right in the center of the paddle. The handle is 5 ¼ in. long, which is great for tennis players who switched to pickleball, and which provides extra reach. It is tapered at the end, which gives a sense of stability and prevents it from slipping out of your hand. As with the Titan Black Diamond Pro, the paddle is USAPA approved, and it has been used in professional matches with great success.

The paddle has a black face with colored stripes and with a ProLite logo near the handle. This gives it a serious, sophisticated look. Some models, though, retain the black background but have the word Magnum printed in a rainbow pattern in the center of the paddle.

Pickypickleball.com recommends this paddle for beginning and intermediate players because it combines light weight and incredible control with respectable power. Six-time National Pickleball Champion Wes Gabrielson also endorses this paddle and uses it in his professional matches. In short, if your playing style emphasizes control and strategic placement of the ball, this paddle is an excellent choice.

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