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Playing tennis is a get way to stay active and can be a sport the entire family can enjoy together. But finding time to go to the gym or to drive to a public court can be time consuming.

An easily solution to this problem is having constant access to a tennis net.

Using a tennis net at home can be a great way to play tennis anytime you want.

Owning the best portable tennis net allows you to take the fun anywhere, whether it’s inside your home, to a nearby park or beach, or even in your own backyard.

Why Use a Portable Net?

Portable nets allow for a lot of great fun and tennis practice for all ages.

Though normally used for casual play due to their sizing not meeting regulated court and tournament standards, portable nets are still a great addition to your at-home sports gear.

Having a net that can be taken to any location is even better.

These nets are specifically designed to travel, allowing for easy carry, quick set up and take down times, and foldability so the fun can go with you no matter where you are.

Portable nets can also make great additions to your yard that can be moved or backed away for the colder seasons with ease.


What makes a net portable is its ability to be condensed to a smaller size and to be set up in any type of location.

Portable tennis nets often feature a supplied carrying bag that allows for easy transportation of your bag and helps to organize your net’s needed equipment.

The net itself is designed to fold and be lightweight in nature, taking up little space for storage in a packed car.

These nets are also made to be set up and taken down in little time, usually around 5 minutes.

This setup can depend on the type of net you buy, but often involves the use of poles to hold the net up and either stakes or some self-sustaining weight to the net to keep it standing while you play.

Nets specifically designed for the outdoors will feature said stakes to hold the net in place, even if bad weather starts up.

Check out this quick video to see a visual representation of a basic portable net set up.

Tennis Net Sizing

The sizing of a portable tennis net is often not met with regulation sizing, due to its ability to be adjusted for one on one, children, or two against two teams matches.

The regulated sizing of tennis nets is set at 3 feet in height with the net’s top being set at 3 feet 6 inches from the place where the net has been attached to the metal posts to its top. 

In accordance with the international rules, a full length of a court sized net from end to end is either 27 or 36 feet depending on whether the match is a singles or doubles.

However, most portable tennis nets fall within the ranges of 10 feet to 21 feet in sizing, falling short of official regulations.

These net’s height can also be changed to be taller or shorter, depending on the net purchased.

These sizes can adjust depending on the appendages the net offers, usually in both width and height.

Adjustments are incorporated into many net designs due to optimal use, allowing users to play a various amount of net based sports with a singular net.

Most portable tennis nets can also be used for sports like badminton, pickleball, recreational volleyball, and soccer tennis.


When a net is sold as a set, this is in reference to the company or brand selling the net with the needed equipment for the sport.

Most tennis net sets can include ideas like multiple rackets, usually just two, and other gear like tennis balls and net accessories.

This can be a great feature for those looking to get into tennis, as you can easily purchase all the needed equipment in one go rather than as individual purchases.


Other features concerning your portable net include its ability to withstand time and weather and the materials used on the nets.

Durability and weatherproofing are two features you want for every part of your net, from the actual net to the poles supporting it.

This is due to most net’s being used outdoors, where weather can change quickly and can often have negative effects to your equipment during things like snow, rain, wind, or other bad weather.

Durability is also important as the net will most likely suffer injuries during a match, with the tennis ball falling into the net, or even outside forces damaging the net.

The net’s ability to be both durable and weatherproof lies within the materials used in the net.

The net itself will feature materials like polyethylene or polyester, synthetic materials that will allow your net to be durable and fade resistant.

These materials are supported by thicker linings along the net, with the portion of material covering the top of the net colored in order for players to see the net’s edge.

The poles of your net should be a type of metal, with the recommended source being stained steel, though other metals can work just fine as well.

Your metal should be durable and resist bending or dents that can be caused by outside variables like weather or people.

The metal should also be rust resistant, even if you plan to only use your net indoors, just in case you change your mind.

Best Portable Tennis Net

There are a number of portable tennis net options that may work for you. The following options may prove a good start to your search.

