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It can be challenging to decide on a padel racket with as many choices as there are in the market.

When looking for the best padel rack, you want to make sure you choose something that you find comfortable since using the wrong padel racket can hurt your game as well as your body.

And, you want something that will give you the control you need to make your shots and win the game.

Here are a few tips and products to help you find the best padel rackets for control.

Why is control desirable or necessary for padel ball?

It’s important in a game of padel to have a racket that gives you the right amount of control.

That means you want a racket that will allow you to create the necessary spin on your hits.

With more spin, you get more control, which gives you a better chance of winning the game.

Some of the most common mistakes in padel tennis are from hitting the ball too hard making it knock around arbitrarily.

When you hit the ball, you want to consider control as well as balance and plan where it will go.

It’s important to pay attention to technique and the rules to allow the ball to stay in the field as long as possible.

It’s important to control the point for as long as you can.

A beginner can avoid these issues by frequently training the impact and setback and by trying to determine the stroke’s direction.

Remember that with control and patience you can learn beforehand where to send the ball.

When to use control in your shots in Padel

Take out

You want to play with as many first services as possible allowing you to continue the dynamics and rhythm of the game.

Typically, this shot is oriented toward the sidewall, so you will need the control and speed appropriate for you to get on the net to take the initiative of the point.

Wall outlets

Wall outlets can be found on the bottom wall, sidewall, and double wall.

It’s important that you have the control and know how to benefit from the various rebounds to build the blows that follow.

You want your shot to improve your position, so it will depend on the wall outlet type, the rebound height, and the exit’s distance on whether a defensive or offensive strike should be made.

It’s important to have the control to play within the margin of error, so you can maintain the initiative.


This advanced-level stroke is one of the most complex in the game and requires specific nuances including the balance of your body’s weight, the side position, and control.

You use the viper with more speed and a specific intention.

Typically, it is oriented to corners causing a minimum amount of rebound so that the ball will fall before your opponent can impact it.

Types of rackets that work well for control in Padel

Round Padel Rackets

Perfect for beginners, a round racket will have a low to medium weight balance making them super comfortable to handle.

They also usually have an amplified sweet spot, which is more forgiving if you aren’t able to hit the ball exactly in the racket’s center.

A round racket is also a good choice for a defensive player who is great at ball placement since it provides excellent control.

However, they lack the power needed for smashes.

Tear Drop Padel Rackets

Probably the most popular racket type, the teardrop racket is a good choice for an intermediate player.

Providing a good mix of control and power, the teardrop racket helps you to hit a good shot with a wide range of effects.

Versatile and adaptable to any style of play, the teardrop racket also works in a match situation and any type of climate condition.

A combination of a round and diamond racket, the teardrop racket has an even weight distribution that shifts towards the racket’s center.

It gives you a feeling of balance and is adaptable to different situations.

Diamond Padel Rackets

Professional players love the diamond-shaped racket.

Providing top balance, so the majority of the racket’s weight is distributed toward the racket’s top and away from the grip.

With its design, it has a lot of power, but it can make it harder to control.

That’s why it’s only good for those that have mastered all the padel shots, can hit the ball consistently with a lot of power, and always have the ball hit in the center of the racket.

This is the perfect racket for an attack player, particularly if you play on the left side.

Best Padel Rackets for Control

GRANDCOW Tennis Paddle Racket Padel Carbon Fiber Power Lite Pop EVA Foam Paddle Tennis Paddleball Racquets

Featuring a hybrid core made with EVA memory foam, the Pro Power Lite features an exterior made of carbon that provides incredible control mixed power.

With a teardrop frame and a soft grip, you can comfortably control the ball.

Typically, the core of a racket is made with an elastic or rubber-coated material with another lining or two on top.

Other materials like EVA rubber, hybrids, or foam are very popular materials that are covered with fiberglass or carbon fiber.

In the Pro Power Lite, you get a hybrid that is softer than typical EVA rubber providing your paddle racket with more elasticity, plus it uses a harder foam that makes the core more durable.

Providing more control and strength, the Pro Power Lite has a core foam that is enveloped by EVA rubber.

With a high-quality carbon fiber exterior, the carbon fiber in the frame creates a racket that is rigid, light, and strong.

Weighing only 350 grams, the Pro Power Lit is a lightweight racket that is a good choice for those looking for an easy to handle and lightweight paddle.

With a great feel, stable performance, and comfort, the Pro Power Lite is perfect for steering the ball to the front of the court.

Featuring precision-drilled holes for improved aerodynamics, the Pro Power Lite is a good lightweight racket that offers incredible control thanks to its design and ease of use.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • This is a nice lightweight paddle
  • It offers comfort and durability
  • You get great control from the EVA foam core and teardrop head


  • May not be the best choice for beginners

GRANDCOW Tennis Paddle Racket Padel Carbon Fiber Surface with EVA Memory Flex Foam Core Diamond Shape POP Paddle Rackets

A great racket for a beginner, the Grandcow Elite 500 uses and enhanced design and technology to provide improved performance and enhance the quality of your game.

With a more energy-saving design, the Elite 500 will enhance anyone’s serving skills thanks to its ball controllability.

Offering a teardrop design and carbon fiber construction, this racket is accurate, powerful, and perfect for ball control.

Made with a high-quality, top-grade carbon fiber material, the Grandcow Elite 500 will retain its function and shape despite the intense impacts that it goes through.

This long-lasting paddle racket features comfortable handling and a handle with a soft grip that is sweat-resistant.

The Elite 500 racket features a teardrop-shaped design that gives you a high sweet spot along with great ball controllability.

Weighing 350 grams, this lightweight racket measures 18 by 10.2-inches and is made with EVA memory core and carbon fiber construction.

This stable and durable racket gives you great traction for a powerful back strike, ball control, and incredible accuracy.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could potentially work for your game.


  • It is made with an EVA memory core, which gives you a lot of control
  • It is stable, lightweight, and durable
  • This racket is powerful and very accurate allowing you to control the ball well


  • It doesn’t have a very sturdy grip
  • This isn’t a very thick racket

Optima ELITE Carbon Platform Padel Beach Paddle Tennis Raquet Paleta

Attractive and lightweight, the Optima ELITE weighs only 360 grams and is super comfortable to use when you compare it to wooden rackets.

This is a great racket for anyone that prefers a racket that is more lightweight, and, thanks to its diamond-shaped head, this is a good choice for an advanced player.

If you aren’t used to the diamond-head shape of the racket, it can take a little getting used to.

Providing great control, the Optima ELITE is 38 mm thick and comes with a reinforced carbon exterior and an EVA foam core.

This top-notch racket is geared towards professional players that are looking for a racket with a larger sweet spot that will improve their game.

While there are some that have found the grip a bit narrow, other players have found that they can bulk up on the grip for better control and greater comfort.

With an overall great performance, the Optima ELITE is a good choice for improving your game thanks to its comfort level and lightweight feel.

It also has a great design that is meant for power and control along with a durable and smooth surface.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.


  • This is a lightweight paddle with a high-quality build
  • It is made for power and control
  • This durable racket has a nice large sweet spot


  • It’s a little on the expensive side

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