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Onix is one of the names most associated with quality when it comes to pickleball products.

The company, Onix Sports, was founded in 2005. Onix Sports is a small company with a team dedicated to pickleball, although it is owned by Escalade Sports, an umbrella corporation that owns over 40 other brands of sports equipment.

Onix is known for producing good-quality products, some of which are used by professional players in USAPA tournaments.

Onix also tries to innovate in its designs for pickleball paddles.

One example of this is the fusion core found in the React paddle, described below.

Another example would be the RIBTEC cores found in the Onix sub-zero paddle, which has ribs surrounded by foam, which is supposed to create more power and finesse.

Patents on both fusion cores and RIBTEC cores are pending.

Onix also makes pickleball balls, nets, and other equipment. But you’re probably here because you want to buy a paddle.

While there are many good lines of Onix paddles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, here are two good options, one focusing on control and the other on power.

Best Onix Pickleball Paddles

ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle with Cushion Comfort Grip

The Onix Z5 pickleball paddle is the most popular paddle that Onix produces and is used by many competitive players – and for good reason.

Pickleballpad.com lists it as one of their top 10 graphite pickleball paddles, and pickypickleball.com ranks it as the number one paddle on the market today.

Between its graphite face and its Nomex core, this paddle produces a satisfying pop when it hits the ball.

It comes highly recommended for a control-based play style that emphasizes finesse and control over the ball.

This emphasis on control is possible largely because of the paddle’s lightweight graphite surface.

When choosing a pickleball paddle, weight is an important consideration, as half an ounce can make a huge difference in the feel of the paddle, the force with which it hits the ball and the amount of control it gives over ball placement.

Weighing between 7.5 and 8.2 ounces, the graphite Z5 is easy to maneuver and gives great control over the ball’s direction.

However, it may not provide enough power for some players’ preference.

Such players could turn to the composite Z5, which is identical to the graphite version except for the material it’s made of and its weight.

The composite paddle weighs about an ounce more than its graphite cousin, giving it extra power but sacrificing a little bit of control.

The Z5 has a nomex honeycomb core, which gives it great power while also keeping the paddle’s weight down.

The honeycomb structure is a common trait of different pickleball paddle core materials because it makes the core strong and durable but also lightweight.

Nomex is a kind of nylon-based plastic that was originally developed for firefighter helmets but has become one of the most popular core materials in pickleball paddles.

It is made by dipping a honeycomb framework in polymer (plastic) resin.

The paddle uses the classic wide body shape, which is still one of the most popular pickleball paddle shapes and gives the paddle a nice, large hitting surface and sweet spot.

It is 8.3 in. wide and 15.5 in. long, which makes it wider than standard pickleball paddles, giving it a larger sweet spot.

This makes it good for beginners and advanced players alike.

It has an edge guard that protects the paddle from damage.

The edge guard overlaps the paddle’s face ¼ in, which is a common amount.

The Z5 comes with a cushioned grip with a 4 ¼ in. grip size, which is a fairly normal size that works well for many players. Its handle is 5 in. long.

Another advantage of this paddle is the feedback it gives to players.

If the ball hits outside the paddle’s sweet spot, players are instantly aware.

This gives them the opportunity to adjust the way they play in the middle of the game.

This is useful both for beginning players and for anyone who wants to become a better pickleball player.

Although this does not affect the game in any way, it’s also worth noting that Onix offers this paddle in a wide variety of colors including red, blue, green, pink, orange, purple, yellow and white.

The striking Z that dominates its face appeals to many people, though a few find the graphic less compelling than those on some competitors’ paddles.

Overall, if you’re a player who likes to feel in control of the ball, directing it with finesse, the Onix Z5 will help you do that.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this paddle might work for your game.

Onix React Pickleball Paddle Features Boosted Sweet Spot from Nomex Core Insert and Graphite Face

This powerful paddle features a number of innovations that benefit adventurous players.

Its carbon-fiber graphite surface is strong but also adds speed to players’ shots.

Graphite is a light-weight surface material, though the paddle as a whole is far from light-weight.

The graphite also makes a distinctive and satisfying popping noise when it hits the ball.

Its core is a fusion of polypropelene and Nomex.

The core of the majority of the paddle is made of polypropelene, which makes the paddle durable and flexible, but a Nomex insert in the sweet spot adds power to strokes made with this part of the paddle.

The Nomex core also helps to optimize the paddle’s weight distribution, increasing the power with which the paddle hits the ball.

This fusion core allows players to hit the ball with great force using the center of the paddle, or to hit with the edge of the paddle for greater control of the ball’s trajectory.

Onix is in the process of patenting the fusion core.

The Onix React paddle uses a wide body pickleball paddle shape and is 15 ½ in. long and 8 in. wide. This gives it a large sweet spot.

It has a PVC edge guard that protects the paddle from scratches and other forms of damage. The edge guard overlaps the paddle face ¼ in.

The React paddle’s handle is almost 5 in. long and is shaped like that of a tennis racket, which makes it good for tennis players who changed sports.

The handle uses a perforated cushion grip and is 4 ¼ in. wide, which works well for players with average-sized hands.

The React paddle weighs in on the heavy side, at 7.9 to 8.3 ounces (with an average of 8.1 oz). This makes it ideal for players who emphasize the power of their strokes, as the weight adds force to players’ swings.

On the other hand, it does require more strength to swing a heavy paddle, and so players may not be able to swing it as quickly as they could a lighter paddle, and they may not have as much control over the ball.

Heavy paddles are also not recommended for players with a history of tennis elbow or other sports-related arm injuries.

On the paddle’s face the word Onix is emblazoned over a pattern of Onix logos.

It comes in two colors: green with black lettering or black with green lettering.

The Onix React Graphite paddle uses new technology to create a paddle that packs a punch but that also allows for control over the ball.

It is ideal for players whose playing style relies on power more than precision.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

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