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Padel is a racket sport that combines squash, tennis, and badminton. While it might seem somewhat obscure, it is one of the fastest growing sports when it comes to popularity.

Today, more than 10 million people play the sport.

More about Padel

Padel is a game four doubles, can be played indoors or outdoors, and involves a net across a court.

The rules are simple, and include: the ball must bounce once before being played, the serve is underhanded, and a player wins when he/she wins two games out of three.

All you really need in order to play is a ball and a good padel.

Padel rackets do not have any strings. Instead, they are perforated and solid, made from ethylene-vnyl acetate, and coated in plastic or carbon.

Small and compact compared to a tennis racket they are an easy racket for almost anybody to handle.

Most padel rackets weigh 340g-370g, making them a little heavier compared to tennis rackets.

The padel racket must be smaller than 45.5cm long, 26cm wide, and 38mm thick.

This being said, certain padels are better for specific techniques, like control versus spin.

Why is spin desirable or necessary for padel?

Spin gives the player greater control over the ball.

There are about four different spin techniques that you can learn:

  • flat
  • backspin
  • topspin
  • slice

If you are just learning how to play padel, you will start by learning how to conduct the flat spin.

To create a flat spin, you simply move the racket from back to front, in a straight forward line.

The racket should be perpendicular to the ground.

The backspin is the most popular move because it is difficult for the opponent to successfully react.

Like the name implies, you move the racket backwards first, making it a bit higher.

When you hit the ball, you essentially “slide the ass of the ball.”

In a topspin technique, you would hit the ball in an upward motion, and hit the top of the ball, essentially lifting or brushing the ball as you do so.

There are two slice technique: the slice in backhand and the Vibora.

Similar to the backspin shot, the slice in backhand employs a brush movement that occurs under and behind the ball, thereby causing the ball to backspin.

The Vibora essentially causes a ball to spin sideways.

The goal is always to make the ball difficult for the opponents to read.

When to use spin in Padel shots

You should try to use spin in almost every shot, as this is a sure way to surprise your opponent.

That being said, there are some shots in which spin is more important than other shots.

  • The Serve: The serve is the shot where you have the most control over the game, so you want it to be a good one that puts your team at an advantage.
  • The Volley: This is when you react to the shot of your opponent. It needs to have a heavy underspin.
  • Offensive Shots: This is where you should strive to employ strategic spin techniques, depending on the situation, in order to catch your opponent off guard.
  • Defensive Shots: This is when you are reacting to your opponent. It may be more difficult to employ spin, but if you can, it will surprise your opponents who think they have the advantage.

As mentioned previously, creating spin results in more control over the ball.

This is because your opponents do not entirely know how the ball will react when they hit it.

When you create spin, you are also directing the ball in a more sure-sighted direction, rather than just hitting the ball to the side of your opponents.

Types of Padel rackets for spin

There are certain things to look for when picking out a padel racket that works well for spin.

You want to look at the shape of your racket:

  • Round – Great for beginners
  • Diamond – Great for heavy smashes, not so easy for beginners to use
  • Tear Drop – Good for both control and power, and a decent racket for amateurs
  • Hybrid – You never know what you might get

You also want to look at:

  • Racket Weight – Lghter weight is good for beginners, but heavier weight, if used properly, will provide more power and solidity
  • Racket Thickness – Advanced players will want a thicker racket
  • Racket Grip – Most rackets only have one thickness option, and it is normally very thin. You can always add more tape to make the grip thicker.
  • Racket Materials – Rackets are made from different materials, which can produce different effects. EVA is better for control.
  • Rugged Face – Because there are no strings in a padel racket, there is very little padel grip on the ball. This is where rugged face comes into play. A rugged face helps to grip the ball better, which is very important for producing spin.

Best padel rackets for spin

A good padel racket for spin will have a rugged face. This is because the rugged face essentially grips the ball as the ball hits the racket.

The grip that occurs is enough to make the ball spin.

We have compiled a list of three different rackets that are most appropiate for spin, listed their features, and included a list of pros and cons.

You should always consult an industry professional before using any new product for your game.

NORDIC SLICE Polar Bear 18K 2020 Carbon Fiber EVA Core Padel/POP Tennis/Paddle Tennis Racket

This racket is a good choice for both beginner and intermediate players. It is made from carbon fiber and has a medium-soft EVA core.

This combination is ideal for optimal resistance, durability, comfort, and control when hitting the ball.

The handle is made with the mandatory wrist-lock, which is required for player safety.

The racket comes with a zip-up carrying bag for the racket’s storage and protection when not in use.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • made from carbon fiber
  • medium-soft EVA core
  • good quality for the price


  • may not have enough of a rough grip for more advanced padel players

adidas Padel Racket -Adipower CTRL 1.8-Carbon Fiber and Eva Soft Performance Padel Raquet- Advanced Level Tennis Paddle

This padel racket is designed for advanced players who want increased control and a precise gae.

The padel has an exoskeleton that protects the shaft, and increases the padel’s rigidity.

The 3D relief on the spin blade increases the effectiveness of the hit.

The hole pattern was designed with the intention of better racket handling and the comfort of the padel player.

The perimeter of the racket is reinforced, which results in more torsional resistance.

The padel has a protective tape to help prevent against scratches.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • excellent racket for spin
  • mae from carbon fiber
  • good choice for advanced players


  • expensive
  • not the best choice for beginners

ianoni Tennis Padel Beach Racket Tennis Paddle with Carbon Fiber Face and EVA Memory Foam Core-Used Interchangeably for Paddle (Padel ) and Paddle Tennis

This padel racket is covered in rough carbon fiber, which provides the traction that is necessary for maximum control over the ball.

The EVA core is high density, which allows players to feel more in their strokes.

The racket is round in shape, which helps create a more centralized sweet spot.

This is good for better maneuverability, increased comfort, and more control.

It also means less energy is necessary, which makes it a good racket for beginners.

It is a lightweight padel, making it easier to swing harder and more quickly prepare for the next shot.

The carbon fiber outer rim results in added strength and a softer feel on shots.

It is designed with an enlarged edge curve, which maximizes the hitting area, and makes it easier to catch a high speed ball on the edge of the padel.


  • excellent choice for beginners who are looking to learn how to create spin in their shots
  • made with carbon fiber to create a rough face
  • lightweight and round
  • made from carbon fiber and EVA memory foam
  • popular racket among players


  • relatively cheap and therefore, may not last very long
  • not suitable for more advanced players

When playing a game of padel, you want a racket that allows you to create spin on your next hit.

More spin means more control, and more control means better chances of having the advantage and thus, of winning the match.

The next step to finding the best racket for spin is testing one out in your hand.

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