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A padel overgrip may not be the most exciting piece of your gear, it is essential to your athletic success.

Your overgrip determines your control of the padel and the feel of it in your hands.

This is not a small part of your game, and you need the best padel overgrips to play your best game.

How do you choose a good padel overgrip?

Let’s discover what it takes to select a great padel overgrip.

What to look for in a padel overgrip

Below are the crucial criteria that you must consider when choosing a padel overgrip. 

Keep these features in mind as you study a variety of overgrips so that you can make the best choice for your game.


How does the padel overgrip feel in your hands? 

Specifcillcy, how does it feel when it is wrapped around the handle of your padel?

You need an overgrip that gives you excellent control over your padel. 

To have good control, the grip needs to feel sturdy and strong in your hands.

Similarly, your overgrip needs to help you focus on the game.

Overgrips protect your padel and your hands. They need to be strong enough to cushion your grip, yet soft enough to feel good against your skin.

Your overgrip should be rigid, yet soft.

Ultimately, feel comes down to personal preference. Choose an overgrip that feels good to you and that will support your playing style.


The main point of an overgrip is to add to your grip.

How do you judge an overgrip’s gripping ability?

Feel the grip! 

Run your fingers over the surface of the grip, and you will be able to judge the grip quality of the material.

The texture of the overgrip is extremely important; it determines the gripping ability that you will have.

The overgrip should be textured enough so that you have a good grip, yet not so textured that the overgrip is difficult to hold and control.

Look for an overgrip that you can easily hold and wield.

Moisture wicking ability and absorbency

Moisture wicking ability and absorbency play into grip and comfort.

If you play in wet conditions, or if you struggle with sweaty hands, you will really appreciate a moisture wicking overgrip!

Moisture impedes your ability to grip and control your padel, which can throw a huge wrench in your game when you need control the most.

So, play it safe and use a moisture wicking or moisture absorbing grip!

The best padel overgrips support your grip both through texture and moisture wicking properties.


Last but not least, choose a very durable padel overgrip. 

Durability is one specification where many players compromise, but selecting a durable overgrip really pays off in the long run.

It’s easy to purchase a cheap overgrip that will wear out after a few games, but then you will be in the same position of needing to purchase a new grip in the very near future.

Let face it – installing padel overgrips is no one’s favorite chore!

So, if you are playing the long game, it’s far better to invest in a durable overgrip that will last for longer in the season.

The longer you play with a specific overgrip, the more it becomes a part of your game. 

This scenario allows you to more easily develop as a player and to increase your skills without distractions.

For your long-term strategy, a durable overgrip supports your development as a player and allows you to be extremely familiar with your gear.

If you do not choose a durable padel overgrip, you run the risk of it disintegrating during a game.

This may cause distractions and even danger during game play. 

If you are thinking about a peel or rough spot on your overgrip, you will not be able to focus on the game at hand.

This could cost you a huge win, or, at a minimum, make that win more difficult to achieve.

So, invest in a strong, durable padel overgrip that will help you be the best player that you can become and defeat your opponents along the way.

Best padel overgrips

Padel overgrips may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to racket sports, but they are an essential piece of equipment that you may rely upon more than you think.

We’ll help you learn more about some of the best padel grips on the market. Let’s get started!

Wilson Pro Overgrip 60 pack Tennis Grip – Assorted Colors

Wilson’s Pro Overgrips are as colorful and stylish as they are functional.

It’s no shock that many professionals use Wilson overgrips. Wilson is one of the oldest and most respected names in racket sports. They clearly strive to provide players with excellent products!

What makes their overgrips so special?

Wilson Pro Overgrips are thin, yet very stretchy. They offer players terrific hand-feel that will help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

While these overgrips only use a minimal amount of material, they are very strong. 

They are designed for long-term use. You will find that they last for a remarkable amount of playing time, and their performance stays strong!

Each purchase of Wilson Pro Overgrips includes tape for quick, convenient application. 

This particular product offers you 60 grips. You can easily supply your entire team or add to your club’s collection with this single purchase.

Every pack gives you a wide variety of vibrant colors. 

Choose your favorite and style your racket!

Wilson has served racket sports well for more than fifty years. 

They are one of the leading experts in the business, and they’ve built a strong reputation with racket sports players.

Wilson prides themself on innovation. Through their dedication to the game and creative thinking, they’ve created a wide range of products for racket sports.

They want to serve players from beginners to professionals, and they strive to provide you with a high quality product at every purchase.

If you want to buy from one of the best brands available, consider purchasing a Wilson Overgrip.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for your game.

Tecnifibre ATP Pro Contact Overgrip (30 Pack)

Do you want to equip yourself with enough padel overgrips to span the entire season? If this sounds like you, Tecnifibre may be able to help.

Tecnifibre’s ATP Pro Contact Overgrip 30 pack offers you strong, resilient overgrips that will carry you through the season.

It’s difficult to find quality overgrips, and Tecnifibre wants to be your go-to for this gear.

What sets Tecnifibre ATP Pro Contact Overgrips apart from the competition?

Unlike other overgrips, Tecnifibre’s product focuses on grip moisture wicking capabilities.

This unique overgrip gives you a very tacky fell. 

Plus, it’s moisture resistant. If you have naturally sweaty hands, this overgrip may be a very good choice!

Even if you do not suffer from this unfortunate condition, you’ll enjoy the moisture resistant qualities of this padel grip.

Do you love the clean, crisp look of a white overgrip? ATP Overgrips offer you a sleek alternative to dark colored overgrips.

Each Tecnifibre Pro Contact overgrip is 0.5mm thick. 

This grip is thick enough to provide players with a comfortable feel while maintaining an excellent level of control and contact.

If you want a strong, thin overgrip with moisture resistant properties, look no further than the Tecnifibre ATP Pro Contact Overgrip.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip – Tennis Racket Grip Tape – 3-Pack

Like Wilson, Head is a household name in racquet sports. 

Head’s innovative products and determination to advance athletic products gives players an incredible selection of gear for racquet sports.

This company uses their extensive background in the market to push the boundaries of athletic performance.

If you are looking for a quality overgrip, Head has you covered.

What makes this padel grip so terrific?

Head’s Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip is manufactured using an enhanced tacky elastomer that provides players with a terrific grip. 

With this padel overgrip, you’ll enjoy an extremely high level of control, and you’ll feel very secure while playing.

And, this padel overgrip is moisture absorbing! Using the Xtreme overgrip, you will be able to hold onto your padel even when your hands are wet or sweaty!

You will not have to worry about dropping your padel in the heat of the moment, thanks to the confidence that you will gain by using this specialized product.

The Xtreme Soft Overgrip offers players heightened precision and control with every shot.

In addition to providing you with excellent technical support, this overgrip also gives you a terrific feel.

You will love the way that it softly rests in your hand. It’s the epitome of luxury and comfort!

If your handle is worn or rough, this will be a great overgrip to cover it.

The Head overgrip is light yet durable. Plus, it’s easy to apply!

Simply wrap the over grip around the handle, and you will be ready to play. 

Since this package included 3 overgrips, you can wrap your favorite and backup rackets and still have a spare!

If you want to add some pizzazz to your racket, add a Head overgrip!

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for your game.

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