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Padel shoes significantly impact your game, and you want to make sure that you have a great pair!

Today, we will dive into the considerations that you must make when you purchase a new pair of padel shoes.

With our help and guidance, you will be well on your way to choosing the best pair of padel shoes for you.

Let’s dive in and learn about the characteristics that make a great pair of padel shoes!

What to look for in padel shoes


Comfort is key when it comes to any athletic shoe! If your shoes are not comfortable, you will not be able to confidently focus on playing the game.

Instead, you will be distracted by the uncomfortable position of your feet!

Choose padel shoes that fit well. They should fit snugly around your heels and the sides of your feet.

When you run and jump, your heel should feel steady and supported; it should not move substantially. 

Select padel shoes that offer you strong, yet comfortable cushioning.  

Choose shoes with durable foam and strong cushioning that will remain strong under forceful impacts.

Soft cushioning will not be able to support the athletic nature of padel sports, and you need your shoes to remain in good shape even after a lot of play!

Stability and support

Your feet endure a lot of stress when you play sports, and your padel shoes must be up to the task of supporting them during all athletic activities.

Padel shoes often offer players a variety of supports built into the shoe to assist your game play and to protect your body as you move.

Look for padel shoes that describe how they are designed to support your feet. 

The best padel shoes will provide support while you are stationary as well as when you are on the move!

Comprehensive support systems and structures allow you to play your best while protecting your body and maximizing your movements.

Select padel shoes that incorporate materials that support your feet and ankles throughout the entire game!

Sole type and material

What type of sole do you need in a pair of padel shoes?

If you plan to wear your padel shoes indoors, non marking soles are best. 

As their name suggests, non marking soles protect indoor courts and avoid scuffing and marking them.

You also need shoes that provide traction. Look for padel shoes with grippy texture built into the soles. 

Multidirectional texture provides a great level of traction in many different directions, giving you the maximum surface grip.

Traction protects you from falls and trips as well as boosts your performance by supporting energy transfer into your movements.


Durability cannot be overstated when it comes to padel shoes.

Padel really does a number on your shoes, and you want to be sure that you can rely on your gear to safely carry you through all of your games.

So, to hedge your bet, select strong, durable padel shoes that will perform well after heavy use.

Look at the quality of their design and construction. 

Ensure that they are manufactured using high quality materials and processes.

Also, consider the integrity of the manufacturer’s quality control processes.

Well-designed shoes exhibit quality at every level. 

When you inspect high quality shoes, you can tell that they are made with care and precision.

The final durability check is your impression of the shoes when you try them on. 

Do they feel strong and ready to perform? Do you feel steady and prepared to play?

Always trust your instincts when you are choosing a new pair of padel shoes!

Select shoes that made you feel like you are ready to take on your toughest opponent yet.

Sock liner

Many padel players prefer the inclusion of a sock liner. 

Sock liners keep your feet dry during the game by minimizing sweat and moisture.

Padel players know that your feet can get really hot during intense competition, and sock liners work to keep you cool and comfortable.

Additionally, sock liners protect your shoes and help keep them clean.

Easily removable sock liners allow players to clean this layer after every game or practice, keeping your shoes in good shape.

While sock liners are used by many professionals, this choice comes down to your personal preferences.

Fashion and style

Lastly, choose padel shoes that boost your confidence. 

Select a color scheme and pattern that matches your style and uniform.

Most squash shoes come in a variety of colors and designs. 

Choose the fashion that best suits you!

Best padel shoes

As you can see, your padel shoes are incredibly important to your padel game. 

So, what are the best padel shoes for you?

While you are the only person who can make that decision, we can give you some good options!

The padel shoes that we discuss below are very good options for any serious padel player. 

Let’s see why you should consider them when you select your next pair of padel shoes!

K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Men’s Tennis Shoes may not have a huge name in padel sports, but they are extremely well-suited to the game.

They are manufactured with excellent quality and a superior attention to detail. You can really feel the difference in these shoes.

Complete with a solid gum rubber, non-marking sole, K-Swiss Men’s Tennis Shoes are great for all types of indoor court games.

Their incredible soles will give you fantastic traction on the court. 

Plus, the non marking sole qualities will protect the court and keep it in great condition.

You will appreciate the synthetic leather and textile upper. 

It will support your feet during the most intense game play. 

This material is durable enough to stand up to the roughness that your shoes experience as you play, yet it is soft enough to keep your feet comfortable.

With a textile collar linine, these shoes are fashionably completed. 

In addition, they are extremely comfortable. 

Your feet can easily tire and become sore when you are on the court, but, wiht K-Swiss Tennis Shoes, you don’t have to worry about this nearly as much!

Instead, your feet will have all the cushioning that they need with the comfortable CMEVA midsole.

As you jump and pivot, these shoes will support your feet and allow you to play comfortably for longer periods of time.

In addition, these K-Swiss shoes offer players a CMEVA sock liner. Now, your feet will stay dry even in the hottest, sweatiest conditions.

Many players complain of blisters due to moisture in their shoes, but K-Swiss designed these shoes to keep your feet dry.

These shoes are very light, which enables you to be very quick and light on your feet. 

Plus, these shoes offer you incredible stability. If you need to be able to trust your shoes, strongly consider these K-Swiss tennis shoes.

They come equipped with a carbon run plate constructed of DuraWrap XD material, which gives you terrific stability.

You will love the innovative look of these shoes in addition to their high quality function. You will feel like these shoes can take you anywhere!

And, you will look confident and striking as you wear them to the court.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these shoes could work for you.

Wilson Men’s KAOS 3.0 Tennis Shoes

If you would prefer an alternative to the K-Swill Tennis Shoes described above, look no further than Wilson Men’s KAOS 3.0 Tennis Shoes.

These impeccable shoes are manufactured using 100% synthetic material, and they have a solid rubber sole.

The uppers are expertly crafted with a Skin Guard shield for durability and protection.

Wilson designed these shoes with the intention of supporting padel players through their most challenging games.

So, they engineered KAOS 3.0 shoes to have forefoot and lateral reinforcement to strongly support all of your most technical and demanding footwork.

Your shoes will work with you as you play, amplifying your power and movements.

Not only do these shoes support your game play, they also keep your feet extremely comfortable.

You will love Endofit, a material that provides enhanced comfort and fit. 

Thanks to the complete inner sock design, you will benefit from terrific stability and intuitive fit.

And, you will really enjoy the benefits of Pro Torque technology. This innovation gives you arch technology that provides support for all of your fastest movements.

These shoes incorporate Duralast, a high density, durable rubber material that offers player strong abrasion resistance and terrific traction.

The soles will keep you on your feet, and they will help propel all of your most difficult movements on the court.

If you are in search of the lightest shoes that you can find, Wilson has you covered!

These shoes push the boundaries of engineering to bring you a lightweight shoe that is both strong and supportive enough for padel players to wear.

The KAOS 3.0 Tennis Shoes also incorporate a layer of high-tech Skinguard, which both reinforces your feet and includes tiny mesh windows for exceptional breathability and air flow.

If speed, comfort, and traction are your primary desirables in a padel shoe, you simply must consider a pair of Wilson KAOS 3.0’s.

View at Amazon for more information on how these shoes might work for your game.

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