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Pickleball is a very interesting sport, and it’s really gaining popularity! 

However, have you ever tried to play pickleball on a clay court?

At first, this circumstance was nothing more than an accident of chance, but clay is becoming very common pickleball court surface

To properly play on clay courts, you will need substantial practice.

How better to practice than with a pickleball machine?

We’re here to help you find the best pickleball machine for clay courts. With our help, you will be ready to take on your opponents no matter the court surface!

Let’s get started.

What to look for in a clay court pickleball machine

When you play pickleball on a clay court, you will need a machine that is capable of accommodating the differences between clay and standard courts.

As you know, a pickleball bounces differently on clay than it does on other surfaces.

So, you will have to change your game approach to accommodate the clay court!

There is no better way to get the practice you need than to use a pickleball machine.

In time, you will feel as confident playing on clay courts as you do when you play on traditional courts.

What exactly do you need to consider when you are learning to play pickleball on a clay court?

Consider the criteria that we describe below, and you will be well on your way to choosing an excellent pickleball machine for a clay court.


Spin is an incredibly important facet of pickleball. But, when you play on a clay court, you will need to think about spin a bit differently.

Pickleballs do not bounce and spin on clay courts exactly as they do on indoor standard courts.

So, you need a pickleball machine that can accommodate the differences between court surfaces.

It’s best if you choose a pickleball training machine with variable spin so that you can set the bounce as you prefer.

This will allow you to use your pickleball machine on both clay courts and typical pickleball courts.

A pickleball machine is an investment in your future as a pickleball player. 

To get the most from your investment, choose a pickleball machine that you can use on multiple court surfaces!

So, select a pickleball machine that allows you to adjust the spin any way that you desire.

The more spin options, the better you will be able to train and adjust to clay courts!

Backspin and topspin are a couple of the spin types that you are most likely to see in pickleball, but beware of other spins, too.

As we mentioned, the ball will behave differently on a clay court. 

The best way to be prepared is to practice with all different spin types!


While you may love to return powerful shots on an indoor pickleball court, are you prepared to react to strong shots on a clay court?

Power affects the bounce of the pickleball. If you are new to playing on clay, you will probably need some time and practice to adjust to the difference in game play and movement!

How can you learn this from a pickleball machine?

Choose a pickleball training machine with variable power.

This will allow you to set the power at a level that you desire.

When you first take to a clay court, a low power setting will help you learn how the ball reacts to the court surface and get a feel for the dynamic of the gaem.

As you advance, mediums spin settings can help you practice your footwork and shot returning styles.

Any time that you transition between court surfaces, you have to relearn how to strategize and plan your shots!

Even if you have mastered returning powerful shots on indoor courts, you will find that clay courts present a challenge in this area.

However, if you use a pickleball machine that sends pickleballs flying towards you with maximum speed, you can quickly regain confidence in returning any type of shot, regardless of the court surface.

As you can see, it’s imperative for your development as a player that you choose a pickleball machine with variable power settings.


Programmability is always a factor to consider when choosing a new pickleball practice machine, and it is no different for this situation.

How can programmability help you learn to play pickleball on a clay court?

All athletes are familiar with the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” While this cliche may be overdone, it stems from a very worthwhile consideration: repeatability.

To learn something new, you must repeat the basic task over and over again until you learn the proper method for accomplishing your goal.

Learning to play pickleball on a clay court is no different!

When you transition to clay, you must somewhat relearn all of your basic hits, strokes, and footwork.

You must relearn how to react to the ball and how to position yourself so that you can return shots accurately.

A programmable pickleball machine can help accelerate your learning.

This technology allows players to train against the same shots repeatedly, building a mental catalog of shots and ball movements.

In time, you will advance to the point of training against shot sequences to simulate live game play.

As you can see, a programmable pickleball machine is exactly what you need to take your clay court pickleball game to the next level.

Ball capacity

How many balls do you want your pickleball machine to be able to hold?

This choice is up to you, but you should consider the amount of uninterrupted playing time that you desire.

The more balls the machine can hold, the longer the intervals between stopping to pick up balls and refill the machine.

If you intend to train with a group, a large ball capacity will serve you much better than a small one.

Individuals can work with a smaller ball capacity, and there will be fewer balls for an individual player to collect after each session!

Again, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Simply choose a ball capacity that will serve your needs well. 

Best pickleball machine for clay courts

If you are ready to purchase a pickleball machine for use on clay courts, we have a couple of suggestions to start your search!

Read on to see why the machines below are such a great fit for players who want to learn to play pickleball on clay courts.

Sports Tutor Multi-Twist – Beginner Pickleball/Tennis Ball Tosser – Battery Powered

The Sports Tutor Multi-Twist Pickleball Tosser is a great starter machine if you want to get experience playing on a play court.

This machine is safe for both kids and adults, and it’s geared towards beginners. With maximum speeds of 15 mph, this machine allows kids to start training when they are very young!

You can use this versatile machine with both pickleballs and tennis balls.

Thanks to the adjustability of the ball toss, you can set this parameter from 12 to 20 feet.

The Sports Tutor Multi-Twist throws balls at regular 5 second intervals, which is great for learning consistency on a clay court.

This unit holds a maximum of 28 balls, so you can get in several shots before you must stop to collect balls.

It’s great for individuals and teams, too. You can easily carry this portable unit anywhere!

Weight just 11 lbs, even your youngest players will be able to help set up the training machine.

This unit is battery powered. Though this feature does not pack a huge amount of power, it’s great for portability!

Every Sports Tutor Multi-Twist training machine comes equipped with a three year warranty for your peace of mind.

Sports Tutor is a highly revered name in pickleball, and this unit is ready to help you take your pickleball game to clay courts!

Pickleball Tutor Plus – Pickleball Tutor is The #1 Selling Pickleball Machine Brand Worldwide

The battery powered Sports Tutor Multi-Twist is terrific for beginners and for players who have very little experience on clay courts, but, if you are an advanced player looking to hone your game, consider the Pickleball Tutor Plus!

This high powered machine will challenge even the most experienced pickleball players.

The Pickleball Tutor Plus is a very versatile training machine that is ready to test your game.

It can send any type of shot! Whether you’re looking to practice against serves, groundstrokes, dinks, lobs, or drives, the Tutor Plus will keep your game sharp!

Playing against varying levels and types of spin is key to a great clay court pickleball game, and this machine will challenge you.

You can easily adjust the topspin and backspin using a single dial.

This machine can send balls towards you at speeds ranging from 10 to 65 mph, and you can adjust the shot interval between 1 to 10 seconds.

With a ball capacity of 125, you can play for a long time!

This training device simulates the intensity of real game play so you can prepare for long, difficult volleys.

The random oscillator makes you feel like you are in an actual pickleball game!

Playing against a training machine does not get any more real than this experience!

Teh Pickleball Tutor Plus packs a lot of power, but it comes in a small, transportable package.

Weighing a mere 35 lbs and complete with built in towing wheels and a handle, you can take this machine anywhere you want to play.

The built-in rechargeable battery offes players up to three hours of continuous playing time between charges, so you can definitely get a good workout!

Like the product we discussed above, this unit comes with a 3 year warranty.

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