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When you are playing pickleball the paddle is an extension of you. Making sure you have the paddle that fits your needs is crucial.

If you are a power player, you will want to find the best pickleball paddle for power. 

Each detail can change or enhance the way you play, hopefully to your advantage.

How your paddle feels in action is the most important determining factor in what is right for you.

So, where to start?

First let’s take a look at each factor in detail. 

When choosing a pickleball paddle there are various factors to consider.

Weight, length, material, grip, and edge guard are all important.


Weight is a big determining factor when it comes to how much power versus how much control you will have over the ball.

Paddles usually range from 7 ounces to 14 ounces with those on the lighter side being better for maneuverability and control and those on the heavier side, better for power and drive. 

Players just starting out in the game will prefer a lighter or heavier paddle for one reason or another.

To find an optimum balance between power and control choose a paddle around the 8 ounce mark.

However, in searching strictly for a pickleball paddle for power, we will search for a racquet offering power without sacrificing control. 


Regulations for pickleball paddles are decided based upon the total length of the paddle at the widest point, which when combined cannot exceed 24 inches. 

Most over-sized or wide-body paddles will add length to the face of the paddle by shortening the handle.

However, there are some paddles that are narrower and therefore longer. 

Professionals can hit the ball perfectly, but for most players a longer paddle will be harder to maneuver, decreasing accuracy as well as power. 


Pickleball paddles are made of either graphite, composite or wood. Graphite is the highest quality and is lightweight while offering a lot of power. 

Composite is of mid-range quality and wood is the least expensive but also the most durable. 


A paddle’s core can help make it both lighter and stronger at the same time.

A great example is the polymer honeycomb core which is considered the strongest and also the softest, core available on the market. 


Larger grips can provide more stability while smaller grips provide more control.

You should always choose a no-slip ergonomic grip. Lots of sweat happens when holding onto a paddle for long periods of time!

For those of average height, a 4.25 inch circumference is typical. People under 5’2” may consider a 4 inch grip and those 5’9” might consider a 4.5 inch grip.

However, the best way to choose a grip is to hold the paddle yourself. 

Edge Guard

An edge guard protects your paddle, so you want to make sure your paddle has one. You do not want it to be too heavy. 

A Dead Paddle 

You won’t really know when to replace your paddle unless it has a dent or gets bent out of shape.

Wear and tear from normal usage makes it harder to determine when to get a new one. 

There are two things to look for when trying to spot a “dead” paddle.

Even though this may be tricky to figure out, if you’ve been playing with your paddle enough to wear it out, you probably know it pretty well.

  • Sound: If you notice a change in sound when the ball hits the paddle, you could have a dead spot. 
  • Feel: This is harder to identify, but if it just feels different than it used to, it may be time to get another paddle. 

Best Pickleball Paddle for Power

As we mentioned above, when searching for the right pickleball paddle to help with power, you want to make sure you don’t sacrifice too much control.

The selections below have a great mix of power and control. 

Always consult an industry professional before using any new product with your game.

NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle – USAPA Approved Premium Pickleball Paddles – Graphite Face & Honeycomb Polymer Core for a Quiet and Light Pickleball Racket

The NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle is USAPA approved.

The graphite face and honeycomb polymer core makes for a quiet and light racquet.

It packs a powerful punch. 

Description for the manufacturer:

  • Power and Control: The best mix of power and control and not too loud. The Blur gives the perfect ‘pop’ of sound. The graphite face reacts to the ball and delivers the best feel and control you want from your pickleball paddle. The advanced honeycomb core is optimized for striking power and the large sweet spot reduces unwanted sound. 
  • Light and fast, but also durable: This pickleball paddle is so quick they decided to call it ‘Blur”. The paddle is also engineered to last, with composite carbon fiber and polymer honeycomb core that extends throughout the racquet. The low profile edge guard is there to protect your investment. 
  • Comfortable: You will be able to play longer because of the ergonomic grip that is inlaid with specially formulated cushioning to dampen vibration and reduce fatigue. Top rated playability with a grip that is long enough for both men’s and women’s hand with the ideal 4.25 inch circumference. 
  • Bold: Stands out on the courts! Blur pickleball racquets are designed in the USA not only to look good, but also to comply with the USAPA standards for indoor and outdoor pro tournament pickleball racquets. 
  • USAPA tested and approved: Use any color Blur pickleball paddles in tournaments. 
  • NewFit Sports is family owned: A small family owned business that works hard to make the best pickleball racquets possible. 

Features and details of this paddle include:

  • Quiet Power and Control
  • Fast and durable: the weight of Blur at 7.8-8.2 ounces gives it the best balance of power and control. 
  • Not loud so can be used at some communities and clubs with noise restrictions 
  • Includes two paddles and four pickleballs

View at Amazon to learn more about how this paddle might work for you.

Wilson Energy Pickleball Paddle

Some key features of this paddle include:

  • Durability and reliability: The graphite composite hitting zone was engineered for durability and reliability on the court. 
  • High Speed performance: The power comb technology is intended for high speed performance and dominating play. 
  • Dampening: The shock stop dampening bumper will better protect the life of your paddle. 
  • Perforated Grip: The cushion aired perforated grip is a moisture wicking design for longer grip ability. 
  • Heavier Paddle for improved playability: Wilson has created a heavier paddle for improved playability and durability. (weight- 7.8 ounces)

This paddle is a good lighter option allowing for you to have a quick response time on your shots, while also providing significant power.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for your power game.

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com @etorres69

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