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Wearing goggles is an essential way to protect your eyes while playing racquetball. In fact, goggles are required during racquetball tournaments for all players.

Yet many people may struggle to find the right goggles for their needs, especially those who need to wear prescription glasses in order to see.

The best over glasses racquetball goggles will allow you to wear both a protective goggle and your glasses without disrupting your sight.

Goggles designed to go over your glasses will help ensure you can get the best of both eyewear features.

Not only will your eyes be protected during a game, but the goggles can also help protect your glasses, keeping them on your head more easily and preventing them from being scratched or damaged during a racquetball match.

Other options for players to consider

For those looking for a different option besides over glasses goggles, the use of specialized prescription glasses that act as both glasses and protective goggles can work just as well as for eye protection.

Players can also use interchangeable lenses, which can be designed to allow prescription lenses to replace ordinary goggle lenses.

However, these goggle options can be more expensive than other styles due to the need to order the prescription lenses to specifically match with your eyesight needs.

This can make them more difficult to replace.

Fitting your goggles over your glasses

The goggles are designed to fit over the top of your glasses without pressing either against your face or causing discomfort.

The glasses should not be too close or fit tightly around your face. Goggles that are too tight will cause strain to your temple and may back your glasses underneath uncomfortable.

Not wearing them too close to your face can also help prevent fog from forming on either your glasses or goggles.

If either fogs up, it can become difficult to see.

They should still have a secure fit to make sure the goggles and glasses do not slip or fall off.

Goggles that slip can fall and be damaged on the ground, will not protect your face well, or might be more a distraction than a helpful safeguard.

A great way to guarantee your goggles fit both your head size and are fit well over the your goggles is to find a pair with adjustability, a strap, or both.

The length and angle of a goggle’s temple pieces can often be adjusted along with the width of the nose piece.

Straps along the end of the goggles to keep the goggles attached more securely to your head can also be adjusted to fit better.

Lenses made of polycarbonate

The use of polycarbonate material in your goggles is a great way to know you are picking a great eyewear option.

Nearly all sport goggles will use this material for their lenses.

Polycarbonate is an extremely durable material along with being impact resistant.

This can prevent the lenses from shattering when they are damaged to better protect your eyes and glasses behind it.

The material is also made to be scratch resistant. This can help prevent your goggle’s visibly from being distorted due to scratches from dropping the goggles or mistreatment during disuse.

Durability and resistances can help prevent you from needing to frequently replace your goggles and protect you through multiple hits.

Polycarbonate is also incredibly lightweight in nature so it will not apply pressure to your head.

Features of goggles

Goggles should also include features like UV protection, anti-fog abilities, or vents.

UV protection is especially important for those using their goggles for outdoor racquetball courts.

These courts will often leave you exposed to the sun which can damage your eyes.

As mentioned earlier, preventing fog is important to keep your lenses clear in order to allow you to play properly.

An anti-fog coating on your polycarbonate lenses can help prevent fog from forming at all.

Fog can block your vision whenever the warm air from playing or from your breath is caught between your face and the goggles.

This anti-fog coating may need to be reapplied after time as sweat or cleaning of your lenses can wear through the coating.

Vents can also be added to the goggles in order to allow a greater airflow for your goggles and face.

Vents can be placed along the sides of the goggles, especially those with side shields.

One-piece lens style

Looking for a one-piece goggles will prevent the goggles from slipping or moving on your face as the lenses are styled to function as one lens.

Unlike two-piece lens styled goggles which have two nose sections and are more prone to slippage, one-piece lenses feature only one nose pad with wider lenses as well.

The increased width of the lenses is able to more fully cover your face and fit more easily over your glasses.

These increased width styles will not block your sight though and will actually make your peripheral vision more visible than other goggle styles.

Best over glasses racquetball goggles

There are a number of goggle options that can work to go over your glasses in racquetball. It’s important to always discuss your options with your medical professional before using any new product for your game.

The following products may provide a good place from which to begin your search.

Gateway Safety 6980 Cover2 Safety Glasses Protective Eye Wear – Over-The-Glass (OTG), Clear Lens, Black Temple

The Gateway over the glasses protective racquetball glasses are designed with a compart modern style that still fits over your prescription glasses.

The temples of the goggles are colored black while the lenses are clear and non-tinted. Clear lenses work well for all court types, both indoors and outdoors without distortion.

There are other lens options included that can be purchased in place of the clear lenses, though the goggles are not interchangeable lenses.

The smoke tinted lenses are made to reduce bright light for indoor and outdoor use, though they work best for outside courts.

The reduction of lighting in these goggles are made to minimize the strain and fatigue your eyes can feel due to harsh lighting.

There is a soft nose piece helps keep the goggles securely on your nose and prevent slipping.

The adjustable temples are also constructed with a soft, comfortable feel that still works to prevent movement.

The temple pieces can be adjusted by their length to better fit to different head shapes more comfortably.

The tips of the temple are flexible as well to reduce pinching and strain to your head.

The lens is a one-piece lens style so it will cover more of your eyes and fit more comfortable with your glasses.

The lightweight construction of the goggles is supported with the use of polycarbonate material which is very durable and resistant to damage.

View at Amazon for more information on how these glasses could work for you.

NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses – with Clear Anti-Scratch Wraparound Lenses, Adjustable Arms, Side Shields, UV400 Protection, ANSI Z87 & OSHA Certified (Black & Orange)

These NoCry safety goggles come in two different color options, orange and black or red and black.

As an over-glass goggle, these goggles are designed to allow glasses to fit but can also be worn without glasses.

The lenses are clear, making them good for indoor and outdoor use and all lighting types without reduction of brightness or color distortions.

The lenses are also anti-scratch. This can help protect the lenses during impact or a fall.

Resistance to scratching is also important for times when you are not using the goggles.

As a wraparound lens, the NoCry goggles are made as a one-piece lens style. This means it will cover more of your eyes and slip less from your nose.

The space of coverage is also increased due to the use of side shields. These are side covers that allow protection for your peripherals without blocking your vision.

The adjustable arms of the goggles make it easier to fit to your head. The soft tips of the goggles reduce pressure to the backs of your ears.

The durable material polycarbonate is used in the lenses in order to create a strong construction.

The polycarbonate lenses are also UV protective for times when you play outdoors.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these glasses could work for you.

Python Overglasses Protective Racquetball Eyeguard (Eyewear)

The Python goggles act as a protective eyewear that allows you to place the large lenses over your glasses with extreme, full face protections.

These goggles are larger in size than other types, but are extremely protective.

Their size and protection is also supported by the added side coverage.

These side shields work to protect the sides of your face and your peripherals.

The side shields are made with the same clear lens coloring as the rest of the goggles so they will not block or hinder your vision in any way.

The use of clear, non-tinted or colored lenses allows you to use the lenses both indoors and outdoors.

The lenses are anti-fog and scratch resistant, two important traits to protecting your goggles and to keep your vision clear.

Anti-fog will prevent the distortion caused when fog forms on your goggles and scratch resistance will prevent damage from falls or storage from affecting your goggles.

Scratches can also disrupt your vision as well.

The head strap is designed to help keep the goggles on no matter what and limit the movement of the goggles on your face.

This strap can be adjusted to different sizes in order to better fit different head types.

The goggles have a forehead protective material that is used to reduce strain on your temple and make the goggles more comfortable to wear.

View at Amazon for more information on how these glasses could work for you.

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