Zume Games Portable, Instant Tennis Set Includes Two Rackets, Two Balls, Net, and Carrying Case

The Zume Games portable tennis net comes as a tennis set, meaning it includes other equipment beyond just a net; perfect for those looking to make a singular purchase for all their basic tennis needs.

The gear included within the net set are two rackets that are 21 inches, 2 tennis balls, a convenient carrying case for the net that allows for easier storage and portability, and the 12-foot net.

As a 12-foot net, the portable tennis net will need to be used for a shorter court setting in mind, as it is smaller than common tennis nets.

This makes the net perfect for younger players and beginners though.

The net features a yellow lining on its top, across the full length of the net as to provide a clear visual of the net’s boundary while playing.

The net is lightweight and can quickly be set up with no stakes on any flat surface.

The surface you place this net should be hard, as softer ground may not properly support the net.

The net cannot be extended or lessened in its length or height.

This means two things: the net cannot be changed in size for different match sizes, like single or doubles, and that the net is strictly for tennis rather than other net sports which require different measurements.

Set up, though quick, can require some assembly.

The provided pipes must be connected and the net tied to these pieces in order to use the net properly.

View this net at Amazon to learn more about its features.

Vermont Procourt Combi Net | Tennis, Badminton, Pickleball & Soccer Tennis – 100% Portable with Fast Assembly [Carry Bag Included]

The Vermont Procourt net is a portable tennis net that can be used in a variety of sports.

This versatile net is usable for net sports like badminton, pickleball and soccer tennis due to its adjustable features that allow for the height and length of the net to fit whatever sport you wish to play.

There is a yellow lining all the way around the net to help display the net boundaries as you play, no matter the weather or if there is lower visibility.

The carrying bag, which is included to make transferring the net from location to location easier and more organized, is also made of the same bright, neon color so it too can be clearly visible.

The net has a lightweight design. It can be played on any flat surface.

Its set up is designed to allow both indoor and outdoor play, so there are no stakes needed to keep the net from falling over or being unstable.

The assembly of the net is done through the steel, rust resistant poles.

These poles are made with a 1-millimeter thick frame that is powered in a coating to give it this rust resistance feature.

The netting is made strong and weatherproof through its 1-inch mesh material.

The net also features a tension strap to keep the top from dropping down, so you will have a straight divide throughout your match.

The sizes available include 10, 20, and 30 feet, allowing you to play different sports and to set up a regulated net.

View this net at Amazon to learn more about how it could work for you.

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set – Net for Tennis, Soccer Tennis, Pickleball, Kids Volleyball – Easy Setup Nylon Sports Net with Poles – for Indoor or Outdoor Court, Beach, Driveway

This portable net is by Boulder and is designed to allow a versatile playing environment. The net has several nylon color choices for you to choose from.

The net can be used in both an outdoor environment and inside due to its set up not relying on stakes, which cannot be used indoors.

Through its height adjustments and 3 length options, the net can support matches of tennis, badminton, soccer tennis, pickleball, and recreational volleyball.

The size options include 10, 14, and 17 feet.

These sizes allow for both single, doubles, and children’s teams to use the net, but they do not meet professional regulation lengths.

A carrying case is included with this lightweight and foldable net to help keep your net organized and together when traveling.

The organization of the net if further improved by the poles featuring a bungee cord that connects them all together, guaranteeing you will not lose any pieces to your net.

The net is durable and rust resistant due to its materials. Nylon is used to help prevent tearing, while the poles are made with painted steel.

To set up the net, slide the net through the poles, which will take a short 3 to 5 minutes and requires no tools.

The poles of the net can also be folded down to prevent them from sticking up whenever you are using a shorter height setting.

This will shrink the net’s height to 2 feet 9 inches. The height can be adjusted between 2 feet 10 inches and 5 feet.

View this net at Amazon for more information on how it might work for your game.

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