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To fully embrace the incredibly popular game of pickleball, you simply must play on a clay court at least once in your pickleball career!

However, you need the best gear to be successful when taking your game to the clay court.

How do you choose the best pickleball balls for clay court?

This decision may be more complicated that you think, but we’re here to help!

Read on to learn about the factors that you should consider when selecting pickleballs for clay courts.

What to know about playing pickleball on clay courts

Pickleball is one of the most exhilarating and fastest growing sports in the world, and it’s taking the United States by storm.

Many players have the question: can you play pickleball on a clay court?

Yes, you certainly can! However, playing on clay is a bit different than the experience of playing on hard courts.

Clay courts are softer than traditional hard pickleball courts. How does this quality affect the game?

Obviously, playing on clay courts affects the bounce, but clay courts also bring several benefits for players.

Due to clay courts’ soft integrity, they place less strain on players. 

Clay softens the impact on players’ feet, legs, and joints. 

This quality makes them a fantastic choice for injured players and seniors who love the sport!

Clay courts also offer cheaper installation and maintenance costs when compared to traditional courts. 

This allows clay courts to bring pickleball to a wide variety of areas and communities!

How do clay courts impact pickleball ball selection

As we mentioned earlier, clay courts change the way that the pickleball bounces.

Because clay courts are softer and looser than hard surfaces, they are less reactive than their companions.

The bounce on clay courts is less stable and predictable than the bounce that you may be used to from hard courts.

The pickleball ball may hit the same place in the court, yet bounce slightly differently every time.

Because clay courts are less rigid, they may exhibit more imperfections, too.

Such imperfections add intrigue and interest to the game.

Players are not able to predict the movement of the ball as well as they can when playing on traditional courts.

Play on clay courts requires great skill in reacting to the ball’s movements.

While this reality will definitely require some adjustment, many players find that it brings a new and exciting element to the game!

So, how can you choose the best pickleball ball for clay courts?

Clay courts are typically outdoors, so your pickleball balls must be constructed to weather the elements.

They must be extremely durable and reliable for use on clay courts.

Select a pickleball ball that is designed for the roughness of outdoor play. It should be strongly constructed to exhibit excellent durability.

Pay special attention to the closure and design of the seam. 

It needs to be strong so that it will not break after just a few hits.

You may prefer to use slightly heavy weighted balls that will be more likely to fly true to their intended course when faced with the wind.

This advantage keeps game play interesting and more predictable than play with standard weight balls.

Especially if you choose a weighted construction, select pickleball balls that are extremely well balanced.

Make sure that their holes are placed evenly throughout the balls. 

Holes should be cleanly cut to ensure that loose plastic will not create unintended drag.

Consider the color of the pickleball balls, too. 

Clay courts are usually made of green clay, American red clay, or European red clay. 

To achieve the highest level of contrast against the background, choose pickleball balls that are most appropriate. 

For example, if you intend to play on a red court, do not choose to play with red pickleball balls!

Instead, choose a bright color that will contrast well against the background of the court. High contrast allows players to track the ball well, visually.

Stark contrast helps players to follow the spin as well as the projection of the ball.

Select pickleball balls that are bright and vibrantly colored so that you may play the sport with ease and fun.

For best results and game play when playing pickleball on clay courts, choose strong, durable pickleball balls that will work well for games outdoors.

Best pickleball balls for clay courts

Clay courts require specific equipment, and we have a couple of great recommendations for the best pickleballs for clay courts.

Check out the products below and let us know which one works best for you!

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls Specifically Designed and Optimized for Pickleball

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls has to be included in any conversation about playing pickleball on clay courts. 


This is the original pickleball that was used in the first clay court pickleball games!

So what makes this specific pickleball ball terrific for clay courts?

Onix designed this ball for rugged outdoor play, which means that it has all the qualities you need to play on clay.

It’s weighted heavier than average balls. This characteristic allows these pickleballs to fly true even against all of the outdoor elements.

Onix Pure 2s help you play a very competitive pickleball game in the wind in nontraditional game environments.

You’ll love the accuracy and precision of these strong plastic balls. 

Onix uses True Flight Technology to ensure that you enjoy high quality game play everytime you step on the pickleball court.

Every pickleball player knows that the bounce is one of the most important aspects of the game. 

When you use Onix 2 pickleballs, you benefit from a terrific bounce on all types of court surfaces – including clay!

Onix 2 balls are crafted with incredible durability, too. Manufactured with seam welding, these pickleball balls resist splitting.

You can count on them to remain at their best quality through many games.

These pickleball balls also offer players a superior level of balance for exceptional control and reliability.

Thanks to perfectly placed, precision-drilled holes, Onix 2 pickleballs provide players with superior performance and long-lasting fun.

All Onix 2 balls are USAPA approved for sanctioned badminton tournament play. 

This means that you can play with Onix 2 Pure Balls in tournaments all over the world. 

You can play with the same balls that you use for practice, too!

These balls are specifically designed for pickleball! As soon as you take Onix 2 balls out of the box, you are ready to play!

They are designed to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor play, offering serious players with consistency between surfaces.

If you are accustomed to playing indoors, Onix 2 balls will help you become familiar with clay courts.

The authentic bounce and strong durability of this product will help you transition to playing on clay courts.

Onix 2 pickleball balls areterrifically balanced. 

They’re ready to take your clay pickleball game to the next level!

Pickleball Ball Set | Professional USAPA Approved for Sanctioned Tournament Play | 40 Holes & Specifically Designed for Outdoor Courts | Yellow, 12 Pack

Pro Avinana Pickleball balls are an excellent choice to add to your clay court pickleball set, too.

Like the Onix 2, Pro Avinana Pickleball balls are also USAPA approved for sanctioned tournament play. 

Now, you can take your favorite pickleball balls to practice and then to the big match!

These high performance balls are ready to enhance your game on all court surfaces!

Pro Avinana Pickleball balls are equipped with Authentic Bounce Technology.

When you play on clay courts, you want just as reliable of a bounce as you see when you play on traditional courts.

They are created and produced specifically for professional pickleball players. 

When you play with Pro Avinana balls, you’re playing with the same equipment that the best of the best use!

These pickleball balls are designed with superior technology and manufacturing. How can you tell?

Just take a look at their seamless construction!

Without a seam, Pro Avinana balls fly straight along their intended course every time! This really enhances game play, especially if you enjoy playing pickleball outdoors.

You need a ball that will fly true every time if you are playing in the wind!

Complete with aerodynamic, weighted construction, these balls are engineered for terrific game play.

This technology helps you achieve an incredible level of accuracy with every shot, keeping your game top notch.

With the absence of a seam, these pickleball balls are incredibly balanced. 

They feature 40 precision drilled holes to boost accuracy and balance specs that give you the best chance to become a great pickleball player.

These pickleball balls are made for players of all ages and skill levels. 

You can play with these your first day on the court, and they can carry you through the finals of the biggest pickleball tournaments in the world.

They come in a set of twelve high performance balls with 40 precision drilled holes each, and you’ll be able to conveniently store them in convenient Aviana cases.

What is your favorite part about Aviana pickleball balls?

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